Sunday, June 26, 2011

Serangan Island, Bali,Indonesia

Bali has so famous around the world. Kuta and Sanur become the most favourite places to visit in Bali. But now you can visit Serangan island. One of exotic island hidden behind Benoa bay.
Sea on the island is almost no waves. This quiet ocean that really made the atmosphere very comfortable.Enjoying the breeze along the coast, with a glass of coconut ice can be selected. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a light massage for the body to relax. Morning is the best time to enjoy the beauty of this island. 
Coat the body with sunblock, and enjoy the warm sunshine. Do not forget to wear sunglasses to ward off the heat of the sun. Sand-coarse sand found on the shoreline, will seize your attention to put off your shoes and walking away.
What about the Sea... Do not ask again. So clear and beautiful. Glint of the sun makes the sea more beautiful and interesting. Not surprisingly, many who turn away foreign tourists from Bali, and parked his yacht to enjoy the beauty of the island of attack. 
Want to stay... No need to worry about finding a place. Because along the island there are hotels with various facilities on offer. 

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