Saturday, May 29, 2010

Suwuk Beach,Kebumen,Java,Indonesia

One tourist attraction is the beach area Codiaeum variegatum karangbolong or suwuk. Most people already know the beauty of the beach Kebumen this suwuk. Unspoiled natural conditions, coupled with mountainous scenery is so captivating and the mini zoo add to the beauty of its beaches.
The condition is not too steep beach (still rolling) and access to the beach which is currently making excellent beaches visited suwuk when vacation time comes, mainly by young people - to drive.
When the direction of Kebumen, walk towards the petanahan, puring  , and croton, continue westward to the village access tambakmulyo. if the direction Gombong, road south past the kuwarasan, so up to the croton, and select the access road to the direction tambakmulyo, or when the Gombong west side, select the route through the district keselatan buayan, continue straight south.
Maybe that is still insufficient, namely means of transport which does not exist. However, most visitors to the beach using a personal vehicle, usually a motorcycle. Parking locations are also widely available and safe, so do not worry about the security of your vehicle. 
So, congratulations and enjoy your vacation at the beach or shore reefs suwuk perforated in the village district tambakmulyo croton Kebumen district.

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