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Grave Bantara Blang Mee,Aceh,Indonesia

Grave Bantara Blang Mee
This tomb is located in the village of Babah Jurong Kuta Blang Cot. To achieve this pilgrimage tourist attraction can be reached by land with the distance of about 18 km from the capital district.

Batee Iliek Struggle Monument.Aceh,Indonesia

Batee Iliek Struggle Monument.
Cultural tourism object is located in the village of Bate Iliek Samalanga District and is a land mark as a symbol Maritime City Juang City.

Regent Meuligoe,Aceh,Indonesia

Regent Meuligoe
Meuligoe Regent is the residence of the Regent Maritime, meuligoe This is one of the Dutch heritage building, as an independent Presidential 1 (Ir. Sukarno's) stayed at this meuligoe during his visit to Aceh.

Batu Kureng Monument,Aceh,Indonesia

Bate Kureng monument is one monument that is located in the heart of the Capital Bireuen Meuligoe precisely in front of the Regent. Above there is a large stone and has become a symbol of life for communities Bireuen.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ngalaksa,Traditional Ceremony from west Java,Indonesia

Each harvest season we can see the dance Rengkong Ngalaksa on ceremonial events are accompanied by traditional dances Ngalaksa held every June. Ngalaksa is a kind of ceremonial ritual to bring rice to the granary, rengkong is an axle hole for carrying rice. In the dance rengkong axle carried by people walking to dance to the granary.
When people walk into the granary, there are holes in the axle produces the sound of music that has the same rhythm with the people who walk following the ceremony. Rancakalong community held a ceremony during the first week of this Ngalaksa nonstop tarawangsa, accompanied by the traditional arts.
Generally, traditional ceremonies ngalaksa have designs as expressions of gratitude to the Almighty for the success and the success of the harvest obtained in the Village Rancakalong community.

Buffalo Race at Cipatujuh Beach,West Java,Indonesia

Buffalo racing is a traditional culture that developed in line with regional potential as a regional Cipatujah buffalo ranch. Actual buffalo racing event buffalo breeders in filling their recreational needs while leisure-time, folk arts such as drum accompaniment Penca, beans and Dogdog.
Racing related to agro buffalos  area of 40 hectares which are still in the area Cipatujah Beach, therein we can see and learn how the ways of raising buffalo ranchers with traditional approaches. The tourists who visit this area can also enjoy the event together kebo, which gathered together the buffalo and buffalo breeders.
Another attraction that can be done in this Cipatujah Beach is mounted buffalo owned by the breeder, and try to match up racing buffalo among tourists who come to this area. This attraction is in great demand by tourists who come, especially from foreign tourists. This attraction is the attraction of tourists is rare in the country of origin, because maybe there are no buffalo could be used for races like this Cipatujah Coast.

Graveyard of Mbah Tumpang,Sumedang,West Java,Indonesia

Graveyard of Mbah Tumpang
Cimahi City
It is the tomb of a highly respected figure, or that are considered sacred by the community people (hisiografi) in Cimahi, namely Mbah Overlapping figures. This figure Mataram former soldiers who had fled along with Batavia Dipati Ukur after the attack in the early 17th century AD, who then lived, died and was buried in the area of perception. This tomb was in a semi permanent building with natural stone tombstone, tomb tomb three levels of cement plaster thus eliminating kekunoaan values (authenticity).

Situs Gunung Kunci,Sumedang,West Java,Indonesia

Mount Lock is a small hill located approximately 250 m west of the plaza Sumedang City. Hill planted with pine trees on its surface has a significant archaeological content, such as Fort Lock was built during the Dutch Colonial. The fortress was built of concrete materials, the body part pierced the mountain to the halls and spaces with various functions, the completeness of the fort was built around the summit of Mount Lock and the top section of this, we can see and supervising some of the city and surrounding Sumedang.

Situs Ciburuy,Garut,West Java,Indonesia

Site Ciburuy

Located in Kampung Ciburuy, Pamalang Village, Kec. Bayongbong. From the city district approximately 3.5 km to the southeast, while the distance from the city center approximately 17 km, can be reached either by road or four wheels and two wheels through the village street was paved.
Site Area Kabuyutan Ciburuy like a mini museum that stores objects of cultural heritage. There are three traditional house there, which Padaleman Earth, Earth and barn Patamon Rice (Leuit). Padaleman save Earth objects such as ancient manuscripts and palm leaf manuscripts. While Earth Patamon storing objects in the form of a sharp weapon such as dagger, cleaver, trident and artistry that is Goong string instrument that became the forerunner to present sound of gong artistry. Heritage items and archaeological sites from Kabuyutan Ciburuy Megalithic relics and Classical periods. Ritual ceremony that was held on Wednesday, the week-3 months Muharam on Thursday night at 19:30, called Seba ceremony. Is a form of inheritance in the days of King Siliwangi and then continued by his son King Kiansantang.
In ancient times this place by King Kiansantang used as an arena of struggle with the warlords, warlords in Java. Beginnings of this place be a place on one day fight for King Kiansantang found a dagger and he received a mandate to drove it on a rock so the water out of the rock and then he was told to tie the turban and kris kris kris is dihanyutkan so that it stops at a place . In place of the stop was King kris Kiansantang would find his opponent. One day King was having a bout Kiansantang in the area but not any opponent Adak can beat King Kiansantang, until at some point the messengers came Sayyidin Ali H. Mustafa against King Kiansantang. Finally able to defeat King Kiansantang. After King Kiansantang defeated, H Mustafa gave the mandate to him to go to the Holy Land to meet with Ali and Sayyidin weapons abandoned in Ciburuy Kiansantang Prabu.
Heritage contained in the Site Ciburuy include dagger, Bende (bronze bells), cleaver (Prabu Siliwangi weapons), trident, lance, and ancient Javanese writings authored by King Kiansantang on the leaves and nipa palm leaves. Surrounding communities routinely washing ceremony which is held every first kris Muharam. In this region there are also restrictions Ciburuy Site of abstinence where every Friday and Saturday no one was allowed to enter the region Ciburuy Site.

Kawah Kamojang, Bandung,west Java,Indonesia

AREA Kamojang tourism lies only about 40 kilometers south of Bandung. From the city of Bandung, the line that can be reached is through Rancaekek, then to the District Majalaya. From this Majalaya District you might ask where the road Kamojang. Because the roads around the center of this district is quite complicated, we recommend that you ask after are not far from the plaza Majalaya.
Aside from Majalaya, Kamojang also can be reached from the direction of Garut city. Road through terrain Majalaya heavy enough as it continues to climb, and approached Kamojang, winding his way as he continued to climb sharply. Small horse-powered vehicles (1000-1300 cc) with the number of passengers should not pass much because some times this happens because the vehicles can not afford to slump backwards uphill.
If via Garut, way to go more sloped so that the relative can be passed any class of vehicle. Distance from Garut city to Kamojang about 25 miles.
Entrance to this area is not expensive. Only Rp 2000 per person, and Rp 3000 for car parking. The rest, you do not need to spend money again, except use the bathroom and eat-drink stalls that were there.
Area Recreation Park Nature Reserve Kamojang approximately 10 hectares, but this time used an area of 7.8 hectares. Here are 23 of craters, two of whom were shaped lake with smoke rising from the water surface. Here too there are "craters train" which is actually used for geothermal wells were dug in the Dutch era. Steam comes out of these wells from a distance of 200 meters and still sounded loud, shows how strong the pressure from inside the Earth.
The crater of this train will go through the adventure travelers who want to perform a number of other craters in Kamojang. However, if you're not accustomed to travel far, travel could be stopped in the crater of Rain. In this crater is usually the tourists enjoying the heat of the steam directly from inside the Earth, sauna from natural sources. The steam bath was not for long. Approximately 10 minutes you've just bathed in sweat. That said, there efficacious steam baths eliminate a number of diseases, such as high blood pressure, joint pains, and rheumatism.
If you want to enjoy the night Kamojang amidst the forest, there is only one one-room cottage, cost Rp 150,000 per night. However, here you have to cook their own food because there's no place to eat that is open at night. Groups of young adventurers can camp at Recreation Park Kamojang.
In addition to the crater-an awesome crater, around Kamojang also many endangered species can be found if you're lucky. In this nature reserve, based on research results, there is still a leopard, pangolin, Javan, langur, jungle chickens, monkeys and various bird species. So, bring binoculars if you want to see the animals closer.

Curug Orok,Garut,West Java,Indonesia

Curug infanticide is one of the waterfalls in Garut frequently visited by tourists. Its location is available at the Village Cikandang, District article is Kab. Garut.
According to the story initially in place (Curug) found the baby was thrown by his parents. Since then until now the waterfall known as Curug snore.
In these places people can play, bath, besides seeing the waterfall scenery is so beautiful. The water is crystal clear, water flowing from the mountains. High waterfall approximately 30 feet. Eve is so fresh mountain plus its location in the cool tea plantation environment. No wonder that many of those who visit there too lazy to go back, anesthetized by natural scenery Curug infanticide.
The distance that must be taken to get to the location approximately 45 kilometers from the city of Garut and takes 1.5 hours. If you use public transportation departments are required to ride Garut Bungbulang ago exactly stop at the tea plantation Papandayan before Cisandaan. Before arriving to the location we had to go down tagga a distance of approximately 100 meters and came in Curug snore as a tourist attraction.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Suwuk Beach,Kebumen,Java,Indonesia

One tourist attraction is the beach area Codiaeum variegatum karangbolong or suwuk. Most people already know the beauty of the beach Kebumen this suwuk. Unspoiled natural conditions, coupled with mountainous scenery is so captivating and the mini zoo add to the beauty of its beaches.
The condition is not too steep beach (still rolling) and access to the beach which is currently making excellent beaches visited suwuk when vacation time comes, mainly by young people - to drive.
When the direction of Kebumen, walk towards the petanahan, puring  , and croton, continue westward to the village access tambakmulyo. if the direction Gombong, road south past the kuwarasan, so up to the croton, and select the access road to the direction tambakmulyo, or when the Gombong west side, select the route through the district keselatan buayan, continue straight south.
Maybe that is still insufficient, namely means of transport which does not exist. However, most visitors to the beach using a personal vehicle, usually a motorcycle. Parking locations are also widely available and safe, so do not worry about the security of your vehicle. 
So, congratulations and enjoy your vacation at the beach or shore reefs suwuk perforated in the village district tambakmulyo croton Kebumen district.

Batu Bolong,Lombok,Indonesia

Batu Bolong. 
There is a temple on a rock that jutted into the sea, and if good weather could see Mount Agung in Bali island, and nice to see the sights at sunset. Location 8 km drive from the city of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon from the fabric (can be rented on location), which is fitted around the waist. Here's beautiful scenery, sea water burst through the rock between the holes, making a sound..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sebadang Lake,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Sebedang Lake, one tourist destination which lies the village Sebedang Sebawi District approximately 12 km from the capital city of Sambas regency.  Sebedang lake broad enough hill surrounded by mountains and natural scenery provides an attractive charm.

Bed of the lake waters are surrounded by green hills, some are buying timber.
Do jungle tracking to the top of Mount Amor on the south side of the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the height.
There is an island in the middle of Lake Sebedang that called Long Island. Lake Sebedang also save the legends of the people of Sambas, the story of sisters named Bujang Nadi and Dare Nandung.
Lake Sebedang a bathhouse and resting place of the Sultan of Sambas antiquity, there are legacy sites in the southeastern part of the lake.

This tourist area of Lake Sebedang easily in reach because they are on the axis road Sambas - Singkawang - Pontianak

Teluk Triton Kaimana,Papua.Indonesia

Triton Bay is located in Kaimana, West Papua. 
This area is known for its underwater beauty known as the underwater paradise and cultural heritage. 

Triton Bay Area there are 959 species of fish and 471 types of coral reefs where 16 of them are new species. The beauty of soft corals is a natural water in the Gulf Triton. And easily find the Bryde's whale's looking for food. 
Ancient drawings from prehistoric times on the side of the mountain showing the palms and animals in Maimai is an interesting cultural beauty of the underwater world in the this Gulf. 

Toward the Gulf of Triton can be with a flight or ship with a specific timetable to Kaimana and then into the Gulf of Triton, the only means of transportation that is available is the ocean transportation of Kaimana. A government-owned vessels that transit the area in Kaimana in some villages Triton Bay is on the way to the Gulf Etna.atau take Longboat or rented speedboat to go to Triton Bay. From Port Kaimana, will take about three hours by boat length and about one and a half hours by speedboat to the Gulf of Triton. 

Seeing old pictures from prehistoric times in the side wall of the mountain along one km in Maimai, Bryde's whales in the Lobo's, and diving or snorkeling near Temintoi, Iris Strait, the Triton is still in the Gulf. You can only travel around by sea. When the weather is good, you can visit various locations in one day. 

HEAVEN, the right word to describe the special beauty of the Gulf of Triton in Kaimana District, Kaimana, West Papua. 

Try basket Maimai area. On the cliff wall along approximately one mile there are ancient relics of prehistoric paintings. You can watch a variety of ethnic paintings in the form of the palm of the hand, skull, and animals. Interestingly this painting was made in locations inaccessible cliffs with his bare hands. Despite centuries of painting natural dyes are still visible today. 

Landscape paintings of ancient sites on the barrier reef is the beginning of your journey in the Gulf of Triton. Other surprises can be found in the vicinity of Kampung Lobo. You'll find the rare sight of a giant mammal attractions around the waters of this village. Bryde's whale habitat's not difficult to see this mammal. 
Eloknya, whales live here in harmony with Triton Bay community. Despite living as fishermen, the people here do not hunt these mammals. They consider this as a family of mammals, even a savior. No wonder if the animal can reach sizes up to 12 meters is not reluctant to show themselves playing around the boat fishing. 

Still in the village of Lobo you can also see traces of the Dutch East Indies heritage monument "Fort du Bus". This can be ascertained from the monument in 1828 in Lobo once stood the fortress and the Dutch East Indies administration post named Fort du Bus. 

Du Bus Ford name was taken from a governor-general of the ruling Dutch East Indies at that time, LPJ Burggraaf du Bus de Gisignies. The establishment of this fort marks the beginning of the Dutch East Indies colony in the land of Papua. During this period the Dutch East Indies government even appointed three natives, respectively, are Namatota King, King Lokajihia namely Kasa, and lutu (respected person in the Lobo, Mewara and Sendawan) as the head in their respective areas. 

Epidemics of malaria that attacks Lobo in 1835 to change the situation. The epidemic killed most of his Dutch army there. This fort was finally abandoned. 

For lovers of diving, you are obligated to bring your diving equipment. In the Gulf of underwater natural beauty Triton pity if passed. Here, the location of dive (dive site) there is usually visited around Temintoi, Iris Strait. Underwater natural wealth is undoubtedly clear. According to data from Conservation International (CI) of Indonesia in 2006, Triton Bay has 959 species of reef fish, 471 coral species (including 16 new species), and 28 types of mantis shrimp. 

Satisfied diving, menu last trip is to enjoy the beautiful sunset Kaimana. Twilight twilight here is not arbitrary. If the weather is good enough, may simply dusk at Kaimana will provide unforgettable entertainment. Kala dusk, etched uniformly orange tinge in the sky Kaimana. From Triton Bay kemengahan dusk when the ball feels like drowning in a giant warm sea swallow. 

To pick the beauty of paradise on the Gulf of Triton, the only transport is to use the sea route. Unfortunately, this is not yet available vessels that serve the regular tourist route above. You can accomplish this by using a rented speedboat from the port of Kaimana. Speedboat rental cost of approximately USD dibandrol Kaimana. 4-5 million per day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Makam Joyolelono,Probolinggo,Java,Indonesia

Tomb Joyolelono

The tomb is located in Kampung Sentono Mangunharjo Village has a high historical value. Kyai Joyolelono formerly the Regional Head of Probolinggo first inaugurated.

Joyolelono tomb is a symbol of the struggle for Probolinggo, because of service and dedication can make Probolinggo growing rapidly. For that by visiting the Mausoleum of Joyolelono is a form of respect that as the next generation never forget the services of his predecessors.

Karapan Kambing from Probolinggo,java,Indonesia

Goat karapan actually stems from just being a drug saturation in the daily life after serving their duty as farmers or traders. Karapan Goat is a race which is held every once a year.

Just as karapan cows, goats uses kaleles (wood frame strapped to the body of a goat), and then pitted against the speed of the other spouse.

In karapan Goats, goats that are contested not be differentiated by size whether big or small. All the goats with the female sex.

When he was in the arena, the goats are equipped with some equipment. Some of the tools used include a goat's ear pinching, rekeng (a type of bollocks but stare), kaleles, kalonongan (usually made of small completeness of used matches. And the most important equipment is actually the wind balsam and oil. Because in some parts of the body of a goat will balsam and oil smeared by the wind, so the goat will feel the heat and raced hard.

Karapan hallmark of a good goat lies in the head that likely to be small, straight body, front leg looks great, like nungging body position, a minimum age of 3 months and not litter. Posture so that often prevail in this race karapan goats.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ojung Tradition from probolinggo,Java,Indonesia

Ojung tradition is tradition at each agency by using rattan weapons played by two people. Both participants will each take turns hitting ojung his opponent's body. If the participants of a strike, then the opponents will try to parry and dodge.

This tradition is similar to the fencing sport, where people are invited collided hitting techniques and the ability to use the blade of rattan. There are rules of the game in this tradition, that every player has a share beat and ward off three times each. For anyone that much about his opponent when hit then it was he who won.

This tradition has a goal to avoid a natural disaster or deny reinforcements and are always held on every year. Another uniqueness of this tradition is before the event begins citizens always perform the ritual prayer request form prior to the Almighty, so that these activities can run smoothly and without any unwanted bumps.

Jaran Bodhak from Probolinggo,Indonesia

In the Java language terminology "Jaran" means horse and "bodhak" (Javanese dialect of East Java, particularly the Eastern region) means a container, another form. Although not yet known the exact number of years since when the arts "Jaran Bodhak" This start was created and recognized by the people of Probolinggo, but from several sources note that "Jaran Bodhak" created by people of Probolinggo in the early days of independence. 

At that time the people of Probolinggo, especially those who crave a poor suburbs and performing arts. Art shows are popular among people in Probolinggo is "Jaran Kecak", namely the horse (horse) that "ngencak" (dancing). "Jaran Kencak" designation in the local dialect to call "Dancing Horses", a kind of performance that uses specially trained horses for the dancing and the clothes and makeup with complete accessories. 

In among the poor, who because of poverty they are unable to own or hire a horse for "Jaran Kencak this, they made modifications Jaran Kencak with the horse (horses) imitation. Made of wood to resemble a horse's head until the neck, then neck jointed wooden horse with a complete equipment with accessories like "Jaran Kencak original, which allows a person can stand inside and surrounded by horse accessories. "Riders" horse as if on horseback, when he stood up and walked (with my own two feet) with a neck supporting a horse's head complete with accessories so that from afar looked like people who ride "Jaran Kencak. That "Jaran Bodhak". 

At the present (present Probolinggo) "Jaran Bodhak" is still popular among people of Probolinggo. And this art is usually used to accompany and paraded Temanten Circumcision celebration.

Gereja Merah,Probolinggo,Java,Indonesia

The church is located in the middle of the town of Probolinggo, precisely located at Jl. Suroyo 32 Probolinggo. Precisely on the north side of Bank BRI Building Probolinggo Center. This church was constructed in 1862 on the Dutch colonial period, mekipun already 145 years old, this church building is still preserved and maintained its authenticity. Characteristic ornamentation on the building facade, such as towers, doors and windows are adopted the Gothic style has not changed from its original form.

In addition orisinilitas value, aesthetic value in this building is also well guarded. Kebrsihan, and maintenance of physical buildings on making it an architecturally beautiful building.

This church building is included in kslasifikasi main building and the environment which physically forms the exterior completely original and should not be changed. In the event of significant changes in this building, it is feared could merubahan historical significance of this building

Mencag adat, Tradition from Dayak Kenyah,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Feast of Harvest (Mencaq Undat) is one of the Dayak Kenyah tradition that has lasted down through generations since yore. Procession Mencaq Undat who assembled at the inauguration of Lamin Amin Bioq New Ritan, Tabang, Kukar, it's really festive. Hundreds of dancers welcome the Governor of East Kalimantan and Plt Sekkab Yurnalis Ngayoh Kukar HM Aswin and his entourage.

Yurnalis Ngayoh and Aswin was greeted with a raft being paraded wearing decorated with wood shavings of red and white. They were taken surrounded by a fence pretty girls Dayak Kenyah with musical accompaniment and sound of gongs, create the splendor of welcome.

After the evening hospitality and the inauguration of Lamin Bioq Amin, was given a souvenir in the form of necklaces and saber to Governor Yurnalis Ngayoh and HM Aswin East Kalimantan provincial government and the whole entourage and Pemkab Kukar. Hospitality night is also celebrated with dances regale Datun Julut Nyelaman Sakei that tell about the history of displacement of the Dayak Kenyah Lepoq Tukung from Iwan River - a place located on the border of Indonesia and Malaysia - in the 1840s.

After that, they move from Iwan River to Metung, Selungai, Jemahang, River of Goods, down to the River Belayan now known as the Village of New Ritan. This dance involves approximately 300 dancers who come from a village of six RT New Ritan.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mane'e Tradition from Intata Island,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Tradition mane, e is the capture of fish by using a rope from coconut and coconut tree roots on the island of Itata. Thousands and various species of fish with special occasions such as governed attracted to the mainland. 
Intata is one small island in North Sulawesi. Island located on the border between North Sulawesi and the Philippines has a unique tradition called mane, e ie, catch fish by using coconut oil and rope from tree roots. Local people also carry this tradition with a special prayer ritual. 
In performing this tradition of putting people first yellow special occasions with a rope from tree roots. Citizens who do must undergo special prayers at night. After a long series of yellow coconut, the rope is pulled to the beach. Series of ropes and yellow coconut is used as a trawler to attract the fish to land. 
Uniquely, the thousands and many species of fish with special occasions such as governed attracted to the mainland. When fish are considered old enough are gathered, a traditional leaders will be invited residents to take the catch that. From the shore, thousands of residents who were present mingled with guests scrambling to pick up the fish at their feet. 
As in previous years, the only unique ceremony held every May this is always crowded by tourists. Unfortunately, local governments lack of attention to the potential of this tour. Evidenced by the lack of promotion and the lack of transportation facilities available to this small island

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ciblon Tradition from Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Art tradition associated with many community-owned conservation of Yogyakarta. Kotagede citizens, for example, had a show called Ciblon, namely the tradition of bathing in the river, singing to the accompaniment of music that uses water.
Ciblon tradition had always done when people bathe in the River Gajah Wong. However, along with polluted water, the residents were reluctant to bathe in rivers and at the same time he lost this festive tradition.
Now, residents trying to raise Kotagede back. Recently, Ciblon held in Sungai Gajah Wong. Citizen-yack bathing in the river, patting the river water to accompany the songs they sing. Excitement and joy of the people really felt.
In order for this tradition can be sustainable, citizens vigorous campaign to maintain the cleanliness of the river from pollution. Way, citizens are prohibited from household waste into rivers. In addition residents are also advised to conserve water usage. Thus, not only maintained the tradition, the environment was still maintained. 

Anyyosora Kalompoa Tradition from Gowa Kingdom,Sulawei,Indonesia

Iduladha feast for the descendants of King of Gowa, South Sulawesi, uncomplimentary. In addition to celebrating the feast of sacrifice, they also perform traditional kalompoa anyosora or laundering Gowa royal heritage. Starting from the royal crown, spear, dagger, dragon bracelet, to various other jewelry acceptable indigenous elders.

Laundering procession carried the indigenous elders. Laundering procession was attended by descendants of the royal family and Gowa regent. Before the peak of the event in conjunction with the celebration of the feast of sacrifice, had previously held several other traditions, such as aleka jenne or making holy water and amollong tedong or sacrificial slaughter.

The tradition was handed down it's the same with the celebration of the Sacrifice holiday. Because, in this feast of humans willing to sacrifice their wealth to God

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sejarah Watu Kosek,Wonogiri,Java,Indonesia

If you go to Wonogiri, will find lots of related relics or Prince RM Said Sambernyawa or Mangkunegara I. Because that's the spirit of a prince who became a symbol of community spirit and Wonogiri, so it is known when the establishment Wonogiri. 

Various relics found in various regions in Wonogiri. Sub Selogiri, is home to the relics found virtually the lot. One is Watu Keloran doormat in Hamlet, Village Keloran, District Selogiri, Wonogiri. 

As the name suggests, Watu (stone) doormat means sharpening stone heritage places, or inner eye RM Said. To view the form Watu doormat people still can, because the monument made by the local community. For the location, residents must travel a distance of about 8 km northwest Arat, or about 100 meters from the location of Spring Sinangka. It is said Mulyanto said that now as a clerk in the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (DKPPO) Wonogiri, when Prince Sambernyawa chased by Dutch troops, for daring to rebel, with his troops numbering 40 people or forces known as Comrade Dasa Jaya, dwells in that place. 

The place was by Prince Sambernyawa judged from the inner eye has a high aura. 'We stopped with his troops, Prince Sambernyawa see jackfruit. Because the hungry, will eat the fruit with his troops. But, strange happened. We will be split with any weapon that can not jackfruit. Finally, Prince Sambernyawa with his inner eye, find a stone that could be used to sharpen weapons. " 

Finally, the weapon is sharpened on the stone, so all the weapons that brought his forces change sharply. "Jackfruit which was difficult split, eventually easily cleaved with weapons that have been honed at the doormat or in-stone. Over the incident, Prince Sambernyawa give a stone around the spring to sharpen the weapons with a doormat Watu (where the sharpening stone). " 

Ada yang ingin anda cari ...? pakai ini...!!

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