Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dorume Beach,Halmahera,Indonesia

Dorume Beach, very famous for having a great sea waves in the North Loloda. For those of you who like to surf, come to Dorume around in the month of Decemberbecause that's a big wave can reach a certain height. But there is sand very smoothand gleaming in the sun. This is due to Dorume beach sand containing iron ore. In addition, there are still dense forest. Located behind the Village Dorume so unspoiledand fresh air. In the forest there are a variety of birds typical of Halmahera.

Exploring other villages located along the coast of North Loloda can be an enjoyableoutdoor adventure. You're curious about this beach, please come to the beach inLoloda Dorume North. From the port of Tobelo to Dorume (Loloda) availablepassenger ship 2 times a week with a trip to the beach Dorume approximately 9 hoursor ± 5 hours with a rented speedboat

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