Sunday, May 30, 2010

Curug Orok,Garut,West Java,Indonesia

Curug infanticide is one of the waterfalls in Garut frequently visited by tourists. Its location is available at the Village Cikandang, District article is Kab. Garut.
According to the story initially in place (Curug) found the baby was thrown by his parents. Since then until now the waterfall known as Curug snore.
In these places people can play, bath, besides seeing the waterfall scenery is so beautiful. The water is crystal clear, water flowing from the mountains. High waterfall approximately 30 feet. Eve is so fresh mountain plus its location in the cool tea plantation environment. No wonder that many of those who visit there too lazy to go back, anesthetized by natural scenery Curug infanticide.
The distance that must be taken to get to the location approximately 45 kilometers from the city of Garut and takes 1.5 hours. If you use public transportation departments are required to ride Garut Bungbulang ago exactly stop at the tea plantation Papandayan before Cisandaan. Before arriving to the location we had to go down tagga a distance of approximately 100 meters and came in Curug snore as a tourist attraction.

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