Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teluk Kiluan,Lampung,Indonesia

Kiluan Bay is located in Lampung Province, which is famous for its many dolphins, whales around Kiluan Bay. The area is also famous for its natural beauty and a haven for anglers reliable.
Kiluan Bay is a small bay. The beauty that has not been touched by human hands making the beach here is beautiful. The sky was bright blue, clear sea water, combined with a stretch of stunning white sand beaches. Vacation to Kiluan is the right choice for you who want to enjoy a different atmoshpere around Java and Sumatra.
The trip to the Gulf from Bandar Lampung Kiluan only about 90 kilometers. But the road to the Gulf Kiluan, for example to Kiluan Rural Affairs, the course is so broken. Streets were unpaved, rocky, and no ramps.
Do not  hope you will find five-star hotels in the region. Here a simple inn as wooden cottage. Some residents also rent out rooms in their homes to guests, with the concept of homestay.
Voyage through the waters of the Gulf of Kiluan typically use boats, a traditional local fishing boats that have been motorized. The shape is sleek and long.
Because pleasure is related Kiluan Bay marine tourism, the best time to visit this area is in the dry season. Peak between the months of May to August.
Today, the sky is so blue without pollution and calm waves. When the quiet stream, dolphins will come to the surface and easier to see them swim.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


"Ngayah" is a form of community service, education and research. "Ngayah 'is a sincere effort to help to smooth rituals held in temples in Bali traditional village communities and conduct research. Literally, ngayah meaningful volunteer work for the common good. In concept, a kind ngayah gotongroyong in various communities in Indonesia. However ngayah not merely mutual help and act for the common good but a manifestation of religiosity, social and cultural piety in Balinese society. Ngayah is the articulation of the Dharma people of Bali. In practice, ngayah intended for sharing, mutual help, solidarity and socializing between communities.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pantai Nama,Moluccas,Indonesia

If you get bored go to the mall, occasionally come to a place far from the noise. For that, try going to the Moluccas, where there are many beautiful beaches, unspoiled.Exoticism Maluku is famous for a long time. This place is so famous for its variety of beaches to attract the eye. One of them, Pantai Nama, which is located in Southwest Maluku. Pantai Nama is famous for its natural beaches are still beautiful. If you visit the beach on a weekday name, charm is strong enough. Because the venue as uninhabited beach. Quiet and calm. However, if you visit during the day, it appears some people around who are busy with their respective activities. On the beach, there are several flora, one coconut tree, which is one of the most potential of plantation there. Local people used to download a coconut to eat. The sun was still casting its rays. Occasionally the sea breeze blowing hard, but some people still seem cool to continue its activities. The cliffs are not too high on the beach, filled with a variety of wild trees in there, into another scene, if you're tired of seeing the ocean. Evening came. When this is the most awaited by the visitors Coast Names. Because they can enjoy the beauty of the sun began to dim in the distance. Vacationing at the Beach The name is memorable. In addition to everyday people can see there, the beach has a beautiful name that can not be obtained elsewhere.

Museum Pusaka,TMII,Jakarta,Indonesia

Heritage Museum located in the south path between the Indonesian military museum and the Museum of Insects, a typical building on the roof because there is the looming shape of the keris. This museum aims to preserve, maintain, collect, and inform the cultural objects of traditional weapons to future generations to feel proud of their nation and can be utilized for those who want to study and research on the weapon. At first museum was a collection, then granted by Sri Lestari Agung Mas Ibu Tien Soeharto, the chairman of Yayasan Harapan Kita. Once coupled with the purchase, Heritage Museum has the most complete collection of traditional weapons, representing 26 provinces in Indonesia. Museum''with two floors covering an area of ​​1535 m² on 3800 m² of land has some space as a means and support, which is exhibition space, information space, space management, workshop space, library space, space conservation and preservation, stock room, and space souvenirs In addition to modeling the objects collection of weapons throughout the country, the exhibition space also informed various things about the inheritance, for example details of the inheritance, various forms of inheritance, epoch-making heritage, decorative heirloom blades, a variety of typical regional heritage, heritage from age to age, and relics of the results findings. The types of wood to create a heirloom and besalen space (the workplace master keris maker) and utensils complement the exhibition. In Keris Nagasasra Sabuk Inten era, Kujang era Pajajaran, keris  Singa Barong tinata mas, karih of Sumatra, belati from Mataram kingdom era, Kudi of Tuban empire era, the sword from Hamengku Bowono IX era, and keris Naga Tapa of Yogyakarta on display as heirlooms seeded because of the rare and legendary. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also conducts periodic exhibitions both at home and cooperation with outside parties. Other activities offered to the public is penjamasan heritage, heritage consulting, and exchanges for those interested in collecting heirloom heirlooms

Serangan Island, Bali,Indonesia

Bali has so famous around the world. Kuta and Sanur become the most favourite places to visit in Bali. But now you can visit Serangan island. One of exotic island hidden behind Benoa bay.
Sea on the island is almost no waves. This quiet ocean that really made the atmosphere very comfortable.Enjoying the breeze along the coast, with a glass of coconut ice can be selected. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a light massage for the body to relax. Morning is the best time to enjoy the beauty of this island. 
Coat the body with sunblock, and enjoy the warm sunshine. Do not forget to wear sunglasses to ward off the heat of the sun. Sand-coarse sand found on the shoreline, will seize your attention to put off your shoes and walking away.
What about the Sea... Do not ask again. So clear and beautiful. Glint of the sun makes the sea more beautiful and interesting. Not surprisingly, many who turn away foreign tourists from Bali, and parked his yacht to enjoy the beauty of the island of attack. 
Want to stay... No need to worry about finding a place. Because along the island there are hotels with various facilities on offer. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taman Satwa Jaru Jurug,Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Animal Park or also known as Jurug Park located in Solo,near Bengawan Solo river. This beautiful place also used to celebrate traditional event of Solo for example Syawalan tradition. This special event marked by Larung Ageng Gethek Joko Tingkir.Thousand of people came around to Bengawan Solo river for watching this event.
This procession told about Joko Tingkir's journey towards Demak starts from Pesanggrahan Langenharjo Grogol, Sukoharjo until Butuh Sragen.
The procession so very attractive so that many people came to see this event.

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