Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sisapa Unong Waterfalls,Sumatera,Indonesia

Sisapa Unong Waterfall is a tourist destination that is exotic deburannya. Where as the water falls from a height of approximately 30 m, making you comfortable and quiet, so comfortable to linger at the site.
Clear water attract you to be enjoyed by bathing / swimming, the water was really cold and fresh. Besides enjoying the crystal clear water, you are also treated to a location with views of hills and trees that are still lush green branches and listen to songs from the songs of birds that exist around the site.
Sisapa Unong Waterfalls located in the hills of Hamlet Aek Silabat, Bandar Pasir District Mandoge approximately 60 km to the Southwest City Range Asahan district. The location may be more or less 2 hours by private vehicle or public vehicle, to the Hamlet Aek Silabat.

Puncak Pato,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Puncak Pato, West Sumatra is known with a history of "Oath Bukik Marapalam Satie. "The location is very nice top be your holiday destination, where the landscape looksvery exotic. Natural air is inhaled and original, cool and fresh.
Pato is a bulwark Puncak Padri war. Puncak Pato Located in Nagari Batu subdistrict Bulek Lintau North Buo Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra, or about 17 km from Batusangkar City.
At the peak there Pato roofed building that symbolizes stacks of three leaders of the community meeting place when about to give birth of life. And around the building there are large trees, where the leaves still look green, so the air is still beautiful and original.

Tomori Bay,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Tomori Bay is a small, oval-shaped island and extends from north to south with the coast in the east and west of the sandy white. But the beaches in the north and south are the high hills up to 300 meters.
In the vicinity there Tomori Island Marine Park is beautiful so it was with the beauty of this bay became the 27th world ranked at the gate Tomori Bay. Bay is located about 157 km from Tentena, you can reach about 4 hours by four wheel drive vehicle and two rods.
Islands of interesting because the site says there are still rocks that is so beautiful and original in the middle of the sea.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Traditional House Kampai Nan Panjang,Sumatera,Indonesia

Traditional House Kampai Nan Panjang is a traditional house of the oldest in the realm of Minang, become an alternative tourist destination because it has a unique appearance. Upon entering the custom house, the first time you meet is a stone fence and courtyard planted with various crops and there are palm trees behind the house and various kinds of trees.
The house was built in about 350 years ago.
The position of the house right in the Village Balimbing with long Minang village atmosphere. If entered into the house, you will see the rooms are relatively small with an oval shaped door. Unique shaped house is located in the village of Balimbing, Kec. Propagation, Tanah Datar District.


Um island, virgin island in West Papua. On the island is still virgin, you will disunguhi with views of the 'promised paradise'. Where you will be able to perform various activities, looking for beauty among others swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and enjoying the sunset.
If visiting the island and want to do diving, do not forget to bring your diving equipment. The reason,
Besides enjoying the panoramic sea, island of Um is also very interesting to visit the Village Malaumkarta. Kampung Malaumkarta are dealing with the island of Um, which plays a major role contributed to the natural beauty of the underwater island of Um.
Communities living around the island and the village of Um Malaumkarta life as a fisherman and have the awareness to keep seafood. Hence those who live on the island to catch fish by banning nets and bombs, fishermen only get fish by fishing.

Asu Island,Sumatra,Indonesia

Asu Island is a remote island which is included in Hinako Islands and is one of the outer islands of Indonesia. The wide reach about 18 km square and the nuances of the exotic nature makes a very good time to break away from the routine of city life.
Activities that can be done around the island such as sunbathing, swimming, tracking around the island, fishing, to surf. That's all you can do because the location has the situation calm, comfortable, and friendly local residents, will make you feel at home for long.
To reach the island of Asu, could use a plane from Medan's Polonia Airport to Airport Binaka, Gunung Sitoli, Nias. Furthermore, from Mount Sitoli, we travel to Sirombu with travel time 1-2 hours. From Sirombu there are two options to get to the island of Asu. You can ride the regular ship or use a speed boat.
The beach offers white sand that gently shimmering accompany it looks pretty clear water. As far as the eye could see, when the weather was sunny, blue skies stretch further beautify the landscape. So that was fit to be an alternative tour for those who like exploring the island

Tulang Island,TabeloHalmahera,Indonesia

Tobelo is one district in the northern part of the Province of North Maluku, North Maluku is a geographical area that is rich island, one of them in districts north halmahera (Tobelo) is Tulang Island.
Tulang island right in front of the city Tobelo. Distances range from 500 meters from the pier / harbor Tobelo.
The water is calm, distant blue very fun to play water / swimming. Pristine coral reefs, making the most amazing underwater scenery for local and foreign tourists who want to conduct diving activities. To reach the island, you can use the boat kantinting (traditional vehicles), from the port / dock Tobelo.

Pulau Batek,NTT,Indonesia

Enchantment Batek Island is one of the small island located in Kupang regency of East Nusa Tenggara Province. The island is now a concern because it is Indonesia's outer islands after the former territory of East Timor became an independent country Democratic Republic of Timor Leste.
Batek Island of the blue, distant, geographically. The island is owned by Indonesia, which lies on the coordinates of 09o 15 '33''latitude - 123o 59' 15''BT or at the direction Noelbesi (Oeccusi western border with NTT) 329o and over a distance of about 5.7 nautical miles or 25 nautical miles from the port of Kupang, Tenau.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kayangan Island,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Kayangan Island located near to the city of Makassar. This beach has white sand, unpopulated, and has an area of ​​approximately 2 ha, and included in the Village area of ​​Ujung Pandang Bulo Ivory District.
This beach is 800 meters from the Port of Soekarno Hatta, and travel time approximately 15 minutes from the dock rating. In heaven pier is equipped with a special ferry ports intended for tourists who will vacation on the island, with transportation costs  20 ribu rupiah per person.
The island was formerly named Kaya Marrouw or Meraux, and developed as a marine tourist favorite since 1964. This island has a 24-hour security system, supported by fresh water facilities specially imported from Makassar City and the island has a number of additional facilities to meet international standards. Kaya Island has become a part of community life Makassar. The available range of facilities on the island, is the inn, lodging, entertainment, restaurants, multi-purpose building, meeting room, a playground for children, sport facilities, and bridge fishing and swimming pool.

Karebosi Mall,Makasar,South Sulawesi,Indonesia

Karebosi Mall is a shopping mall located in the city of Makassar. Mall was built under the Field Karebosi and predicate as the only first underground mall in Indonesia from the MURI.
This mall is also a place of recreation with the family when a stopover in Makassar to buy basic necessities. Karebosi Mall located in  Achmad Yani Street, Karebosi square, Makassar, Indonesia, 90 171. Which is open from hours: 09:30 to 22:00 pm

Seumadu Island,Aceh,Indonesia

Today, the Seumadu Island, Lhoksumawe is a major destination Lhoksumawe and North Aceh residents and is the most beautiful areas on the island.
Reach the island Seumadu is not difficult. As it is located right in front of the main door of a housing complex PT Arun. Or it's not far from the highway Medan-Banda Aceh.
The island is very lush with pine made ​​the atmosphere cool and beautify the site so it is suitable for those who simply unwind and enjoy vacation time.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Omed Omedan Tradition,Bali,Indonesia

Before starting this unique tradition named omed omed participants who are all young men and women do the praying and the prayer at Banjar temple led by local stakeholders. After the prayer, then the participants mingle to the center of arena and witnessed thousands of residents who attend this once a year tradition. Before starting, participants were divided into two groups according to sex and opposite positions.
Furthermore, one of two groups of young men and women then paraded take turns hugging and kissing each other. In this tradition the two participants who paraded this should not choose a partner who kissed. Action hugs and kisses will be separated after the participants get a splash of water from the committee.
For the participants, even those who admitted kissing uncomfortable because the place crowded, but this is done because it is one of the ancestral traditions, as well as entertainment after conducting meditation penyepian.
As for his own village elders in addition to some one of respect for ancestors, tradition-omedan omed also as a venue for fostering relationships among fellow citizens of the Banjar.
History omed - omedan itself originated from a story about a king's illness oka Sesetan temple in ancient times, which supposedly does not go away despite treatment. But strangely without treatment, the king was cured after watching the residents do omed-omedan. Since then the tradition is carried out and continue to be preserved as an effort to honor their ancestors as well as for comfort residents after implementation of Nyepi.

Selong Belanak beach,Lombok,NTB,Indonesia

Selong Belanak Beach is one beach in the tourist island of Lombok. The beach has white sand is surrounded by mountains and natural scenery of hills covered with large trees green.
Selong Belanak Beach is located on the west coast of Kute. Panorama landscape is no less exciting as the other beaches on the island of Lombok
The main attraction is the white sand and sea water gradation very visible difference from green to blue, clear and clean.
The waves are not too big to make frequent many small children on the beach with a bath shower without any clothes. The beach is very suitable for family tourism.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Misool Island,Papua,Indonesia

Misool Island, an island located in the area of ​​Raja Ampat and sea borders scary. Or be a tourist destination island which is located right on the head of the bird papua west and near the town of sliding.
On this island, you can enjoy the beauty of cultural diversity, customs, sea and land which was so famous in the world.
Misool Island is divided into two parts, namely south and east Misool Misool west. And the island is also famous for including the world's coral triangle area and dozens more ornamental fish found in the sea.
There are about 75 percent of ornamental fish and coral triangle world contained in the sea. 
Perhaps, the island is also home Misool octopus that is often found at night, and whales in the sea were found in the daytime. So the island is known for its regional Misool full of mysterious because there are still many large marine animals - big.

Puncak Jaya Wijaya,Papua,Indonesia

With a height of 3000 meters from sea level (asl) and has a million of wealth and natural beauty, Puncak Jaya mountains serve as a tourist destination in Papua, Indonesia. Most of the nature of Puncak Jaya was still very natural even completely untouched by human hands so that it can be a main attraction for tourists. If you want to visit, you will breathe fresh air at all has not been polluted and located at an altitude of Puncak Jaya.
Cultural mores Puncak Jaya is also an attraction to be seen directly. Puncak Jaya is right in the Mountains of Papua, with an altitude above 3000 meters. To reach the location of the peak Jaya could use a small type of the Twin Otter aircraft, but also can be reached by road from the town of Wamena.
When about to land at the capital airport Mulia Puncak Jaya, Papua. You will see first hand view of the very menajubkan. Where, the aircraft landed dicelah-crack mountain in close proximity, so it looks clear, natural forests are still far from the touch of human hands.

Youtefa Gulf,Jayapura,Papua,Indonesia

Youtefa Gulf is an asset Jayapura to attract tourists from outside to come enjoy the beautiful panorama. However, because there is no icon Jayapura into the factors causing the lack of interest of tourists visiting the city of Jayapura.
Especially with the existing waste in the Gulf into the cause of the lack of interest of tourists visiting. So, to develop it all. Jayapura City Tourism Office to seek to address the problem of garbage along with several organizations that care about the environment, such as the planting of mangrove trees off the coast and beach cleaning action which is a self-help of NGOs. If you visit Jayapura,don't forget to visit this beautiful place.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pongkar Waterfalls,Karimun,Kepri,Indonesia

Pongkar Waterfall is one of the resorts are located in the jungle. This is an interesting place to relieve fatigue and discard all the problems being experienced.
This Waterfalls located near Jantan Mountain. This location can be reached by using four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles, about 30 minutes from Tanjung Balai Karimun. Every day a holiday or weekend, waterfall attractions visited by foreign tourists and local tourists to relax.
Around the park there are recreational facilities like swimming pool that was near the waterfall and restaurants. So you can enjoy the dishes of the menu, looking at the natural beauty around. So for those who want to eliminate all problems. This place is perfect for you to about it.

Landak River,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Landak River is an attractive tourist destination in Indonesia, located in the area Ngabang, West Kalimantan. 
In addition to the river which attracted the attention of tourists, but there are two bridges spanning between the Kapuas River and the Landak River become tourist attraction as well. Where they are enjoying the natural  view from the bridge. Both the bridge that is 410 meters along the Kapuas Bridge was built in 1983, connecting Pontianak with the South East. While the Landak Bridge along the 319 Meters East Pontiac connecting with the North.
Landak river, in addition to tourist destinations that really fascinating. This river is rowing race held annually, usually incorporated in the customs and culture festival Landak District.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Makmur Bay,Sumatera,Indonesia

Makmur Bay is one of the bay which can attract many tourists. Whether it's local and foreign tourists, where they perform various activities in the bay. Starting from the activities of swimming, diving, surfing, fishing, motor boat around to just relaxing on the shores of the bay, looking at the natural panorama of the bay.
If you want to visit the bay, the bay located in the northern town of Dumai, precisely in the District Medang Kampai and Tasik Interest in District Seven East Dumai. This place is very suited to recreation with the family to unwind on the weekends and at holiday time. Makmur Bay has many natural charms, among others, beaches and tourist villages wither directly opposite the island Rupat and the Strait of Malacca.

Mad Bamboo Ritual,Maluku,Indonesia

Mad Bamboo. Also called by the name of Mad or Bara Suwen Tubes. For the traditional rituals of Maluku, the required seven players man.
Before the game starts, players will first provide a bamboo suanggi with about 2.5 m long and eight centimeters in diameter. Then cut into seven segments that each segment will be embraced by a player. Besides bamboo, other equipment that needs to be provided is the incense or ginger. Incense is used when performing a big crazy bamboo, while ginger is used to show a little crazy bamboo.
However, in addition to seven male players, in the event there is also a ritual in which the handler is the handler's job was to burn incense on top of coconut shell while reciting mantras. Spell the spoken language, you would not understand because the mantra is spoken in the language of the Land, one of the traditional languages ​​of Maluku.
Incense smoke emerging from the shell used to stain the bamboo to be used. If using ginger, ginger cut to seven parts and then chewed by the handler as he read the spell and then sprayed into the bamboo. The function of both ingredients, to summon the spirits of the ancestors to give magical powers to the bamboo. Done gave a spell, the handler said the word crazy, crazy, crazy. Then, the dancers move swiftly follow the movement of mad bamboo. In fact, the player's body will be swayed even drop the wake because the crazy bamboo wild motion.

MIngar White Sand Beach,Nagawutung,NTT,Indonesia

Mingar White Sand Beach is one of the local tourist destination in the Southern District Nagawutung coastal village. Natural scenic surrounding will be able to attract the attention of all the tourists, both local and foreign tourists.
Wonderful location, ideal for family tourism because of its very wide beach allows for playing around on the beach. The blue water beaches invite you to enjoy, like swimming, diving, surfing and traveling using a motor boat or speedboat. Beach waves high enough to reach 2-3 meters in the West season and 1.5 to 2.5 meters during the dry season.

Gebe Island,Halmahera, Maluku,Indonesia

Gebe Island is one of the objects underwater marine tourism in Central Halmahera (Halteng), Maluku Utara (North Maluku). The island is still a cluster of coral reefs rich with coral reefs that have been popular, the potential of King Four, West Irian Jaya Province.

Until now, the beauty beneath the sea in waters off Pulau Gebe become valuable assets for developing tourism in Halteng. Still there are approximately 300 types of corals and coral reef species on average are similar to coral reefs located in King of the Four Islands of Papua.

For those of you who lovers under the sea, very suitable Gebe Island tourist submarine in Halteng. Besides tourism potential underwater, Palau is an island of Gebe also has a large enough potential fishery. This can be evidenced from the fishery in District Gebe who always showed a significant improvement

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nongsa Beach,Batam,Indonesia

Nongsa Beach is a tourist beach has white sand and clear water. So now, the beach is able to attract many tourists both local and foreigners tourist.This beach located in the North-East of Batam also known as "Old Nongsa" by the local community. You can enjoy the white sand. The tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset views from the beach. To reach the beach, the tourists would travel about 40 minutes from downtown Batam and 20 minutes from the airport that is the pride of the city of Batam Hang Nadim Airport.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Selagriya Temple,Magelang,Central Java,Indonesia

Selagriya Temple is one of the temples of ancient relics of the glory of the Hindu kingdom. This temple is estimated to contemporary with the temples located in the area Kedu and the Dieng plateau, which is built around the 8th century by Sanjaya dynasty. Temple Selagriya relatively small size (when compared with other Hindu temples). Cross-shaped building with a floor plan size of 5.2 mx 5.2 m and height of 4.9 m. Inside the temple there are only a cubicle is empty. It is estimated, this room was once the place or yoni phallus, symbol of Shiva Mahadeva. In all four walls of the recesses of the temple there where the embodiment of god statues are placed.
From Magelang Selagriya Temple location approximately 15 km, which can be taken through town or through Windusari Bandongan District. From the main road in the village of Windusari-Bandongan Kembangkuning, this temple as far as about 3 km. From Kembangkuning Village, we can go to this temple on foot.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buddhagaya Watugong,Semarang,central Java,Indonesia

Buddhagaya Watugong, who was in Hyderabad Independence Pioneer Road is one place of worship that has become the rapid development of religious activities and social activities, especially in the past 10 years.
Buddhists various ethnic communities, often in droves to conduct worship in these temples. Likewise, the general public, many look to arrive for just see the beauty of Bodhisattvas Avalokitesvara Pagoda, the towering, on the edge of the highway lane-Ungaran Semarang.
Some role to the community about such sharing food at Eid celebrations, social events free health, talk shows or seminars, and competitions for primary school children, are often held in these temples. In addition it also provided an opportunity for the public to enjoy the beauty of the building and Buddhagaya Vihara Avalokitesvara Pagoda, by giving them the opportunity to tour the Pagoda and park there.
After the establishment of Avalokitesvara Pagoda in 2003, the name of the Vihara Buddhagaya more brilliant, has a name as a place of religious tourism, so that in 2008 took part to support tourism programs that encouraged by the government, which is Visit Indonesia Year.

Biology Museum,Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Biology Museum Yogyakarta. In this tourist destination, you will see two of the rare animals are protected by the government which is a collection of MBY frilled lizard from Papua and Sumatran Tiger.
Currently, the museum is saving approximately 3,700 species, and 70 percent of various plants.
This museum belongs to the Faculty of Biology, Gadjah Mada University who have an important role for the education of students of biological sciences and is one of the main sources of biological information in Yogyakarta.
So that children and students, as well as lovers of animals and plants come to this museum to learn, as well as sightseeing.

Ancient Book from Pamekasan,Java,Indonesia

Codex, or ancient book written by the hand and speaking in Arabic and Java are estimated to have more than 4 centuries found in Pamekasan, Madura, where one of these ancient manuscripts are the work of scholars from Bahr Lahut Acehnese who had the claim Malaysia as one of the manuscripts belonging the allied countries.
There are about 80 manuscripts from around 200 ancient manuscripts manuscripts - manuscripts, among others Bahr lahut or ocean divine work of scholars Aceh in the 16th century, except that there tuhfatul manuscript works of Ibn Arabi and mursalah ul waqad or science of astronomy in addition to the many manuscripts - manuscripts containing ancient philosophy and monotheism.
Scripts are all written by hand using paper made ​​from wood and ink made ​​from the leaves of mambas, besides the text in Arabic is made ​​in Europe as evidenced by transparent paper with a picture amid the withdrawal of paper money today.

Mantano Lake,Sorowako,Sulawesi

One tourist attraction in East Luwu is Lake Matano, located in District Nuha, Sorowako, where the management company's largest Nickel Indonesia, PT. Inco operates.
From a row, this tourist attraction, East Luwu certainly not close the door for investors who want to invest in tourism Luwu East. The local government will provide facilities and will facilitate any required by investors, as long as not contrary to the provisions of applicable legislation

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wisata Bunut Bolong,Denpasar,Bali,Indonesia

Tourism Bunut Bolong district located in the village Manggisari Pekutatan, distance about 49 km to the east of the city less State and more or less 86 km towards the west of Denpasar.
The main attraction is the location of which is perforated bunut bunut tree that is grown sustainably hollow trunk where in the middle of the stem / root there is a highway that connects the sub Pekutatan with Buleleng regency.
Every day this place is visited by teenagers who want to enjoy the fresh air.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Timbulun Kota Birah Waterfalls,Sumatera

Waterfalls Timbulun Koto Birah waterfalls located in Jorong Nagari Koto Koto Birah Ceiling New River District, South Solok regency.
The distance is the location of the waterfall over 2.5 km of Raya Pekan Selasa Labu, and more than 30 km from Padang Aro.
With a height of about 20 m to make a lot of tourists will be enjoy it. The main attraction for tourists is the waterfall.
Condition waterfall still looks natural and there has been no vandalism of the local community. If you want to visit the location of the waterfall, you will presented with a panorama of hills and large green trees.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Air Luncur Sulewena,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Air Luncur Sulewana, located approximately 12 km from Poso Lake Poso in regency. Poso is one of regencies in Central Sulawesi, which is known by people outside of Central Sulawesi, both because of the potential of nature / tourism, as well as event / post-riot in Poso. Poso can travel by land route from the Hammers for 5 hours.
With the variety of exotic destination in these locations, such as Lake Poso, Tanjung Api Nature Reserve, Goa Pamona, Air Luncur Sulewana, green tea plantations, etc., make this district famous among local and foreign tourists.
But for cultural tourism is very well known from the Poso area is Dero dance is a dance that involves a lot of people by forming a circle, with dynamic movements are adjusted to the music. This dance is held when there is the custom event, party, or other ceremonial.

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