Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indonesia is always surprise

The archipelago lies across the equator like a paradise with a jasmine smell. Its people, made up of many races, share warmth, enthusiasm and a love of life that welcome visitors with dazzling smiles and friendly greetings.
Its landscape are unbelievably beautiful, towering volcanoes, dense forest, green rice fields, white sandy beaches, sea gardens, shared with amazing tropical weather, make you feel in paradise. The people, the culture and the dramatic scenery are just some of the esteemed delights to be temped by.
Hoping from island to island is not only fun, it is the only way to appreciate the country's incredible diversity.The difference in people, the difference in religion, the difference in culture influence, the difference in agriculture patterns or shifting cultivation. Island hoping is also inexpensive. And while on the subject of money, we do like to point out that our packages cater for every budget.

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