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Borobudur temple was founded by King Samaratungga of the Cailendra dynasty i the year 824 and is a reflection of the universe. It was built by means of contributions from the Buddhist population and mutual cooperation of the people.
The construction of the temple indicates that at the time the nation had already achieved a high standard of technical knowledge and organization. Borobudur temple is regarded to be the one of the wonders of the world.

Penyengat Island

Penyengat island is a country of aristocrats. This small island is s proof of Malay society union in the past, starting from Malaka, Johor and Riau, until finally they were separated by colonial culture intervention. In Penyengat Island, many great evidences and perseverance of Malay people in their golden era are still existed even though they are neglected. The high Taste buildings give contrast color towards the Malay society who lives around the ares. It feels strange, when they suddenly become slow, and loosing their ethos and left out from other ethnic groups. In Penyengat Island, there was a big mosque named Penyengat Island Great Mosque that was built in 1823 with the initiative of The Young Honorable, King of Abdul Rahman. This mosque length is 19.60 meter and inside of the mosque there are 4 big pillars that hold the building and give sturdy impression to it. The strange thing is, the accent of the mosque is not similar to the other mosques that exemplify the Arab accent. Instead, Penyengat Island Great Mosque gives a sense of European castle accent with its quadrangle domes that soar up conically. In each direction of the building, there are muezzin tower that proclaiming azan (the call to pray). All of the domes in the mosque have muezzins towers added, the total muezzin towers are 17 towers, and it is the same with the amount of rakaat (unit of ritual prayer) for Islamic obligatory prayers in a day.

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Behind the pounding of the waves and the boards of the world surfer, music art and traditional dances of Nias are seen clearly. Behind the stong-fenced settlement, the attractice soft rythm of the hoho song can be heard. the heart pounding war dance and the amazing stone jumping are performed amongst, remains of the megalithic culture in the form of menhir, banks, a throne and an offerinf altar of carved stones are to be found

North Sumatra

North Sumatra
The Bukit Barisan mountain range with its plateaus and valleys, has reached its shape in Lake Toba. In Karo Uplands, the active volcanoes Sibayak (2904 meters) and Sinabung 92450 meters) are to be seen missing in to clouds. in contrast the lowland on the East side, features the man-mad landscape of plantations as far as the eye can see spreading out.
The traditional life of the Batak tribe is charactezed by the mixture of the ancient megalithic civilization and the leap to the modern lifestyle.

exotic aceh

Aceh is known well as "Serambi Mekah" cause almost all its citizen were moslem. The community is marked by a mixture of indigenous tribes and the influence of a strong Islamic faith. Of all the region of Indonesia, Aceh is the first to have come into contact with the outside world. In 2004, tsunami happened in Aceh. it killed so many person and until now there were several people didnt have permanent residence.

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