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Dorume Beach,Halmahera,Indonesia

Dorume Beach, very famous for having a great sea waves in the North Loloda. For those of you who like to surf, come to Dorume around in the month of Decemberbecause that's a big wave can reach a certain height. But there is sand very smoothand gleaming in the sun. This is due to Dorume beach sand containing iron ore. In addition, there are still dense forest. Located behind the Village Dorume so unspoiledand fresh air. In the forest there are a variety of birds typical of Halmahera.

Exploring other villages located along the coast of North Loloda can be an enjoyableoutdoor adventure. You're curious about this beach, please come to the beach inLoloda Dorume North. From the port of Tobelo to Dorume (Loloda) availablepassenger ship 2 times a week with a trip to the beach Dorume approximately 9 hoursor ± 5 hours with a rented speedboat


Suban Hot Water is a tourist attraction that can be useful for healing various skin diseases, rheumatic and arthritic aches.
Water source with huge potential, it lies over 6 km from City Curup, Rejang Lebongdistrict, Bengkulu. In addition to hot water bath, in Suban also you will see the beautifulpanorama of the waterfall with a height over 90 m with clear water and cold.
With an area of about 30 ha, you will get various facilities, among other things: vehicleparking, a pool of cold water and hot water, hot water bathrooms, shelters and publiclavatories. This location can you travel by using motorcycle and car.

Malela waterfalls,Bandung,West Java,Indonesia

Bandung is a famous city  for its exotic tourist destinations, tourist attractions such as the one that really impresses with its natural scenery, which Malela Waterfall.Where the height reached 60 meters, so it looks absolutely stunning and when seenfrom afar, this looks like a waterfall rocks coated fine silk thread.

Niagara Falls Malela be small in Cicidas Village, West Bandung, West Java. And alsoa mainstay of the best natural attractions in the city of Bandung. To reach the farm tourcan use public transport or private car from Bandung or Sukabumi and Cianjur. Whileheading this farm, you will be served with tea plantation scenery is so beautiful

Nefona Lake,Kupang,NTT,Indonesia

Nefona Lake is a tourist destination that has a large lake about 7 ha and is located inthe village of Silu District Fatuleu kupang district of East Nusa Tenggara.
The lake has an area of about seven hectares that make us free to perform various activities, such as swimming, fishing, motor boat around by a lake to see the natural beauty of green trees and hills. With clear water allows us to see down the lake is so beautiful with the natural bottom of the lake.
Nefona Lake a distance of 80 km from the capital district, can be reached by publictransport and private vehicles.

Jumiang Beach,Pamekasan,East Java,Indoensia

The beach is located in the village of Tanjung Jumiang Pademawu District, located approximately 12 km southeast of the City Pamekasan, East Java. At noon on the lips Jumiang Coast, the weather was so bright as the sun constantly give light and heat in the heat of the universe.

The wind that feels gentle to give freshness to ourselves. Kativitas Everything looks so natural it is. Buzzing sound waves that humans call for swimming and surfing activities.

Footprints on the white sand beaches adorn the beauty of the land. Natural beauty around beach gives fresh life back. This beach is visited by local residents and foreign tourists to enjoy nature around the beach. Access to visit the beach can be very Jumiang reached by private car or public transport.

Penyak Beach,Bangka Belitung,Indonesia

Penyak Beach, located in District Koba, Bangka regency center, Privinsi Bangka Belitung. On this beach has a total solar eclipse in 1986, which was visited by eclipseobservers from within and outside the country.
This penyak beach is a beach community pride Penyak and foreign tourists because ithas a beautiful ocean scenery charming. To reach to this beach, visitors to travel onlyapproximately 35 minutes from downtown Pangkalpinang.
The condition of a gently sloping beach and is right on the edge of the highway is themain attraction so it is always crowded when the day tourists visited the weekend and holidays.

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