Sunday, April 5, 2009


This beach located 27 Kilometer from Yogyakarta pass through Kretek. As a tourist area, Parangtritis equipped with hotels, restaurant, and also recreation facilities such as swimming pool, and outdoor activities. Another tourist area which can visit are also provided here. For example.
Parang Wedang
A hot water source which flow through the year and never dry and can recover skin desease. Parang Kusuma
This place is known as the most sacred place from all the area here because this place is believed as the rendezvous between the king who reigned Yogyakarta Kingdom and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.
Gambirowati Plateau
Gambirowati Plateau has beautiful panoramic in Parangtritis beach area.
Goa Langse
Goa Langse known as the hermitage. Located above the rocks.
Syeh Bela Belu’s Resting Place
Many people visit this area especially in Kliwon Tuedday and Friday.

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