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Situs Ciburuy,Garut,West Java,Indonesia

Site Ciburuy

Located in Kampung Ciburuy, Pamalang Village, Kec. Bayongbong. From the city district approximately 3.5 km to the southeast, while the distance from the city center approximately 17 km, can be reached either by road or four wheels and two wheels through the village street was paved.
Site Area Kabuyutan Ciburuy like a mini museum that stores objects of cultural heritage. There are three traditional house there, which Padaleman Earth, Earth and barn Patamon Rice (Leuit). Padaleman save Earth objects such as ancient manuscripts and palm leaf manuscripts. While Earth Patamon storing objects in the form of a sharp weapon such as dagger, cleaver, trident and artistry that is Goong string instrument that became the forerunner to present sound of gong artistry. Heritage items and archaeological sites from Kabuyutan Ciburuy Megalithic relics and Classical periods. Ritual ceremony that was held on Wednesday, the week-3 months Muharam on Thursday night at 19:30, called Seba ceremony. Is a form of inheritance in the days of King Siliwangi and then continued by his son King Kiansantang.
In ancient times this place by King Kiansantang used as an arena of struggle with the warlords, warlords in Java. Beginnings of this place be a place on one day fight for King Kiansantang found a dagger and he received a mandate to drove it on a rock so the water out of the rock and then he was told to tie the turban and kris kris kris is dihanyutkan so that it stops at a place . In place of the stop was King kris Kiansantang would find his opponent. One day King was having a bout Kiansantang in the area but not any opponent Adak can beat King Kiansantang, until at some point the messengers came Sayyidin Ali H. Mustafa against King Kiansantang. Finally able to defeat King Kiansantang. After King Kiansantang defeated, H Mustafa gave the mandate to him to go to the Holy Land to meet with Ali and Sayyidin weapons abandoned in Ciburuy Kiansantang Prabu.
Heritage contained in the Site Ciburuy include dagger, Bende (bronze bells), cleaver (Prabu Siliwangi weapons), trident, lance, and ancient Javanese writings authored by King Kiansantang on the leaves and nipa palm leaves. Surrounding communities routinely washing ceremony which is held every first kris Muharam. In this region there are also restrictions Ciburuy Site of abstinence where every Friday and Saturday no one was allowed to enter the region Ciburuy Site.

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