Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selampit Delapan Dance, Jambi,Indonesia

Dance braid eight is a traditional dance originating from the province of Jambi. This dance was first introduced by M. Ceylon, for closer relations between the youth association. Through the medium of dance, the atmosphere of intimacy among youth can be developed well. Every movement in this dance describes the cohesiveness, and solidarity that is the guidance in daily life. Men born in Padang Sidempuan July 7, 1941 has exceptional talent in the arts, especially dance. As a good personal, friendly, and energetic makes him easy to adapt to local culture and environment. Ceylon named this dance "Selampit Delapan" which refers to 8 straps that are used in the dance. Ceylon friend named O.K. Hendrik then suggested to replace the wick stove with a scarf so that played dance looked more appealing. The proposal was approved by the Ceylon, so that in any event staging Dance Eight braid, scarf used as a medium of dance until now. Dance association was first played by eight people using the wick stove as much as 8 rope tied to or hung in the attic. In Dance braid Eight contained a message about the meaning of an association, that association is based on good faith, mutual respect, and behaved wisely. Surely this view is inseparable from the philosophy of community life Jambi uphold the values ​​of faith as a cornerstone in each interaction.Dance braid Eight lots shown on party activities, like party and promotion of indigenous culture. In Selampit Delapan Dance the audience can watch the graceful movements that are served by the dancers. The dance opened with a squat movement and play while you deliver to greet obeisance to the audience as respect. The dancers perform the movement regards as a tribute to the audience of his willingness witnessed the dance offerings from start to finish. The dance continued with the core movement, each dancer immediately takes the scarf that hung to further prepare for the core motion. They then formed a circle before making a rotary motion. Slowly one by one from the dancers spin to knit a scarf, this movement is done in turns with graceful movements, so the scarf coalesce into a beautiful winding. Interesting dance movements increases with the composition of colorful clothes and scarves are worn by dancers. The dancers, amounting to 8 people (4 pairs) appear with the composition of colorful clothes, like blue, yellow, red, and pink scarf with a matching color. Assorted colors are beautiful looks combined with typical Malay Jambi woven sarong made of gold-embroidered silk used as a belt. 

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