Sunday, October 24, 2010

Siwalima Museum,Maluku,Indonesia

State Museum Maluku Siwalima founded in 1973. The building of this museum there is an old building, namely the former opera house that was built in 1960 with a modern architectural style and there is a new building the old building expansion. The inauguration of the museum's Affairs Provincial Ambon Siwalima this point, namely on March 26, 1977.
Literally Siwalima formed by two words, namely Shiva and five. Shiva means the nine (9), five means 5. Both these terms indicate the separation or division of society into 2 groups of Social Affairs, which is a group of nine and five groups. Some aspects of culture can be used as an indicator to distinguish between Siwa and five, for example, architecture, life cycle ceremonies, and others.
The existence of the unity or relationship between the two for example: language, mythology origins, belief systems, about the separation process has emerged a variety of opinions and arguments.
Era of regional autonomy, the status of the museum's Maluku province are under the Agency Regional Technical Implementation Unit Department of Education. Collection
Siwalima Museum Collection consists of a collection biologika, etnografika, arkeologika, historika, numismatika or heraldika, filologika, keramologika, fine art or art works, and, teknologika. Total collection reached 5684 units.

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