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Siwalima Museum,Maluku,Indonesia

State Museum Maluku Siwalima founded in 1973. The building of this museum there is an old building, namely the former opera house that was built in 1960 with a modern architectural style and there is a new building the old building expansion. The inauguration of the museum's Affairs Provincial Ambon Siwalima this point, namely on March 26, 1977.
Literally Siwalima formed by two words, namely Shiva and five. Shiva means the nine (9), five means 5. Both these terms indicate the separation or division of society into 2 groups of Social Affairs, which is a group of nine and five groups. Some aspects of culture can be used as an indicator to distinguish between Siwa and five, for example, architecture, life cycle ceremonies, and others.
The existence of the unity or relationship between the two for example: language, mythology origins, belief systems, about the separation process has emerged a variety of opinions and arguments.
Era of regional autonomy, the status of the museum's Maluku province are under the Agency Regional Technical Implementation Unit Department of Education. Collection
Siwalima Museum Collection consists of a collection biologika, etnografika, arkeologika, historika, numismatika or heraldika, filologika, keramologika, fine art or art works, and, teknologika. Total collection reached 5684 units.

Goa Balla Lampoa Museum,Gowa,South Sulawesi,Indonesia

The building stands firmly among the roar of the city Sungguminasa, Gowa-district neighbors in the south of Makassar. Seventy years is not a short time to all the history he had witnessed. Balla 'Lompoa (big house), a stage-house that became the royal palace of Gowa built in 1936 during the reign of King of Gowa to-31, I-Mangngi Mangngi Daeng Matutu.
The majority of buildings are made of ironwood is now a museum that houses a collection of objects Kingdom of Gowa. While visiting this museum some time ago, I saw things traditional and ancient manuscripts displayed in glass boxes.
Looks red ornaments of beads hang on the wall of the upper house. Hiasaan similar-hiasaan this was only found when the wedding took place indigenous Bugis-Makassar. On the front (main hall building), an Indonesian map displayed on the right side wall. Looks a thread stretched across the islands of Sulawesi, the Philippines, to Australia. Yarn that is what shows the power of Gowa in the past.
There are three principles which become the handle of the Bugis Makassar in perantauannya. First, CAPPA 'lilac (tip of the tongue). They are in communication with local residents. Secondly, CAPPA 'kawali (end badik), when they feel threatened then tip badik who will speak. Third, CAPPA 'Lase' (tip of male genitalia). They married with the natives, "explained A. Kumala Ijo, the last son of Sultan Moch. Aididdin A. Abdulkadir Idjo Karaeng Lalongang, King of Gowa to 32 which is also the king of the most recent.

Kandil Kemilau Emas Museum,Riau,Indonesia

Located on the Island Star Fruit Bangkinang District, Kampar District. The museum is the new official on May 22, 1988 in the island Carambola Bangkinang Kuok. This museum is a house-shaped house of Five Traditional Koto Kampar which was built around 1900 by the late Haji Hamid.
Now the museum is stored various collection of antiques which have historical value, such as pottery items, Carpentry Tools, Equipment Agriculture, fishing tools, art tools, altar tools, trade tools, equipment and other party .
In addition to these tools are stored also paddle boats made of wood trade is very strong from the 18th century, as well as a compass made of bamboo made by the Chinese because of the numbers written on the compass is written in Chinese characters.
There are two hundred fifty (250) kinds of museum collections antique candlestick Gold Sheen all of which are collections that have been inherited from generation to generation as a heritage item.
Tomb of Sheikh Burhanuddin
Located in the Kampar Kiri Sub District, Kampar District. The late Sheikh Abdullah was one of the spreaders of Islam, his tomb is located in Kampar regency Kuntu Fold fabrics. This place is a lot of traffic especially on the big day before the month of Ramadan and Islam arrives

Benteng Van der Wijck,Kebumen,Java,Indonesia

One of the ancient buildings that still maintained its existence is the Fortress Van Der Wicjk. Dutch era war bunker is located in the subdistrict of Gombong, Kebumen (Central Java). Now the building has become a tourist attraction in Kebumen mainstay.
The fort was built in 1818 is located in an area of 3306 square meters and 9.67 meters high. Around the fort there are the barracks for housing troops. In the days of Japanese occupation, is used to train Army Defenders of the Homeland (PETA).
Along with the times, the castle which has a unique architecture is converted into a historical tourist attraction that is very interesting to visit. Fort with the octagonal shape and has two floors to the custody of a third party.
Building the castle which was originally shabby and unkempt, is converted into a very attractive building. The main castle room section polished and used as a place documentation collection about Citadel Van Der Wijck. While the roof that serves as a spotter equipped train overpass.
While originally the barracks for the army be boarding hotel. Neither the detainee also room converted into a hotel room. 
To add the comfort of hotel guests in the Castle Var Der Wijck also features children's playground, water boom, and the train of President Suharto's legacy for the area around the castle. Another facility provided is a conference hall, seminar and training activities.

Pusong Sangkalan Beach,Sumatera,Indonesia

Three kilometers from the city Blangpidie capital city of Southwest Aceh Regency, there is a very beautiful beaches that adorn the lip of land on the western tip of Sumatra island. Its name is Beach Pusong Sangkalan, Pusong name used because of the Indian Ocean with a distance of 1 km from the shoreline there was Pusong Coral Island
Disclaimer is the name of the residential areas where the beach is located. Besides the name, this beach also known as Bali Beach. Bali beach name is not actually an official name, "According to many local residents say because it does not defeat the beautiful beach with beautiful beach in Bali.
There is also the opinion said, because when the first was opened as a tourist area, many foreign tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of the coast with top-notch surfing and sunbathing bikini using a deemed taboo by the local community, they do not want to Beach Pusong Sangkalan serve as tourist areas such as in Bali very free and destructive to the local culture.
Pusong Sangkalan beach facing the Indian Ocean is still very fresh and clean, the sand is clean and somewhat rough. The waves are big challenge to play surfing sanga. The blue sea water is very beautiful and makes the eyes stand for long view of the endless ocean that. Greatness of God the more powerful when we are in the evening enjoy a beautiful sunset, our eyes will not be made out staring at the sun into the water inch by inch.
If you visit the beach this morning at 6:00 until 10:00 pm, you will have the opportunity to see traditional fishermen who are Tarek Pukat (netted by trawlers that fish pulled from the sea to the land). An interesting spectacle to see two groups of fishermen who pull each end of the trawl to the mainland. Fishermen groups numbering 10 to 15 people this trawl attract pulling small voices shouting and chanting hymns are very beautiful.
Pusong Sangkalan Island is a small island area of 1 KM2 who used only small, barren land and surrounded by beautiful coral hamaparan. Stretch of reef two times larger than the land and low tide when we could walk over them with knee-deep water.
That glimpse of the Coast Pusong Sangkalan Aceh Barat Daya. Unfortunately a very beautiful tourist attraction is still yet to receive attention both from employers and the Local Pemerinatah. It could even be said not at all the management and publication of the Local Government Abdya. While this tourist attraction will attract the attention of local and even foreign tourists who certainly could be a regional income and also can improve the economy of local communities.

Cubadak Island,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Paradiso beauty that may not have known so many Indonesian people in general is one alternative for fans of the island tour is already saturated with treats islands that already exist because it was very crowded, noisy and busy.

Carocok Beach Pier, KecamatanTarusan, South Coastal District, West Sumatra. Cubadak Island did have close links with the people of State Spaghetti. Because the island is already since 12 years ago. Managed to conjure Cubadak - which means Jack - into an island life, without having to displace ecosystems and habitats that exist there. Chirping of the birds in the forest which contradict the sound of water pounding onto the sand beach is a natural orchestra that can be enjoyed every moment here. Italian tourists attracted heavy with island which was three miles offshore Carocok or 24 miles off the coast of Padang.
Sea in front of the wooden villas with a basic aqueous calm sea is rich in coral reefs as if mengelililingi island. The water was crystal clear when it seemed increasingly clear Cubadak sweep of white sand beach. The view under the sea here is so spectacular, the water is too calm for swimming.Sport under water such as diving is excellent for the visitors of the island. For those who are very interested but do not have the experience, Paradiso dive instructor who was certified ready to train international guests. For those who want to windsurf, sail, snorkel, water ski, or canoe, opportunity and similar facilities are also available.

Mandeh Pesisir Tourist Area,Padang,West sumatera,Indonesia

Tourist area south Mandeh a leading tourist attraction Pessel District, famous for its beautiful beach panorama, blue expanse of the calm sea and can be enjoyed by domestic tourists and visiting Pessel. The object of this tour is a mainstay in West Sumatra destinations are constantly being developed government. This tourism object is located at
Koto XI Tarusan which borders directly with the city of Padang.
Located 56 KM from Padang with and travel time approximately 56 minutes. The visitors can come to this tourist attraction using private transport or car lease from the town of Painan.

Bumi Ayu Temple,South Sumatera,Indonesia

Bumi Ayu Temple is the only complex of enshrinement in South Sumatra. Presently there are 9 pieces of the temple have been discovered and 4 of them have been restored, the Temple 1, Temple 2, Temple 3 and Temple 8. Temple preservation effort began in 1990 with support from state budget funds. To support the preservation of the Government of Muara Enim regency doing road construction, land acquisition, and development of building the museum field.
Bumiayu temple complex occupies an area of 75.56 hectares, with the outer limit of 7 (seven) pieces river trenches partly already experiencing silting. Temple Bumi Ayu at the moment still in the process of assessment and restoration, so not much information that can be known. Written information from the temple is still studied by the Assessment Team of Archaeological Heritage in South Sumatra Province. Bumi Ayu Temple area known as the site of Hindu heritage temples of Shiva flow. From the results of excavations the archaeologists, Bumi Ayu temple complex is the largest Hindu temples outside of Java, and the findings can be concluded that these temples is the Prambanan temple replica in Central Java.
Tourism Objects Bumi Ayu Temple is located in Bumiayu Village, Tanah Abang District, Muara Enim regency. Distance from Muara Enim to this temple is about 85 km, and can be reached by land vehicles is about 1.5 hours.

Gundaling Hills,Medan,North Sumatera,Indonesia

Gundaling Hill is one tourist attraction in Berastagi, which is approximately 3 km from the center of Berastagi. Hill which has a height of 1575 above sea level, is very convenient as a place of family recreation. From the top of this hill, we can enjoy a panoramic view of volcanoes and Sinabung Sibayak. To achieve this hill can be done by walking or using a sado. On the hill there are beautiful gardens, relaxing place and the means for sports trail that circled the top of the hill Gundaling.
From the city of Medan to Berastagi direction is approximately 66 km. Can be reached by using private vehicles and public buses which take about 2 hours. On the big day and holidays, usually require a longer time, congestion. However, Pemprovsu already trying to anticipate it by making the Regional Regulation (Perda) of North Sumatra on prohibition or restrictions on a truck passing in the path-Berastagi Medan tourism. 

Lampuuk Beach,Aceh,Indonesia

Lampuuk Beach is located on the west coast of Aceh. From Banda Aceh, approximately 17 km and can be reached by motor vehicle in less than 30 minutes. The beach is quite beautiful and can be used as a place to swim, sunbathe on white sand, fishing, sailing, diving and other recreational activities. Disore day this feels more beautiful beach, where we can watch the sunset is full of charm.
Around the coast Lampuuk stands majestically andalas a cement factory, but when that plant is only a distant memory after severe damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami last December 26, 2004. Lampuuk Coast region, you can play golf with panoramic sea background in Padang Golf Seulawah. All beauty is now a distant memory and just waiting for the government improve the well-loved tourist attractions of the foreign tourists.

Batu Putu Waterfalls,Sumatera,Indonesia

This waterfall is located in the District of North Bay Village Stone Betung Putu, with an area of 313 ha has a function as Protection or Conservation Forest Zone. Putu Stone Village has the highest population density among the 5 (five), another village which is 50 hectares thus the soul of this region is vulnerable to shifting patterns of land use from conservation land to residential and agricultural land.
At this time Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu has 20 hectares of land ready for development. In addition to the potential of natural panoramic background of a beautiful waterfall. Tourism Development on Stone Waterfall Putu this new stage of physical development, namely in the form of additional tourism facilities and infrastructure and have not touched the diversity of tourism development and exploration aspects of culture (Culture) local. Physical development which has been manifested among others by the prayer room facilities, canteen, Rest Areas, Parking Area, a small room (WC), and footpaths leading to the location of the waterfall. In the area of Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu has planned to establish a Multipurpose Building devoted to the visits of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition). Building construction is based on short-term market potential of the most realistic is the businessmen at home and abroad with the visits for the MICE destination.
Tourists are willing to become participants and / or regular visitors each year just to participate in the annual Festival. Not only that, the existence of the annual event may be stretching the economic life of local communities, and pull factors of investment climate of hospitality, restaurant, or the efforts of other goods and services. For the time being, nonbeing versatile building make the Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu only a panoramic tour, is expected in the presence of this building can provide more benefits that support the progress of the Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu fore.

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Leduk Magetan Tradition from Java,Indonesia

By the coming month of Suro, a unique tradition of citizen held Magetan, East Java. His name was race music "ledhug". "Ledhug" itself stands for "mortar" and "bedhug", which is a combination of Javanese culture and Islam. Here the participants to collaborate both pitted his skill in musical instrument before, so that the melodious rhythm that are nice to be enjoyed.
Race music "ledhug" held at the Square Magetan, East Java, on Monday afternoon. Dozens of participants took part in this event,
The uniqueness of the race is only held once a year in each of these before the coming month of Suro. Then, musical instruments were used, only the mortar and bedhug. Both these musical instruments, is a symbol of two different cultures. Namely Javanese culture and Islam.
In one participant, the number of players can reach dozens of people. consists of men and women. They are divided into various tasks, ranging vocals, drummer mortar, bedhug drummers, backing vocals and dancers.
As the development of the era and the creativity of the participants, the race typically Magetan ledhug music continues to change. As pointed out by one member from the Western district. Although the instrument is required in this race and bedhug mortar, but the band from the Western District is adding to the musical instruments tambourines and drums.
Even his appearance is also equipped with a dance Ganongan, played by children. And the creativity that is, participants from the Western district is already two-time champion.
While the assessment criteria in this race, is a collaboration in playing musical instruments as well as mortar and bedhug.
According to the story, the music contest "ledhug" typical Magetan has existed since hundreds of years ago. But no one knows who the leader or the person who first initiated this contest.

Unduh Unduh Tradition from Java,Indonesia

Thousands of Christians followers from Desa Jawi Wetan Mojowarno Mojowarno District held a procession tradition crops or so-called unduh unduh. This tradition has been carried out since 129 years. Rituals like this done as a form of expression of gratitude for the welcome arrival of the first harvest season.
Crops were then auctioned and the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the poor.
The event, held every year is followed by thousands of Christian Churches Church Jawi Weta (GKJW). In an annual ritual, a number of vehicles decorated rice, fruits and sculpture replica of Jesus' hand in hand towards the local church. Because of this unique ritual that thousands of visitors from various areas such as Surabaya and Yogyakarta immediately thronged to see it in person.
In addition to the various attractions presented, the most awaited event is the auction results of the earth. With this auction, the participants who come from different regions compete with each other to bid the price varies.
Unduh unduh Tradition is now 129 years old. Where the first held since 1881. This event as a form of expression of gratitude to God for the abundant crops. These crops including glutinous rice shaped into a work of art as well as some fruits are packed in a parcel.
After the event download-download can suck thousands of visitors. Unfortunately, the event has not yet been made as one of religious tourism in the district of Jombang.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Suwukan Tradition from Seleman,Yogyakarta,Central Java,Indonesia

About 600 children aged between 1-7 years, seemed keen to follow suwukan event, which was held in the complex of Pondok Pesantren Nairul Ulla, Yellow Ploso, Mino Martani, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Suwukan is a tradition that has existed since ancient times. It is said that Prophet Muhammad never menyuwuk friend named Ibn Abbas as a child. Suwukan is a special prayer for children so that later generations can be a virtuous and noble character and devotion to parents.
Suwukan is organized one way or another to participate in providing solutions to the concerns of parents in realizing the expectations of their children later in life. And to provide resilience of faith for children affected negatively inedible currently more worried about all the parties

Ritual Ruwat Air from Banyumas,Java,Indonesia

By walking up the hill in the village of Melung, District Kedung Bull, Banyumas, local people perform rituals ruwat water. Ruwat was conducted in the spring which is about 500 meters above or below the hill residents Slamet mountain slopes.
Right in the spring, residents led by head of village customary ritual ruwat water. Ritual that begins with prayer prayer is followed fervently by villagers Melung. Village chairman who led prayers in front of the fountain also sprinkled flowers that have been given a prayer. Springs in the hill village itself Melung channeled all residents in the Village Melung house for their daily life.
The ritual has been done for generations meant for people always remember that water is the source of life. In ruwat this water, residents hope the source of water is always maintained, in order to remain clear and do not cause catastrophic flooding. In addition, this ritual is also at the same time as the commemoration day of the world's water that falls a few days ago.
As a token of thanksgiving in the ritual ruwat this water, residents also slaughter a goat brown. The ritual ended after residents prayed and later ate rollicking goat curry dishes near water sources

Algori ritual from Nganjuk,East Java,Indonesia

Hundreds of women and children are directly invaded the cone that contains food. They scramble cone in celebration of the anniversary of the 1073 Nganjuk in front of the pavilion Nganjuk, East Java.

Some of the children nearly squashed and trampled underfoot just to get food inside the cone wine procession. Several officers from Satpol Pamong Praja involved in pushing with residents while trying to save the cone and the anticipation of casualties.

A number of residents desperate scramble cone is believed to give blessings and streamline their fortune. Previously, residents were entertained by various cultural arts Nganjuk local specialty. Like Dance Munde and puppet performances.

Parades Artori or kirap inheritance characterized by the displacement ancestral heritage, which was transferred from District to the marquee brebet Nganjuk City.

Al Quran Kuno in Buleleng,Bali,Indonesia

Much historical evidence of the entry of Islam in Bali. One of them is an ancient Koran more than 400 years old, which is still stored in both the oldest Muslim village in Buleleng regency, Bali. The Qur'an is said to be the triumph of historical evidence that is able to conquer the kingdom of Buleleng kingdom Blambangan 450 years ago.
This is the Muslim village of Buleleng, which is the oldest Muslim village, on the southern island of Bali, the regency of Buleleng, Bali. Predicate as a Muslim village tertua are attached, with a historical evidence, that a holy book Quran ancient, estimated age of 400 years, which until now remains to be treated by one of its citizens.
Based on year of manufacture are written in this Qur'an, the Qur'an was created on Thursday 21 Muharram 1035 Hijri year, or October 25, in 625 AD.
Al Quran was supposedly written in his own use handwriting, by one scholar named Abdushshaufiddin, Turkish nationals. Buleleng Muslim villagers believe, the Qur'an is a legacy Blambangan Muslims, who had lived in Buleleng, some 450 years ago.
Due to security reasons, the Qur'an is now stored and maintained by Mohammed Zen, one of the people of Buleleng, Bali.

Baloon Festival from Wonosobo,Central Java,Indonesia

Wonosobo, a city located in Central Java, in addition to vegetable-producing region known as also known for its traditional air balloon craft.
Not even a little balloon from Wonosobo craftsmen who have won various national level competition held in Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali.
Air balloon festival was not included in ordinary balloon but the balloon made a giant-sized with a diameter of 24 meters and 14 meters high. Called traditional because it did not balloon out of plastic but only from the wax paper.
Festival followed by 20 participants representing the district in Wonosobo. According to the participants to make this giant balloon takes up to 15 days, at a cost of up to 800 thousand to 1 million dollars per balloon.
To make the balloon fly needed stove smoke production process is the balloon flight is required at least 10 people. After the smoke enters into the space inside the balloon slowly - the land the balloon flew into the air.
Not all balloons can fly smoothly because some of them burst in the air, but the reality is that even thrashing meriahnya festival. This balloon festival more festive by the presence of farmers' groups to accompany the process of releasing balloons into the air.
Balloon festival in Wonosobo was held in commemoration of the anniversary of the Wonosobo District 183. Wonosobo District has many traditional craftsmen balloons scattered in several districts. Even a number of craftsmen have repeatedly air balloon race that was held in Jakarta and Bali.
There are a number of criteria to be winners of this balloon. Unique and interesting and for a long flight. Festival prize money this time millions of dollars.

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