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Megoak-is goakan folk dances that are often performed before the Nyepi and only occurred in the village of Panji, District Sukasada 6 km to the south of Singaraja City. Megoak-goakan name developed from a Goak Bird (Bird Crow) when the bird's prey activity is re-staging of the epic history of Ki Barak Panji Sakti of Buleleng as a hero at the time of conquest of the Kingdom Blambangan in East Java.

West Bali National Park,Bali,Indonesia

West Bali National Park

Located in the western part of the island of Bali, in Des Sources Klampok Sub Gerokgak ± 70 km west of Singaraja City. West Bali National Park (TNBB) covers an area of 7700 km 2, most of the area in Buleleng Regency (in the Village Source Klampok) and the rest in Jembrana Regency.

This area was officially declared a national park through the forestry director-general's decision with the aim no.46/kpts/sek/84 protect and preserve the existence of flora and fauna.

Fauna of the most famous is the "Bali Starling or Bali Starling, protected animals. This area is the natural habitat of the white starlings are not available elsewhere in the world. For those who want to see this species can be visited through TNBB Tegal Bunden ± 1.5 km northwest of the village of Klampok Source.

Les Waterfall,Bali,Indonesia

Les Waterfall

Les Waterfall is located in the village of Les District Tejakula, ± 38 km east of Singaraja City. Waterfall reaches a height of approximately 30 meters which is surrounded by natural scenery with unspoiled backdrop of hills. Besides the waterfall, the village also has the potential of not less interesting as coastal village of Les located in the north not far from this waterfall which has a beautiful underwater scenery.

Meduwe Pura Karang, Bali,Indonesia

Meduwe Pura Karang,

Environmental Maduwe Pura is one of the Coral Temple in Bali environment that has been known to foreign tourists before the Second World War. In the Age of the foreign tourists came to Bali by sea in the port of Buleleng. In this place while waiting for public transport the tourists to use the time to visit the environment in the village of Pura Beji Sangsit, Environmental Maduwe Temple Crag in the village of Pura Kubutambahan.Lingkungan dar i consists of three levels of "Jaba Pura" outside the temple or "Jabaan", "Middle Jaba", and "Offal", the most in is the most sanctified. Two stone steps up to Jaba Pura, which is on the front decorated with statues of rocks, thirty-four in number, taken from the characters and scenes from the Ramayana story.

The statue that stood in the middle shows Kumbhakarna are fighting and attacked by the army of monkeys the Sugriva. A unique, on the north wall is carved relief of people who ride bikes have rear wheel lotus petals. Another attraction is a sculpture of Durga in its manifestation as Rangda, in a sitting position with her knees wide open so her genitals clearly visible. His right hand is placed on the head of a little boy who stood beside his knee, his right foot placed on the horns of animals which were lying. In other parts of the walls of this temple environment is a sculpture of a flying horse and rider sculpture Astimuka. This character is described as the Sang Hyang Gana (Ganesh), the god with an elephant face. Confines of the Coral Temple is located Maduwe in KUBUTAMBAHAN village, 12 km east of Singaraja.

Kertya and Museum Gedong Buleleng,Bali,Indonesia

Kertya and Museum Gedong Buleleng

Gedong Kertya and Museum is located in Buleleng Pura Sasana Budaya Art Singaraja, precisely in the road Veteran no. 23 Singaraja. Gedong Kertya is ejection yng library exists only one in Indonesia, even in the world. There is a collection and copies of handwritten text associated with Balinese literature, myths, medicine, incantations, religious literature and others. There are also palm-shaped image contains comic called "prasi". There are about 4000 palmyra stored in this library are stored in a wooden box.

A few meters to the east Gedong Kertya, there Buleleng Museum which was established on March 30, 2002, which stored its collection includes objects like the sarcophagus Ancient Remains, sculpture, and other weapons. Art objects such as paintings, cloths, Handicraft Gold and silver and other objects relating to the North Balinese society such as agricultural tools and fishing equipment.

Grave Jaya Perana,Bali,Indonesia

Grave Jaya Perana

Grave Jaya Sari Layon peranakans and is located in the Gulf region Thank shrub, Village Source Klampok, District Gerokgak, ± 67 km west of Singaraja City.

This cemetery is a romantic story buildings such as Romeo and Juliet story in Europe or Sampek Engthai in China. Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is a husband and wife which is ideal in the Kingdom of Wanekeling Kalianget tempo first. Because the beauty of the king fell in love with Layon Sari and tricks to kill Jaya Prana.

While Sari Layon who would not diperistri by the king chose to commit suicide after her beloved husband. Each of the Full Moon and the Moon Dead (Tilem) and day - the other holy days such as Galungan, Kuningan, and others - many other people came to mourn this cemetery.

Melanting Waterfall,Bali,Indonesia

Melanting Waterfall

High waterfall approximately 15 meters is in the midst of coffee and clove forest in the east end of the village of Banjar District Munduk ± 42 km south of Singaraja City. Sound of water splashing and small birds and grasshoppers combined with a remote atmosphere provides a natural impression for visitors. Besides the potential of waterfalls and the village of Lake Tamblingan Munduk also rich in other potential such as coffee plantations and cengkehnya and fruit crops like citrus and bunagn plantations, paddy field (Rice Terrace) is a favorite of the exotic by tourists for trekking.

Pura Pulaki,Bali,Indonesia

Pura Pulaki

Located in the Village Banyupoh, Sub Gerokgak ± 53 km west of Singaraja City. This temple is one of Pura Dang Khayangan (Penyungsung Jagat Bali) in Bali (such as Pura Besakih in Karangasem, Pura Uluwatu in Badung regency and others), which is a temple which is the direct responsibility of the followers of Hinduism in the District, in this case Buleleng Regency.

This temple has pesanakan (family) nearby temple as the temple Pemuteran, Melanting Pura, Pura Pura Kerta wire and Customs. Each - each temple functioned for a particular purpose in life berspiritual in Bali. Hundreds of monkeys - monkeys live in the temple area.

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Gebug Ende,Singaraja,Bali,Indonesia

Gebug Ende
Dance Ende Gebug have in several villages in the district Grokgak, but the principal is in the village of Patas ± 40 km west of Singaraja City.
Although technological advances have extended the life of society, but in Bali ways - the traditional way is still maintained one of them is this Ende Gebug dance. Gebug Ende is a dance of movement similar to martial arts movements, but using the means of Tamiang (shield) made of cow leather and use a cane as a bat. This dance is like not a duel one on one with each return stroke. This dance is usually performed during the long dry season around October with the aim to invoke rain and as a means to ward off outbreaks of disease.

Menjangan Island,Bali,Indonesia

Menjangan Island Reef is located at the northwestern tip of the island of Bali. The island is easily accessible through the village of Labuhan Lalang Klampok Sub Source Grokgak ± 55 km south of Singaraja City. Menjangan Island is one of the best diving in tempaat World. Here the beauty and mystery of the underwater scenery to be found.
Beauty sea park has been able to attract the attention of world-class divers. This island is part of TNBB. (West Bali National Park) and all life on this island are protected. Not permitted fishing, look for rocks or hunting animals here.

Gitgit Waterfalls,Singaraja,Bali,Indonesia

Gitgit Waterfall

This Waterfall located in the Village District Gitgit Sukasada. From the Singaraja city located 11 km to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul. Waterfalls berketinggian ± 35 meters is very beautiful and has a beautiful panorama in berhawa cool environment.
Down by foot after passing the parking Gitgit, some local youths organized by the local custom village to offer services to transport the tourists tour the beautiful waterfall is. Besides the sound of water splashing waterfall and birds singing, paddy field, clove and coffee plantations / and so did the bamboo plants along the road to the waterfall presents a peaceful and natural atmosphere.

BUkakak Ceremony,Singaraja,Bali,Indonesia


There Bukakak ceremony in the village of Dangin Sangsit Indigenous Yeh, Sawan Village District Sangsit ± 8 km east of Singaraja City. This ceremony is very unique because it only occurred in the village Sangsit conducted once every 2 years and interspersed with ngusaba ceremony each year. This ceremony is associated with "Ngusaba Ceremony", a ceremony which aims to pray for the farmers are given a good harvest. In this ceremony, made "Pork Chop" (a roasted young pig) which at the time only partially bake the roast pork is cooked. This rolling pigs later by subak members paraded in a procession accompanied by Nong Tik gemelan, explore the rice field area to invoke the blessings.

Rimba PasucenCcentral Java,Indonesia

Rimba Pasucen

Sightseeing is located in the village Pasucen, Gunem District is located ± 30 km from the town of Rembang. ± 7 km east of the campsite Mantingan. To go to these locations via Fur, because this object is a potential tourism but still needed the support facilities, especially transportation facilities. To Object to the location, the road was rocky and had to pass through forest areas along the ± 10 km Sightseeing This is a very historic thing proven by the 3 types of Goa Goa Displays, Goa and Goa Jcgong Joglo purportedly for "hiding" the hostile Blancak Ngilo Sunan Bonang and there is also a supposedly clean water story former club tancapan Sunan Bonang. For tourists who want to get the story more clearly and see relics of the historic visit immediately Pasucen Woods Tourism Object .

Embung Lodan,Central Java,Indonesia

Embung Lodan

Embung Lodan located in the village of Nest Sub Lodan Wetan Dati II District Rembang where ± 4 Km to the east of Sedan. The distance from the town of Rembang ± 40 km. Embung Lodan currently still used as irrigation and water supply by the Sedan and the nest, as well as the development of freshwater aquaculture. Tourism Object to the development of fishing and marine tourism in the background of hills and forests of teak and mahogany Perum Perhutani area Kebon Harjo KPH. Very beautiful panorama allows the development of tourism destinations, especially for relaxing with family.

Jangkar Dampu Awang,Rembang,Central Java,Indonesia

Anchor Dampu Awang
Awang Dampu anchor size: 4 long M, long an anchor eye 2.5 M, was in Tour Destinations Kartini Beach Recreation Park, where the anchor is said to be stranded in Rembang due to disputes between Sunan Bonang with Dampu Awang, Awang Dampu so boats were destroyed while the screen left in Bonang - Lasem, as for anchors left in Rembang. Anchor that has historical value is considered sacred because no one can move in addition to the power of Almighty God. There is also a successful intermediary anchor with the illness can be cured, that's a miracle granted by God

Rooms Perpetuation of R. A. Kartini,Rembang,Central Java,Indonesia

Rooms perpetuation R. A. Kartini

Sightseeing Museums RAKartini perpetuation Rooms in the Village District Kuthoharjo Rembang 300 M distance from the city center, occupying Rembang one room Regent House Office of Regional Head of Tk II Rembang. To get to the museum is easily accessible by public car. Many tourists who visit there next to commemorate the history of this woman hero of RA Kartirni will also see a direct legacy of history: the original article Kartini, Room dedication which these rooms as a place to fight for emancipation of women, so until he was given the title Hero of Women, as a painting RA Kartini of the only son of RM Susalit. To determine how far and how the background of RA Kartini, in Sightseeing guides are provided which attempts to provide satisfactory service with the intention that the tourists love to visit in this tourism object. Being in that location, visitors can see the building where RA Kartini first teach or apply their knowledge to their students. Original building was located one location approximately 150 m to the museum RA Kartini.

Museum Timah Indonesia,Pangkal Pinang,Bangka Belitong,Indonesia

The museum is located street Timah Indonesia Janderal Ahmad Yani no. 17, was in Indonesia. Before becoming a museum house is the house where company employees live BTW (Banka Tin Winning). The museum is a place of leaders negotiations with the Dutch Republic and before the negotiations UNCI-Royen Roem. This house is now a museum Timah Indonesia Indonesia (August 2, 1997) and here will know how pertimahan historical developments in Indonesia.

The Japanese cemetery,Manado,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

The Japanese cemetery

Located dikompleks public cemeteries (TPU) of Sub-District Teling Top Teling about 30 minutes from the city center can be reached by land transportation. In each year the veterans often visited Dai Nippon (Japanese Army) who had invaded Indonesia just to reminisce.
Tourists visiting is the object of history. Tourism activities that can be done, of seeing and knowing the history of Japanese occupation in Manado. Facilities are available ie parking lot.

Manado State Museum,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Manado State Museum

Located in the Sub-District District Lawangirung authorities about 20 minutes from the city center can be reached by land transportation. Manado State Museum is a place for recreation and research properly stored therein various cultural heritage of the ancestors of Minahasa, North Sulawesi, culture and other areas in Indonesia. Also stored in it relics of ancient historical relics as well as other nations who had stopped at Minahasa as Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.
It is a place of cultural tourism with tourists visiting objects, namely ancient relics and historical heritage.
Tourism activities that can be seen and knows of ways of life of a society. Facilities are available, the parking lot and park recreation.

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Figura festival from Manado,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

As folk art, Figura comes from the Latin figure or figures. Has appeared several hundred years ago in the peninsular Gulf coast of Manado. Judging from his trip, Figura is a cultural art adapted from Classical Greek art. This art is closer to art or art imitating Pantomime behavior or character of a person known figures or created. This art was brought by the sailors of Spain (conquistadores) who stopped and stayed around Manado Bay Harbor.
Figura is an art that can bring short dramaturgy of the figure or figures of behavior that is considered a role in filling the merits of tradition and character of human figures. Figura Carnival Manado community feast was held in the framework of the key taong (years) and are contested by serving figure in a comedy series of the story or the tragedy through dialogue or pantomime. Figura Carnival is also enlivened with performances Cakalele (war dance) and dance performances Katrili and Bamboo Music and Drum Band.

Statue Walanda Maramis,Manado,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Statue Walanda Maramis

Located in the village of Foreign Sub Komo weang about 15 minutes from the city center can be reached by land transportation.

Built with a woman who is motherly Indonesia. Walanda Maramis Mother Mary was a pioneer of women fighters in North Sulawesi in dijaman education and founder of the Dutch occupation PIKAT organization (Romance Mother To Anaka inherited).

Tourism activities that can be done to know the history of the struggle of a woman from North Sulawesi. Facilities are available ie parking lots and shopping centers.

Toar Lumimuut Statue,Manado,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Statue Toar Lumimuut

Located in the village of Foreign Komo district authorities about 15 minutes from the city center can be reached by land transportation.

Appears beautiful and fascinating city of Manado on her face. This statue meengingatkan in the history of the Minahasa people. Once upon a man named Karema said prayers in front of a rock. Suddenly, the rock split and exit seoarang beautiful woman named Lumimuut, which means the woman who created the rock. After going through a ceremony, which is lumimuut stood facing the west wind was blowing; Lumimuut suddenly pregnant and gave birth to a mighty son who later named Toar. Finally, his mother married Toar Lumimuut and their descendants live throughout the ages.

Visit attractions are cultural and historical attractions. Tourism activities that can be done to know the history of the first human beings who inhabit the land or minahasa malesung. Facilities are available ie parking

Batu Buaya,Manado,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Stone Pools

Located in the Sub-District One District Malalayang Malalayang about 30 minutes from downtown yan can be reached by rental car, taxi, and motorcycle taxis.
When a fight broke out between two Tonaas, namely from Ratahan Tonaas named Tonaas of Barorongang with Bantik named Kodoati which starts from the mountains to the mountains Minanga Soputan (Malalayang); Tonaas Barorongang finally running out of breath because of fatigue. So when that body began to enter into the land which later called Tonaas Kodoati pets that suddenly came at a time when a crisis. Animals were shaped like dog named Kotey immediately pounced on the pubic Tonaas Barorongang. When Tonaas Kodoati see Barorongang not move anymore then left the body and to take home. Incident told to the friends who think that would live if Barorongang get water. When the battle Kodoati back place, was right Tonaas Brorongang slowly creeping alive and looking for water. Then Barorongang by dipotonglah head off Tonaas Kodoati. Then the head was taken and then displayed at that time Bantik community. Finally changed intentions Barorongang body into a rock until now.
This stone is the object of cultural tourism with tourist traffic, the ancient relic to see and recognize the activities of heritage

Tulude from North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Tulude is a community living habits Manado from Sangihe Talaud tribes. Tulude celebration or Taong key (key in) filled with traditional ceremonies that where Christian religious expression Thanksgiving Praise to the Creator because the blessing and grace has been received during the year passed, and begged the guidance in living the new year. The festival is marked by cutting Kukis (Cake) by the Chief Guest Indigenous, then distributed to all participants of the ceremony. Tulude lively celebration with dances also Masamper.

Gereja Sentrum,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Church center

Located in downtown Lawangirung District of District authorities. Church GMIM center is at 0 (zero) center of Manado. Formerly was the Oude Kerk (Old Church) dar comes a Dutch occupied Indonesia and until today still retain the original architecture of the Dutch building, used as a center of worship Evangelical Church in Minahasa AD, at certain times of the Dutch language. Even the Dutch queen had ever visited this place. There is a monument in front of World War II as the triumph of the Allies warned the Japanese occupation.
It is a place of religious tourism and historical tourism. Tourism activities that can be done, of seeing and knowing the religious life of the Dutch nation. Parking facilities, playgrounds the children, and are in the shopping center.

Siladen Island,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Siladen Island

Located adjacent to the northeast of the island district bunaken bunaken approximately 8 miles from downtown that can be taken for 45 minutes by motor boat. The island has an area Siladen 31.25 hectares surrounded by white sand beaches and the sea are coral reefs to marine biota in many shapes and colors to form a marine park is beautiful. The beauty of the sea garden can be seen in locations called Siladen Siladen 1 and 2. Tourism is tirta (water) and marine tourism (marine) with the object of tourists visiting the water / sea and the beach. Tourism activities that can be done, a garden to enjoy sightseeing by sea (round), boat mirror (katamaran), snorkeling (swim wear a respirator), diving (diving) and underwater photography (underwater photographs); and sunbathing on a beach body . Facilities are available, the boat filled (katamaran), diving center, cottages (inn) and café.

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Srambang Waterfalls,Ngawi,Java,Indonesia

Srambang is  one tourist attraction in the form of Ngawi District waterfall. Located at the foot of the mountain Lawu, JOGOROGO District, about 5 km to the south of JOGOROGO market. Height of this waterfall nearly 25 m.
It is a tourist attraction frequented by tourists, both local and outside the region. The cool mountain atmosphere and cold makes this place is always crowded visitors visit. Area roads are paved to the location that makes trip. Srambang waterfall location adjacent to Condro Mowo pesantren. If you bring your vehicle to a motorcycle went straight to the location without the need to walk and you do not have to worry about security issues because it provided the parking area, although not very large. But if you take the car, you must walk about 500 m to get to the location of the waterfall. Only with the money amounting to Rp. 1500, - (at this writing / February 2008) you could enjoy the cool atmosphere and feel the fresh mountain waterfall when not wet with water. Visitors can bathe and enjoy the food and beverages as well as roasted corn on the location of waterfalls. Many traders who offer food and warm drinks. The deadline for requests was until 3 pm. This is to anticipate the occurrence of landslides in the waterfall area, especially in the rainy season, many Pacet and prone to landslides.

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Nglirip Waterfall

Waterfall resort "Nglirip" located in districts Singgahan, ± 35 KM southwest of the City of Tuban. To reach this location visitors who do not use private cars to use public transport. There are two transport routes, namely: 
Route Montong: namely taking public transit from the terminal with the department Tuban Montong, who then proceed from the transport department Jojogan. "Nglirip" located between Montong - Jojogan, so that visitors can immediately see if this route. 
Route Singgahan: ie from Terminal Tuban majors JATIROGO bus, this bus terminal will transit in Kab. Bojonegoro who then proceed to the main goal, JATIROGO. If visitors choose this route, you can get off at junction "Public Anjlok" - Jojogan. From here, Nglirip to within less than a kilo meters. If you are not lazy, you can walk up to Nglirip, or major transportation Montong up. 
When I got here you will find a very charming scenery, from the side of the road you can only see the water falling from the cliff over which there is a small bridge. For those of you who want to lower down the flow of the waterfall please be careful, because the roads will be slippery path, especially in the rainy season. 
Visible to the eye if it were under a waterfall Nglirip is pouring water falling freely from a height of approximately 25 M, one more thing if you look very well that there are large cave behind the waterfall. Once upon a time believed to be the place of meditation for a high ancestral knowledge, there is also a saying in this cave used to have a woman who was waiting for her lover until now, must have lived in spirit only. Population about believing that any time these women will go out to shop, but people who knew nothing of her form. 
If you are towards the east of the location of the waterfall, you will find the location of natural water resources (kerawak) who came out with a rush on the banks of rivers. Surely you want to bathe-ria. This location is still very natural, there are no buildings of any kind, and once again so be careful because the sudden floods can come suddenly, especially in the rainy season.

Nyapat Tradition,Ketapang,Indonesia

Ketapang, New Country Village, which is a trace remains of the ancient kingdom of Tanjungpura formerly the Old Continent is not as usual, in the village area that still left the glory of ancient sites in the Kingdom Tanjungpura ranging from temples, tombs and relics of the old form of indigenous art and culture local isitiadat. The village is situated on the outskirts of Sungai Pawan filled with myths Ketapang society, from stealth to Bengkek Legend Rangge Sentap included in Sub Continent Kayong looking people pouring out of the crowded Pawan River. 

They gathered to witness the traditional ritual of seeing the village or any other term that is "Nyapat Year", "Caboh Village" is even often called "Clean Village." A regular ritual performed every year in almost all villages in the district Ketapang. Abdul Latif, the village traditional leaders of New State explained that the purpose of the customary ritual is an effort examined at the village residents as a weak creature to avoid danger, disease, natural disasters, famine prolonged summer and many others. 

Indigenous peoples wishing to hold a ritual treatment ward, asking the Lord to be blessed, be given sustenance and shunned from all dangers. The procession is also interspersed with traditional entertainment, including martial arts, the art of spoken poetry rolls, poems memuar stinger (taking honey) and the peak, a pelapasan "shelf" for dilarung the Pawan River. "This was a canoe rack containing offerings of chicken, diamond, cakes and other snacks, and then continued with the release of the boat which was given a live chicken stock, a top made from banana trunks, sword, diamond and the type of foods and fruits. Sampan The following furniture is also on the float to the Pawan River. 

The next event is the "War Ketupat". In this event, the introduction shelf (offering) after returning from sailing greeted with pitch diamond and returned by the pelarung with diamond melepar too. This diamond war became attractions, because of the introduction penoton and diamond wars that invite the noise and cheering, slapping tetabuhan citizens. 

Abdul Latif said, war is a form of joy diamond citizen melarung over Satan and demons into the sea so as not to interfere with human life. The event ended with the blessing of water merebutkan supplied organizers of plastic bottles. Through this water people use for bathing, drinking to tehindar from harm. 

Meanwhile, the Head Office of Information, Culture and Tourism (Inbudpar) Ketapang, Yudo Sudarto, SP.M.Si., in his explanation saying that the ritual of seeing the village is one of the local customs that had long embraced by residents. The wisdom of this traditional culture is one of attractions for tourism activities and preservation of local culture. 

At this event not only the customary ritual, but the art tells a martial art, poetry and poetry rolls memuar penyangat, evidence being human union with natural plants and animals around. In the event that the customary rituals, attending a number of community leaders, Head Hasnan Kayong continent, Muspika MABM District Chairman, Village Heads and the Village of New State ranks Information Office, Culture and Tourism Ketapang.

Bambang Sugeng Monument,Temanggung,Java,Indonesia

East Temanggung City Bus Terminal is a small hill. And there he stood erect monument Bambang Sugeng, who for many years been the object of nuanced historical tourism Indonesian struggle for independence war period. 

The location of this monument is not far from the garden tomb of a hero, exactly Kranggan bridge east side. But who Bambang Sugeng? He is a TNI soldier, who with the last rank of major general, who had been assigned diTemanggung. 

Bambang Sugeng never led his troops during military aggression I (1947) and the Military Aggression II (1948). There is a poem written Sebait Bambang Sugeng, and until now still can be seen the visitors on the monument: "I'm willing, I'm not disappointed, was killed by homeland nation". 

Yes, Bambang Sugeng's troops fought with courage, even if it means losing some 3,500 soldiers, in battle against the Dutch in the flow of the Progo. Before the War against the Dutch, Bambang Sugeng also led the resistance against Japanese troops. 

Many Japanese soldiers who were taken prisoner, but they admitted in a very good treatment by Bambang Sugeng. Even in this monument is a stone inscription was written by a Japanese soldier in the army laughed at Bambang Sugeng. Written with kanji that reads "Wampo Daiwa Daigetzu", which means "the whole world family". 

The prisoners are treated very well feel indebted to Bambang Sugeng. To reciprocate, until now many Japanese people, especially family members of ex-prisoners, make regular visits to the Monument Bambang Sugeng. 


DURING Indonesian public awareness of the history and struggle of his predecessors in defense of the nation-state is still lacking, then objects such as museum tours struggle monument still received less attention they deserve. 

People still consider a trip to the mountains and coastal areas more enjoyable. Tradition tour this society needs to be addressed in stages, at least ditemanggung. Instisusi formal education, especially at the level of primary and secondary education, should be asked to participate in a way to schedule their visit to the monument Bambang Sugeng. 

Of hard "involving" community participation, particularly from the education community, if there is no additional appeal of the region's own wisat. 

With that consideration, the nuanced historical tourist struggle like this sugeng bambang monument should be complemented with a special museum which tells the former area of soldiering parisidenan kedu, or at least at the district Temanggung. Especially during the visit is quite a lot of Japanese people to the monument. 

In the medium term, this tourism object can also be equipped with a vehicle for the game "at war" is now a trend for the adventure tour the cities young people. If visitors even more increases, may also be added other infrastructures such as souvenir shop, children's playground, and so forth. 

Ada yang ingin anda cari ...? pakai ini...!!

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