Sunday, June 12, 2011

Way Hayang Beach,Sumatera,Indonesia

Way Hawang Beach is located in the Village Way and the Coast Linau Hawangroadside cross-Bengkulu Lampung, Way Hawang Beach is a beach that has whitesand and a bay so the water was calm and clean.
Sightseeing more precisely this beach is located in the district Hawang Way Kaur.Between Bintuhan with Merpas.
Besides the beautiful beaches here are stone objects jung is a rock shaped like a ship / boat which located in Beach Way hawang sub Maje district Kaur. According to the tale,  this stone came from a ship, why the curse because of the bitter tongue. the curse of the bitter tongueof this because at that time around the ship there is someone who is looking for fish,and then came a gentlemen (the bitter tongue) that are running around the beach.
He asked the fire on the ship owner that he called-Mangil but like the same time ignored, not necessarily because the ship ignored but the distance was far enoughfrom shore so as not to be heard by the owner of the vessel. Sipahit tonguedikutuknya wrath and the ship was turned to stone, then the ship was changed into stone. When viewed through the stone shape very similar to a ship / boat. Very fittingfor a vacation with family on weekends while menghilangi tired after undergoing aweek of activities.

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