Monday, May 24, 2010

Sebadang Lake,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Sebedang Lake, one tourist destination which lies the village Sebedang Sebawi District approximately 12 km from the capital city of Sambas regency.  Sebedang lake broad enough hill surrounded by mountains and natural scenery provides an attractive charm.

Bed of the lake waters are surrounded by green hills, some are buying timber.
Do jungle tracking to the top of Mount Amor on the south side of the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the height.
There is an island in the middle of Lake Sebedang that called Long Island. Lake Sebedang also save the legends of the people of Sambas, the story of sisters named Bujang Nadi and Dare Nandung.
Lake Sebedang a bathhouse and resting place of the Sultan of Sambas antiquity, there are legacy sites in the southeastern part of the lake.

This tourist area of Lake Sebedang easily in reach because they are on the axis road Sambas - Singkawang - Pontianak

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