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The capital city of Indonesia. Fertile, sensual, provocative, progressive people from all part of the archipelago have gravited here for centuries. Jakarta is able to to present all kinds of tour abject, especially leisure tours and cultural tours which have been worked out neatly. However traditional tour enthrallment of the life of the Betawi community in the villagesamid the city up to the outskirts are still offering the original nature and culture


Besides covering part of the mainland on the east side of Sumatra, including also the islands in the strait of Malacca and the South China Sea. The mailnland of Riau is split in two by big rivers, Indragiri and Kampar. In this river basin that small kingdoms have once developed which have given birth to Malayan culture.Today a part of this region become a industrial town, meanwhile the remains of the feudalism culture are utilized for cultural tours.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Listening to the rhythmic sound of the water flowing in a small stream being sliced by oars in the hands of tribesman with their traditional long canoes, and the chirping of birds, cries of monkeys, these are the calls of the wild of the wet tropical forest of Mentawai Island.
This island has been world apart for half million years. their tradition are colored by the communal life and the body tattoo with a typical pattern.
Amid the forest of sago which is its staple food, a glorious typical traditional mentawai long house Uma is standing proud which is the center of the secular and spiritual life of its community.
The spell of the damp rain forest is felt to be made to tremble the feeling of love for nature and life.

West Sumatra

The amazing regency with Padang as capital. Located in Sumatra island.
The natural enchantment of Bukit Barisan found in this region, the land of the Minangkabau, they call it Ranah minang.
The Matrilineal system performed by this ethnic group is unified with the Patrilineal culture if the Muslim Religion.
The unification of both can also be seen in its typical traditional architecture with its carved pitched roofs
Endless flowing rivers and streams decend from the mountain and gather into expansive and enchanting lakes, circled by the spectacular sight of terraced rice-fields.
The transitional the Ancient phases of Minang tradition from the Ancient to the Hindu and colonial period are marked by the remains of statue and architecture, to be found throughout the region.

The Lightning Monument

The Lightning Monument, which stands on the spot where Bung Karno first read the document of Proclamation of Independence, is to represent the Planting of a Crowbar and marks the beginning of the development in Indonesia.
The striking lightning at the top of the pole symbolizes the dramatic moment when the proclamation was made.
(taken from badan pengelola monumen nasional document)

The Text Proclamation

The Text Proclamation is on a five -pillar structure also carved on bearing bronze weighing 600 kg and based o the origial paper, blown up about 200 times
The five-pillars structure symbolizez the five principles of States ideology namely Pancasila.
(taken from Badan Pengelola Monumen Nasional document)

Soekarno-Hatta Monument

The historical consciousness and the sense of gratitude and appreciation stimulated all Indonesia to build Soekarno-Hatta Monument the proclamators of Indonesian independence.
Build on 56 Proklamasi street, Jakarta, it attempts to honor the memory of the proclamation of Independence by the Indoesia people on the same site, formerly known as Pegangsaan Timur 56, on August 17,1945
The monument,inaugurated by President Soeharto o the 16th of August 1980, consist of the memorial site the proclamation of Independence in unity with the proclamation Monument as well the Lightning Monument
The statue of Bung Karno is 4.60 meters high and that of Bung Hatta is 4.30 meters highs, both made out of bearing bronze weighing around 1.200 kg. The expression portrayed are those of the gentlemen when they were at the age of 46 and 43.
Resemble unfolded fan,the background of the platform consist of a triangular form, signifying simplicity and solidity, elements found everywhere in the traditional life of the Indonesian nation.
Within this background the historical 17.8 and 45 is immortalized, there are 17 wings, the height of the center wings is 8 meters and the number of the curves are 45, denote the proclamation date.

The Proclamation Monument

The tugu Proclamasi (Proclamation Monument) was laid out by the Jakarta Republic Women who organized the committee to commemorate the first anniversary of The Proclamation of Independence.
The Monument was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister of the Republic Indonesia, Sutan Syahrir, on August 17,1946

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Borobudur temple was founded by King Samaratungga of the Cailendra dynasty i the year 824 and is a reflection of the universe. It was built by means of contributions from the Buddhist population and mutual cooperation of the people.
The construction of the temple indicates that at the time the nation had already achieved a high standard of technical knowledge and organization. Borobudur temple is regarded to be the one of the wonders of the world.

Penyengat Island

Penyengat island is a country of aristocrats. This small island is s proof of Malay society union in the past, starting from Malaka, Johor and Riau, until finally they were separated by colonial culture intervention. In Penyengat Island, many great evidences and perseverance of Malay people in their golden era are still existed even though they are neglected. The high Taste buildings give contrast color towards the Malay society who lives around the ares. It feels strange, when they suddenly become slow, and loosing their ethos and left out from other ethnic groups. In Penyengat Island, there was a big mosque named Penyengat Island Great Mosque that was built in 1823 with the initiative of The Young Honorable, King of Abdul Rahman. This mosque length is 19.60 meter and inside of the mosque there are 4 big pillars that hold the building and give sturdy impression to it. The strange thing is, the accent of the mosque is not similar to the other mosques that exemplify the Arab accent. Instead, Penyengat Island Great Mosque gives a sense of European castle accent with its quadrangle domes that soar up conically. In each direction of the building, there are muezzin tower that proclaiming azan (the call to pray). All of the domes in the mosque have muezzins towers added, the total muezzin towers are 17 towers, and it is the same with the amount of rakaat (unit of ritual prayer) for Islamic obligatory prayers in a day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Behind the pounding of the waves and the boards of the world surfer, music art and traditional dances of Nias are seen clearly. Behind the stong-fenced settlement, the attractice soft rythm of the hoho song can be heard. the heart pounding war dance and the amazing stone jumping are performed amongst, remains of the megalithic culture in the form of menhir, banks, a throne and an offerinf altar of carved stones are to be found

North Sumatra

North Sumatra
The Bukit Barisan mountain range with its plateaus and valleys, has reached its shape in Lake Toba. In Karo Uplands, the active volcanoes Sibayak (2904 meters) and Sinabung 92450 meters) are to be seen missing in to clouds. in contrast the lowland on the East side, features the man-mad landscape of plantations as far as the eye can see spreading out.
The traditional life of the Batak tribe is charactezed by the mixture of the ancient megalithic civilization and the leap to the modern lifestyle.

exotic aceh

Aceh is known well as "Serambi Mekah" cause almost all its citizen were moslem. The community is marked by a mixture of indigenous tribes and the influence of a strong Islamic faith. Of all the region of Indonesia, Aceh is the first to have come into contact with the outside world. In 2004, tsunami happened in Aceh. it killed so many person and until now there were several people didnt have permanent residence.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

exotic sumatra

Stretching the length of Sumatra the second largest island of Indonesia, the spectacular Bukit Barisan, mountain range consist of peaks margins from 5000 to 12000 feet in altitude. breathtaking views of surrounding landscape await their assailants.
The abundance of fauna and flora to be found amid its endless lakes, rivers, valleys and mountains of Sumatra create an indescribable tropical experience.
Tens of indigenous ethnic groups of people with their kaleidoscopic communities and cultures are living side by side on an island stretching 1060 miles lengthwise from its northwestern to southern tips.
The natural world of Sumatra and its potpouri of Sumatra cultures is in itself a spellbinding experience.

Indonesia is always surprise

The archipelago lies across the equator like a paradise with a jasmine smell. Its people, made up of many races, share warmth, enthusiasm and a love of life that welcome visitors with dazzling smiles and friendly greetings.
Its landscape are unbelievably beautiful, towering volcanoes, dense forest, green rice fields, white sandy beaches, sea gardens, shared with amazing tropical weather, make you feel in paradise. The people, the culture and the dramatic scenery are just some of the esteemed delights to be temped by.
Hoping from island to island is not only fun, it is the only way to appreciate the country's incredible diversity.The difference in people, the difference in religion, the difference in culture influence, the difference in agriculture patterns or shifting cultivation. Island hoping is also inexpensive. And while on the subject of money, we do like to point out that our packages cater for every budget.

Friday, May 23, 2008

my beautiful country

Indonesia is a beautiful country. It has so many beautiful places to see and to enjoy, not only in Bali but also in another places in this country.

Indonesia consists of 17,508 islands, about 6,000 of which are inhabited. These are scattered over both sides of the equator. The five largest islands are Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo, New Guinea (shared with Papua New Guinea), and Sulawesi.

At 1,919,440 square kilometers (741,050 sq mi), Indonesia is the world's 16th-largest country in terms of land area. Its average population density is 134 people per square kilometer (347 per sq mi), 79th in the world, although Java, the world's most populous island, has a population density of 940 people per square kilometer (2,435 per sq mi). At 4,884 meters (16,024 ft), Puncak Jaya in Papua is Indonesia's highest peak, and Lake Toba in Sumatra its largest lake, with an area of 1,145 square kilometers (442 sq mi). The country's largest rivers are in Kalimantan, and include the Mahakam and Barito; such rivers are communication and transport links between the island's river settlements.

Indonesia's location on the edges of the Pasific, Eurasian, and Australian tectonic plates makes it the site of numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Indonesia has at least 150 active vol canoes, including Krakatau and Tambora, both famous for their devastating eruptions in the 19th century. The eruption of the Toba supervolcano , approximately 70,000 years ago, was one of the largest eruptions ever, and a global catastrophe. Recent disasters due to seismic activity include the 2004 tsunami that killed an estimated 167,736 in northern Sumatra, and the Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006. However, volcanic ash is a major contributor to the high agricultural fertility that has historically sustained the high population densities of Java and Bali.

Lying along the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, with two distinct monsoonal wet and dry seasons.

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