Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teluk Kiluan,Lampung,Indonesia

Kiluan Bay is located in Lampung Province, which is famous for its many dolphins, whales around Kiluan Bay. The area is also famous for its natural beauty and a haven for anglers reliable.
Kiluan Bay is a small bay. The beauty that has not been touched by human hands making the beach here is beautiful. The sky was bright blue, clear sea water, combined with a stretch of stunning white sand beaches. Vacation to Kiluan is the right choice for you who want to enjoy a different atmoshpere around Java and Sumatra.
The trip to the Gulf from Bandar Lampung Kiluan only about 90 kilometers. But the road to the Gulf Kiluan, for example to Kiluan Rural Affairs, the course is so broken. Streets were unpaved, rocky, and no ramps.
Do not  hope you will find five-star hotels in the region. Here a simple inn as wooden cottage. Some residents also rent out rooms in their homes to guests, with the concept of homestay.
Voyage through the waters of the Gulf of Kiluan typically use boats, a traditional local fishing boats that have been motorized. The shape is sleek and long.
Because pleasure is related Kiluan Bay marine tourism, the best time to visit this area is in the dry season. Peak between the months of May to August.
Today, the sky is so blue without pollution and calm waves. When the quiet stream, dolphins will come to the surface and easier to see them swim.

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