Monday, April 6, 2009


Seven Colour Princess Lake located in Desa Rimbo Pengadang, Air Dingin, between Kabupaten Rejang Lebong and Kabupaten Lebong, Bengkulu. The uniqueness from this tourist area is the colours. The colours are blue, red, brown, black, white, grey and pink. So every lake named according to the colour of its water. Blue Lake, Red Lake, Brown Lake, Black Lake, White Lake, Grey Lake and Pink Lake.
The tourist can reach this area by walking about 2 hours through footpat. Although this area has a beautiful panoramic, unfortunetly, this area has not explored yet. So as Indonesian people who honour the heritage we should develop this area.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This beach located 27 Kilometer from Yogyakarta pass through Kretek. As a tourist area, Parangtritis equipped with hotels, restaurant, and also recreation facilities such as swimming pool, and outdoor activities. Another tourist area which can visit are also provided here. For example.
Parang Wedang
A hot water source which flow through the year and never dry and can recover skin desease. Parang Kusuma
This place is known as the most sacred place from all the area here because this place is believed as the rendezvous between the king who reigned Yogyakarta Kingdom and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.
Gambirowati Plateau
Gambirowati Plateau has beautiful panoramic in Parangtritis beach area.
Goa Langse
Goa Langse known as the hermitage. Located above the rocks.
Syeh Bela Belu’s Resting Place
Many people visit this area especially in Kliwon Tuedday and Friday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Gunung Gambar was hermitage of Raden Mas Said or well known as Prince Samber Nyawa, the patriot who against Netherlands colonizer.
Exotic and beautiful place locate in Kampung Ngawen, Gunung Kidul is equipped with many supported facilities for make the tourist enjoy and feel like home.
Mountain Gambar located 200 meters above the sea level so when the tourist reach the top of it, they can see Jombor Swamp which reside in Klaten and also Waduk Gajah Mungkur from a distance. Equipped with clean toilet, footpath to ex hermitage of Prince Samber Nyawa, this pelace more comfort to visit. So don’t hesitate to come to this will find the unforgettable adventurer here...see you there...


Semarang is the capital of Central Java regency. Semarang is one city with a very active port, it grew into a major city busy with trade and administrative importance. In Semarang, we can find many old building from colonial inheritance and its impressive buildings. One of Semarang's most outstanding buildings and, fortunately, one of its best kept, is Gereja Blenduk. Built in 1753, this imposing building still stands shimmering brilliantly white in the hot sun. Despite being the oldest church in Central Java, it is still actively used as a Protestant Church. The church is rather plain on the outside, but its solid design and construction have no doubt helped it survive the years. Just down the road from this building is the Marba Building which, with its red bricks contrasting with stone mullions and a corner entrance that is topped by four (still intact) stone vases, is full of character. Although the Marba Building looks bad, its partial use is at least saving it to a certain extent; elsewhere, neglect is leaving fine buildings in ruins. Semarang has many beautiful old buildings. So tourist can take a look around by using becak, a traditional transportation. Sdont worry about hotels...Semarang has many luxurious can choose one you what you waiting for...just contact your travel agent and fly to Semarang....see you there...

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