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Merti Desa,Sesajen untuk Mbah Merbabu,Java,Indonesia

Every month Sapar, residents Selo, Boyolali, Central Java, held in Spring Village Merti ritual sacred. Ritual at the foot of Mount Merbabu or better known as Mbah Merbabu offerings for this, as an expression of gratitude for the source of spring water that continues to flow, so the harvest abundant.
Tradition held by citizens Grintingan Hamlet, Village Lencoh, Selo, Boyolali, was held precisely at noon.
Hundreds of residents mengkirab various offerings around the village, before being taken to the Spring Mbah Merbabu.
In this carnival, arts village residents wore costumes, such as a mountain horse, tenen, and the arts plate Kawencar Mt. Carnival of Hamlet Grintingan down, and residents continue to play music until the spring bamboo.
Mbah Merbabu sacred spring was believed by the residents, is located just above the township. This spring is the only source of water that keeps the locals.
Village elders and then put the various offerings, and led the prayer. Uniquely, the main offerings in this ritual is different village dances.
Before the ritual ends, the village elders tamarind trees planted around the spring. These tree seedlings will replace the old tamarind tree. According to residents, the previous seed of this tree had prayed for a full week.

Pencak Dor Tradition from Kediri,Java,Indonesia

Martial arts in addition to forming self-defense was also able to resolve the dispute and rancor in my heart. From the East Javanese martial art is known for its martial bam. Pencak martial art performances are held every year bam once the original is to solve problems among students at the seminary Nirboyo. They are fighting it physically pitted on stage until each realizes mistakes and weaknesses. 
Free-style martial arts fighting this bam stuff at times there are only Nirboyo pesantren in Kediri. The fighters of various types of martial arts can directly go up and look for the corresponding opponent. 
Teknic of fight is variety, boxing, martial arts stance and even the style of taekwondo kicks. But not a few also who wants to fight at here or there at. 
Pencak bam in Pesantren Nirboyo this is not to find who the champion or the best. The fight in the ring this is one way the students in solving problems. 
Participants were not limited to the rules of the game and also no special security allowed. But there are four musketeers elders on the stage was a dangerous fighter ready to arbitrate if 
Certainly not a little hurt, but it was better than among those still holding grudges. So think about the meaning of Pencak bam. 
Free fight event was first on the idea by the late Gus Maksum caregivers Pesantren Nirboyo Kediri. When there are students who fight, then it completed  above the ring. 
Bam fight martial tradition is still preserved and always in the title every year.

Impun Party from Pelabuhan Ratu,West Java,Indonesia

In Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, there is a party named  Impun party. Impun this is not like any other party but a fishing tradition impun. That is kind of small fish which are abundant in July on the coast of Pelabuhan Ratu. Thousands of citizens ranging from children and parents to capture these fish are quite a fortune additional results. 
Thousands of people are not enjoying the beautiful day trips Pelabuhan Ratu beach in Sukabumi, West Java. They are people around who are competing for fish Impun. A kind of fish that usually begins a lot throughout the month of July this or Mawlood months. 
Both children and parents mingle around the downstream Cimandiri, Cisolok, and Sukamayana up the river that borders Cibareno Banten. 
Impun capture has become a tradition and highly anticipated wait for residents. Because giving additional fortune. 
The price of fish is quite tempting. One glass of Rp 7000. In a day impun fish hunters can make money USD 100,000 - USD 300,000. Ratno Mumun and even far away to come to Port impun Queen to find fish. 
In addition to their own consumption, they also sell them. To find this impun fish, they were able to stay 1-2weeks. 
Although the waves Pelabuhan Ratu beach notorious and dangerous, thousands of these seemed not to care. They even added a spirit as big waves instead took the fish which are pulled to the beach. 
This impun own party usually ends when the moon was going down Mawlood. Because the other months, this fish is very difficult to obtain.

Seni Buroq from Brebes,Java,Indonesia

Various methods are used to enrich the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In Bradford, there is a tradition of Central Java obrok that woke people for dinner meal using the traditional art buroq. In addition to the symbols of Islam on this tradition continues to be maintained to preserve art that is buroq Brebes original art. 
On every night during Ramadan, especially before the coming of dawn meal time, the atmosphere in the Village Pakijangan, Brebes, Central Java, was festive. This is because of the tradition that made obrok locals. 
Obrok is a tradition to wake people for dinner meal using the traditional art buroq. This art displays two-headed flying horse or a beautiful girl called Buroq. In addition to featuring two dolls buroq, in the pageant - also joined a dozen children who carried the torch bamboo. 
They went around the village with the accompaniment of tambourine blend of modern musical instruments, namely guitars and melody. As long as they continue to walk around the village chanting Shalawat Prophet while occasionally shouting sahur - meal. Even they are not reluctant - reluctant citizens who have not knocked up. 
Although carried out voluntarily and unconditionally, the members of the arts is not uncommon to get buroq wages from concerned citizens, but the money earned from residents used partly for social and charity activities.

Petok Pary from Ciamis,Java,Indonesia

Ciamis, It has become tradition, the breeder in Ciamis District held a party every year is always the peg.
At this time the party petok displays various farm yield potential, such as cattle fattening, sheep breeding, animal husbandry, duck, rabbit farms, including the production of processed results of the ranch.

 In addition to presenting the results of cattle, sheep agility contest was also held Garut. Also held even drink milk campaign activities for elementary school students. Milk is distributed is also a result of Ciamis.
Ciamis Regent Engkon Komara said that her party Petok a breeder. With these activities can be found in Ciamis livestock sector development. "Petok is a very good event for Hospitality fellow breeders and farmers as well as a party. Ciamis District as an area that has a huge potential of cattle, still need to be developed," he said.

Kebon Jeruk Mosque,Jakarta,Indonesia

Kebon Jeruk Mosque 

This mosque lies exactly on the side of the road Hayam Wuruk. A center of Jakarta's Chinatown area was so crowded. 
Historically, this mosque was built in 1718 AD by a Chinese Muslim who migrated from the Chinese State. His name is Chau Tsien Hwu. He and his wife, Fatima Hwu, and other groups build and manage muhajirin this mosque. 
Chau did not actually build a new mosque. He just went a little mushollah building which has been standing there for a long time. Unfortunately small mushollah was not maintained. Building mushollah this round, thatched palm leaves, four-poster, and each is filled with carved pillars. 
Chau Tsien Hwu along his wife and entourage Tionghoa other Muslims to come to Kebon Jeruk after being pressured by Chien Dynasty ruler who embraced Buddhism. 
The mosque is always in padati by pilgrims from various regions, even Muslims from various countries were easy we meet here. They average a beard, dressed in Koko, a white turban or cap, and pants are not covering their ankles. Many also wear a long dress to the knee, which is always rotating beads in hand and the aroma of sandalwood oil and Kasturi, so strong spread throughout the room. From the way they dress so that they appear to imitate the ways (sunna) of the Prophet, not to mention their brotherly bond is so strong that indicates they are a people who obey the teachings of His messenger. In fact, chances are no one among them knew each other. Kebun Jeruk Mosque congregation this was known by the name Tablighi Jamaat, they always listen to lectures regularly and fervently after every maghrib. Jemaah consists of various professions, such as the head of the boarding school, regent, street vendors, a young businessman, former gangsters, there was a student until the artist who became pilgrims here. Gito Rollies for example, during life often seem to follow the activities in this mosque. 
Kebon Jeruk Mosque congregation was always increased from year-ketahun "Here storehouse of knowledge, do not be surprised if more and more that come here. Sometimes does not fit, but this mosque should be built guns anymore because the old mosque, the most just repair it, "said Ayatollah, come home once a month to see his wife and three children in the ward. Kebon Jeruk Mosque building style has some similarities with the existing mosques in Java. But the touch of china visible architectural styles from heritage objects, such as antique calendar and a tomb in the courtyard of the mosque with stylish china tombstone that read Hsienpi Men Tsu MOW which means "this is the tomb of China's Chai family." This mosque became an evidence of cultural assimilation is maintained.

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Tutup Bulan Suro Tradition from Ambarawa,Central Java,Indonesia

Consultative Closing the month or the month of Muharram, the people who live around the lake Swamp Pening, Ambarawa, Central Java, held a tradition of alms Swamp Pening with put  rice cone to the center of  the lake. In addition to reinforcements are intended as a parameter, in this tradition also embodied the meaning of the expression of gratitude for blessings received by local residents livelihood as fishermen and farmers. 
Swamp Pening float tradition begins with the offerings of hundreds of residents gathering dikediaman Dowo Kebon village headman, District Banyu Biru, Ambarawa, Central Java. In this place set up two giant rice cone and a number of offerings that will put in to centre Ambarawa lake. 
Offerings such as side dishes such as chicken and other meats, as well as the land that residents submitted. Having prayed for the village elders, the two cone shaped and varied offerings are paraded toward the edge of the Swamp Pening. Before being taken to the middle of a lake, the village elders for lighting the torch lit procession float while in progress. 
Offering a single cone was brought into the middle of the lake, while one other cone contested by residents. Float tradition Rawa Rawa Pening Pening or alms has always attracted the attention of local people, and hundreds of entrants. 
Hereditary ritual is a manifestation of gratitude for good fortune residents received by the residents, especially those who pocket living as farmers and fishermen around the Swamp Pening. Residents believe the float procession of these offerings during the next year they will be spared from the calamity and disaster

Kuda Silat Tradition from sumedang,West Java,Indonesia

Renggong horse tradition rooted in the community Sumedang. Because of that, not too difficult to find citizens Sumedang, especially in the countryside, along the horses trained to dance. Look at the atmosphere in the front yard of a villager Ciherang, District Rancakalong, Sumedang. Recently, the excitement bubble merrily over the sound wave and sinden petabuh tones of gamelan. As there is no distance between animals and humans in this tradition. 
Renggong Horse is a very popular art form in Sumedang. Almost every village in the district which is about 45 kilometers from Bandung city is having a horse renggong arts groups. Once the popularity of this art, so every time gamelan renggong beaten horse will always invite the presence of many people. 
In Sumedang, horses from the village of Silat Ciherang Dugongs group led by Memet was quite famous. This art group has won several championships renggong horse. Their popularity has made these groups are often invited to the feast. Often when there is circumcision in new cut, they will be invited to entertain the wedding circumcision. The bride circumcision climbed into the saddle and then paraded around villages. Understandably, for the citizens of Sumedang is a pride if they could invite a group dugongs during circumcision. 
This renggong horse tradition inseparable from the history of the past. At the beginning of XVIII century, horse transport among the feudal or aristocratic Sumedang. Especially when examining the region kekuasaanya. This can not be separated from the command of the Prince Regent Sumedang Aria Suriaatmaja ruling in 1882 until 1919. To that end, the Prince of Aria who was also nicknamed the Prince of Mecca, brought many horses from the island of Sumbawa, West Nusatenggara and Sumba Island, East Nusatenggara. Consequently, at that time, the number of horses in Sumedang swells reaching hundreds of tail. 
Usually, these horses entrusted to the local population to be maintained. And sice tersebutlah one named Sipan, villagers Cikurubuk, Buahdua District, about 20 kilometers from Sumedang. Since childhood, who was nicknamed Ki Sipan Sipan've loved horses. He feels happy if his father was ordered to bathe a horse named Bidin. 
Sipan initially tried to accompany the horse to be bathed to the accompaniment of bamboo tetabuhan angklung, and percussion Dogdog Dogdog or similar. Apparently, pet horse to the music and moving his feet, as it has been taught or trained. 
Prince Aria heard the news. He was happy. Two horses named Si and Si Ciengek Dengek Sipan sent to be trained. And for the first time also, when the circumcision ceremony of Prince Aryan family, and Si Si Cengek Dengek Sumedang dancing in front of residents. Initially, they called it a horse renggong & quotkuda igel "because it can ngigel or dance. 
After Ki Sipan died in 1939, had forwarded the ability to train his horse named Ki Sukria. Since that until now, the tradition still preserved renggong horse. 
Renggong Horse Festival eve, the dancers along with several members of the team went to the Mount horse renggongnya Scorpions. The goal will seek to a big rock which, according to stories handed down a former footprints horse fly. It is said that these footprints are former white-winged horse's footing of a prince. Some believe the horse lovers, horse racing ahead, efforts will be made to the Mount of Scorpions won the champion horse. 
Prior to the arena, special rituals were performed, ie, burn incense. Fragrant incense that had been given water incantations are believed to make the horses dance with the nimble and bersilat with respite. 
Public interest Sumedang watching this race is quite high. 

Larung Sembonyo Tradition from trenggalek,Java,Indonesia

Myth Prigi bay communities about making Prigi bay area is the origin of the ceremony sembonyo float. 
Prigi society is almost entirely Muslim, but they feel less peaceful life when you're leaving Sembonyo traditions and ceremonies that are believed to maintain a balance with the surrounding nature and the universe. The ceremony is conducted every month Sembonyo Selo, Monday Kliwon every year. 
Implementation was carried out by people associated with the fishermen and farmers livelihood as fishermen, farmers and is a means of honoring ancestors unutuk who contributed to the open bay areas Prigi. They do not want to forget Judo Negoro Tumenggung services as well as a founding hero of the village of Tawang, Tasikmadu. If they neglect fear no interference, it is difficult in penanngkapan fish, agricultural crops fail, resulting outbreaks, natural disasters and so forth. 
Sembionyo float ceremony in 1985 conducted a large scale after previously halted because of the political situation. Warning that time assisted the local government district. Psychology in the framework of the campaign carried wisata.Upacara Sembonyo full terms conditions, and a wide range restrictions. It affects the community character Prigi, especially fishermen community which requires perseverance, fortitude and courage to challenge death, lurking at any time. 
Sembonyo float carried out in the Gulf Prigi, Desa Tasik honey or Karanggongso Kec. Watulimo. Ceremonial or other traditional ceremonies where it took place in Tasik Madu Villalage, Prigi, Margomulyo, Karanggandu, and Karanggongsoitu called by various terms: sea alms; float sembonyo; ceremonial sembonyo; mbucal sembonyo; clean sea. 
Sembonyo actually a little doll bride artificial form of glutinous rice flour, shaped like a pair of bride who was biting. Sitting on the boat, complete with equipment satang, which is a tool to run and steer the boat. Depictions of brides artificial biting on this boat is also equipped with a pair of bride mock arrest or galih made from banana trunks, was given kenangadan jasmine flower decorations, lecari. Because sembonyo describe bride, the customary ceremony sembonyo equipment is also equipped with shavings or offerings as well as other equipment such as a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. 
Artificial bride called Sembonyo was associated with a local myth about the traditions sembonyo float. This tradition stems from an incident that is considered never happen, that intermarriage Nganten Figure Raden Inten, with Raden Tumenggung Blue Duchy of Andong. Figure Nganten Raden Inten also known by the name of the Middle Nganten raden. 
The marriage was conducted as a condition Andong success Tumenggung Raden Raden Tumenggung Or Blue Judo Negoro Prigi open forest and the surrounding Gulf region to be rural areas, previously known as a very haunted forest and can not be inhabited by humans. 
Implementation ceremonial float sembonyo describe families who have urination busy mating, and a party to enliven the marriage. 
Pelarungan sembonyo and shavings and a variety of offerings is driven by faith, hope and a petition to get the safety and get results from the abundant sea and land. 
Marriage was held on Monday  cello months, lively arts with  Tayub during the 40 days and 40 nights. Departing from the fairy tales that float Sembonyo ceremonies held from year to year by the community Prigi bay until now. 
Broadly speaking stage float Sembonyo ceremonial stage into two stages of preparation which includes: nights Widodaren make sembonyo, Mayang twins, prepare encek / jaranan arts offerings and preparing for implementation stages. 
While the implementation stage float sembonyo ceremony: the procession departed from the district office watulimo to where the fish auction that has been decorated like a wedding. 
After doing suguh, then placed above sembonyo gethek then put off shore.

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Hari Raya Ketupat,Tradition from Ngawi,East Java,Indonesia

The tradition of eating chicken opor ketupa and implemented a number of villages in Ngawi after conducting Ramadhan fasting. Or, a week after Idul Fitri 1 Syawal. As shown in several hamlets in Desa Beran, Grudo and others. Diamond grain and supplementary food become a means of conquest. Simultaneously, binding of brotherhood.
Diamond grain and lepat plus complementary side dish, served at the village mosques. Citizens meet each other again, stay in touch after Idul Fitri.
A special dish called Lebaran Kupat, was served after completion of Ramadhan fasting. This celebration, has become a tradition and heredity. Whether in big mosques, or in the hamlets.
In the old mosque Ngronggi, brings the tradition preserved ketupat residents young and old age. Since the day before, local residents hunt palm leaves to wrap rice Kupat. The best rice and glutinous rice were chosen to celebrate the traditions that have been awaited every year.
After the meal is ready, since early morning people took to the mosque. Men were even many who are still kids and then pray together. After that, the tradition of eating together ketupat began.
The atmosphere noisy, crowded, because it became a meeting between the citizens of a village. Increases fun as the kids were all fighting meals provided. This tradition, familiarizing citizens with each other. All enjoy, because it lasts a full familiarity.

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Dungkrek, Traditional art from Madiun,East Java,IndonesiA

Dungkrek is a result of the culture of the society generally and in particular Madison Mejayan rural communities to meet kebutuan relationship with the natural environment and its aesthetic and spiritual expression. As an art tradition dungkrek strongly associated with human spiritual values in meeting the need for dependence of God.
Forms dungkrek performances carried out with the wine around the village, hereinafter called the procession dungkrek. 

Performing these forms of pageantry as a means to expel 'pagebluk', as inplementasi of the characteristics of society are always dynamic in the social life of the culture, the disclosure of which are delivered in the form of dances and the voice sounds such as voice and krek building. 
The name "Dungkrek derived or taken from two sounds embedded in the device instrume dungkrek. Those instruments sound is" building "of the drum and" krek "from the voice matches, which is a typical musical instrument in which there is only music that makes one dungkrek.Korek tersebutlah one peculiarity dungkrek. Instruments is one of the main tools for starting ritual custody. Even in its development 'dungkrek' in akronimkan in an expression that has an extension of the word 'duanipun Kawulo enggalo karaharjan'. 
Dungkrek as a spiritual medium using various tools in the implementation of the ritual. Dungkrek tool consists of several forms, including; 
a). Instrument 
The composition of the instruments / music dungkrek consists of: 
1. Single drum 
2. Kempul one fruit (barrel 6) 
3. Kenong one fruit (a barrel) 
4. Gong intelligence one 
5. Drums (the rhythm) 
6. Matches empatbuah 
7. Four rafters 
b). Mask 
Consists of: 
1. Mask Gendruwon four (red, yellow, hijuau, and black) 
2. Female mask 2 fruit (beautiful and Perot) 
3. Parents mask one 
4. Stretchy one fruit masks 
5. Mask carrier (Dongkrek Takeran Magetan) 
c). Equipment 
1. Two pieces of wood Keris 
2. Sword / godo two pieces of wood 
3. A single wooden stick 
d). Dance Apparel (Costume) 
1. Giants use black pants with red stripes 
2. Female dancers use jarit striated and bersanggul. 
3. Parents of dancers dressed with blangkon Surjan Surakarta style. 
e). Isntrumen Games 
1. There are rhythmic melodies 
2. Buko (voorspel) begins with the sound of bamboo rafters 
3. Rhythm in principle remain 
4. There are no dynamics and variations 
f). Dance forms Dungkrek 
The principle of free movement dance just as they pleased from the perpetrators, the perpetrators in accordance with their respective roles movements is free movement combined with the sound of his rhythm. 
g). Ritual Dungkrek 
Dungkrek as a form of ritual procession, many noble values contained in the meaning of life. Dungkrek ritual activities include; 
1. Hung in the corners of houses; 
a). Coconut jebuk (kopyor) 
b). Layah / cobek who painted a frightening picture 
c). Fleeced animal bones 
d). Horseshoe former (despite myself). 
2. Lanang yarn wrapped yarn around the house. 
3. do not sleep before midnight. 
4. In the family sleep in a way mrajupat (longitudinal direction of the wind eye). 
5. Not answer the call the night before obviously, that greets. 
6. At night, multiply reading praise pujan (spell starting in the form of alternating praise slamet, stump, wrong, and praise singkir. 
7. Prohibit taking chicken eggs in coconut trees. 
8. Giving Aron Aron-ata on the forehead a small child's ear if any person dies. 
9. Conducting activities in dalem palangan with events; 
a). Incantation incantation-departure readings custody 
b). Structuring heritage Palangan Dalem 
c). Setup mask and gamelan dungkrek gendruwon 
d). Jamasan and salvation heritage Palangan (Kyai Bali, Kyai Fireworks Evening, Kyai Udan Arum) 
10. Instruments Kirap Gendruwon and corners throughout the village. 
11. Installation of several tumbal in certain places, such as intersection, fork in the road and places which have been determined. 
C. Express meaning in Dungkrek 
Dungkrek in it contains many values that are expressed through all the elements forming Dungkrek. These elements include, musical instrument, a character mask (kedokan), properte (weapons) and forms of ritual activity. 
1. Instruments 
Instruments in Dungkrek many containing the values expressed in it, which include; 
a). Bedhuk: Revealing that someone pemipin should have advantages compared with lead / subjects. In the Javanese philosophy of a leader must have supernatural powers, as a 'dhokdeng' 
b). Rate: Reveals that a leader must possess milia / let 'virtuous', to always protect his subjects. 
c). Kenong: Reveals that a leader must always be 'manekung' her closer to God by always' quiet heneng henung henang 'who always think clearly, calmly considering' dumunung'kepada God for victory and peace. 
d). Matches: Sweeping clean 'scraped' all obstacles 'sengkolo' contained in the community. 
e). Gong: Reveals that all things eventually. 
f). Kenthongan: Reveal Kenthongan in the community that serves as a communication tool, as a sound alarm or collecting society in solving problems. 
2. Mask People / kedokan Gendruwon 
People and Gendruwon dongkrek mask contains a lot of value expressed therein which include; 
a). Mask / kedokan Gendruwon: Reveal something evil that diwujudkn anger in the form of a scary waja colors: red, yellow, green, white and black. 
b). Mask / kedokan wedoan: revealing the faces of the seductive and beautiful face with eyes glancing Perot who do not care and indifference as a form of society that hiterogen. 
c). Mask / kedokan parents: 
3. Property 
a). Sticks / signature: Reveal a handle, that in life should have the right grip that is held in the Lord commands and prohibitions. 
b). Sword / Godo: 
4. Dance Dungkrek (stage debut), another expressed value as found in dungkrek dance performances, among others; 
a). Gait gendruwo who spread evil with greed anger and disturbing the public tranquility 
b). Wedokan Beksan beautiful and Perot kehiterogenan depicting life in the community. Women as beings who figure memililiki allure / teaser. 
c). Keanggkaramurkaan depicting Gendruwon War mastering public tranquility. 
d). Conquest gendruwon by Kyai gilt depicting the destruction of Ankara by the nobility. 
5. Arakan gendruwon that portray crime has been controlled by kindness. Disclosure of the value of life in the arts there dungkrek religious values and social dungkrek able to make art as art that has the noble values that need to be conserved adi and developed in accordance with the changing times without leaving the spiritual values and aesthetics.

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