Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pantai Nama,Moluccas,Indonesia

If you get bored go to the mall, occasionally come to a place far from the noise. For that, try going to the Moluccas, where there are many beautiful beaches, unspoiled.Exoticism Maluku is famous for a long time. This place is so famous for its variety of beaches to attract the eye. One of them, Pantai Nama, which is located in Southwest Maluku. Pantai Nama is famous for its natural beaches are still beautiful. If you visit the beach on a weekday name, charm is strong enough. Because the venue as uninhabited beach. Quiet and calm. However, if you visit during the day, it appears some people around who are busy with their respective activities. On the beach, there are several flora, one coconut tree, which is one of the most potential of plantation there. Local people used to download a coconut to eat. The sun was still casting its rays. Occasionally the sea breeze blowing hard, but some people still seem cool to continue its activities. The cliffs are not too high on the beach, filled with a variety of wild trees in there, into another scene, if you're tired of seeing the ocean. Evening came. When this is the most awaited by the visitors Coast Names. Because they can enjoy the beauty of the sun began to dim in the distance. Vacationing at the Beach The name is memorable. In addition to everyday people can see there, the beach has a beautiful name that can not be obtained elsewhere.

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