Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pombo Island Marine Park,Halmahera,Maluku, Indonesia

Pombo Island marine park with nature and the circumstances surrounding marine waters have a typical flora and fauna and their ecosystems should be protected and development that took place in nature has been designated as a conservation area of ​​natural resources by category of natural reserves. Establishment of nature reserves with the status of Pombo Island Nature Reserve / Marine Park conducted by SK.Minister of Agriculture Number: 327/Kpts/Um/7/1973 dated July 25, 1973 with an area of ​​1,000 ha, including land, coral reef (coral reef) and the lagoon. As Nature Reserve / Marine Park, the utilization of natural resources Pombo Island that can be done is with the emphasis for research and development of science, education and other activities that support the cultivation (Act No. 5, 1990, Article 17.1). Pombo island as one of the conservation of marine resources is important and high potential in the Province need to be developed into a national asset that can accelerate the achievement of national development goals in general and in particular Province. Nature Reserve / Pombo Island Marine Park has a sea view in the form of rocks, a very beautiful and very well-organized nature, combined with life as a kind of ornamental fish, zoo-plankton and shellfish. This conservation area is also home to one stopover and nesting bird species typical / Maluku endemic bird which Pombo (Ducula bicolor) and various other bird species. 

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