Monday, February 28, 2011

Chewing Betel Tradition,Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Art chewing betel or nginang, is identical to the culture Javanese society, the antiquity.
However, as the development era, this nginang traditions are disappearing, starting our rarely found.
As an institution of cultural conservationists, Keraton Surakarta Kasunanan nginang held this tradition, for gangsa sekaten welcome, or welcome the coming of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Dozens of youths in Solo, follows this tradition of chewing betel.
With a flowing accompaniment Java gising slowly and quietly, dozens of young men who joined the Youth Heritage, began to chew betel. Some of them, got trouble because its their first time to do it.
They claim to follow this tradition because in addition to welcoming gangsa sekaten, also want to feel the welcoming atmosphere directly Prophet, the antiquity.
In Javanese culture, traditions nginang has a philosophical meaning, enang'e or a witness. In ancient times, people listen to the teachings of Islam, chewing betel nut, to be more able to concentrate. In addition, nginang also makes the body healthy and long life.

Ritual Pensucian Pura,Lumajang,East Java,Indonesia

For Hindus, Mandara Giri Semeru Agung temple in the village of Senduro Lumajang include the oldest sanctuary and outside the island of Bali. Not surprisingly, thousands of Hindus from various cities, such as Bali, Surabaya, Malang and Jakarta come to the temple, to commemorate the birthday of the temple.
They held a prayer and purify themselves with a series of rituals such as mapepada wewalungan rituals or rites read macapat to purify the temple offerings. Other rituals was hated, in the form of offerings in the temple, to the creator in the natural world. Aimed at reviving the hated ritual animal sacrifice to the world, or Pasopati.
Piodalan celebration at the temple is conducted once every year, since the temple was completed in 1992. Piodalan sasih implemented based on the Hindu calendar.
Piodalan also marred the celebration of traditional arts mat diverse mix of Java to Bali, from dance godril Lumajang Balinese Kecak dance to Balinese gamelan music.
With the celebration piodalan at Mandara Giri Semeru Agung temple, Hindus hope to get blessings and hope to the Creator, to give love and protection to his people.

Grebeg Sudiro Tradition,Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Thousands of residents are spilled in front of the market Gede Solo, to witness the ritual grebek Sudiro welcome the Lunar New Year. The ritual began with the parading thousands of baskets from the village cake Sudiro Prajan, up to the pagoda Pasar Gede.
This Kirap palace accompanied by soldiers, the lion dance, traditional snacks and batik carnival.
From the pagoda, procession then headed Gede market. Some arts groups such as the lion dance and reog do attractions.
Thousands of people were crowded around Gede market, thus causing traffic jams total.
Top of the ritual is marked by conquest cake basket. Thousands of citizens ranging from children, parents until the person dwewasa pushed to the mountains contain thousands of cake basket.
Grebek Sudiro is the culmination of a series tradition of welcoming the end of the Lunar New Year in Solo. Previously, residents Solo held lanterns procession as a symbol for a new year bringing to light or new hope

Jamasan Ritual from Magelang,Central Java,Indonesia

Before the Jamasan ritual begins, residents do Candirejo first procession procession. By bringing dozens of their harvest, residents walked to the spring or Bendo, a distance of 1 kilometer from the village. Arriving at the Spring Bendo, one of the village elders recited prayers. After that, jamasan or ritual of washsing the drum kuwu began.
Jamasan uses water from springs Spring Bendo. After finishing this ritual, resident  brought back dozens of harvest to be brought to one of  a village elders' home. Here will be held jointly salvation.
Jamasan ritual drum kuwu held to require safety and kept away from various disasters. Residents also asked for given the tranquility and harmony of life. This tradition is held once a year and have been held since their ancestors.

Sap Sap Chiken Contest,Situbondo,East Java,Indonesia

Sap sap Chicken is a traditional race held coastal communities in Situbondo, East Java. Unlike the race that involves a lot of chicken found in various places in Indonesia, Sap sap chicken is unique. That is asking the chickens to fly as far as possible from the boat on the sea coast, heading inland. Even this in accordance with the meaning of chicken sap-sap, drawn from the language of Madura, which means flying chicken.
Sap sap Chicken Contest is quite unique shape. Participants chickens brought by the jockey to sea by boat committee. On the sea beach is 200 meters from the mainland, has been waiting for the traditional boat provided by the committee to be used as a starting point of the race. From this traditional boat collided off five chickens quickly fly to the mainland.
Chickens that are contested and the hen must be 1 year old with a physical condition is not too big. Feathers should be a tight, smooth and clean. Chicken wings dangle length. Plus a long tail. When you've found the chicken that is comfortable, need to be trained to fly.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Museum PETA,Indonesia

In 1996, the Museum of Struggle PETA was founded by the Homeland Foundation, and was inaugurated by H. M. Suharto (President of the Republic of Indonesia to II). Fourteen diorama is located in the museum as one form of manifestation in the course of the nationalist movement occurred on October 3, 1943 Colonial Army soldiers located in Pabaton Bogor, so now is rumored to be Jl. Jend. Sudirman, held education officer Homeland Defense Volunteer Army.
This is a nationalist movement Motherland, Indonesia led by the leaders to be soldiers of the State of nationality Indonesia Merdeka. The first time, in the city of Bogor is organized formation of cadet-midshipmen who later gave birth to Army officers Voluntary Defenders of the Homeland, Indonesian National Army.

Anjuk Farm Museum,Nganjuk,East Java,Indonesia

Anjuk Farm Museum is a historical tour Nganjuk located in the city, East Java, the exact location on the city bus terminal of Nganjuk.
Saved a lot of historical stuff, this place is perfect used as a historical tourist destination for elementary school children (primary school) and students.
If you are in the museum, you'll see the historical objects of cultural heritage of Hindu era, Doho and Majapahit, etc.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reservoir Tlatar,Boyolali,Java,Indonesia

Tlatar Reservoir located in Hamlet Village Tlatar Kebonbimo Boyolali district. Tlatar Reservoir is an artificial lake tourist destination, which is very suitable for family tourism in the location there are many different facilities. Like, duck boats, fishing place, where culinary and so forth.
Results inducement that you can, can be fried on stalls that are near the reservoir. So you can enjoy with family and to feel the fresh air at the site.
Baths devoted to this family, often held even in times before the month of fasting Padusan. It was done aiming to purify themselves before fasting.

Two Colours Waterfall,Sibolangit,Sumatera,Indonesia

Two Colours Waterfall, where colour is blue and white. This is a tourist destination waterfall arriving in North Sumatra (North Sumatra), exact location in the area Sibolangit. Towards this farm this waterfall, you will presented with views of the dense forest and jungle. Two colors are spelled out because the water is two color.
If you want to visit the site do not forget to bring a camera, that are not easily forget the location of the waterfall. .

Puncak Simarajo,Sumatera,Indonesia

Tourism Objects Simarajo Peak near Grotto Belle who is also an area of Protection Forest.
The sight of a lush green forest will bring the visitors to relax while looking at green forest and rice field which create a fresh eye and hatipun quiet, peaceful atmosphere feels as if one with nature.
To go to the site using ground transportation, from the city of Padang to Payakumbuh taken about 3 hours.
The cost of entry into the Grotto Belle attractions ranging from Rp. 5000 - Rp. 10,000, for every person, while there are some class hotel accommodation up to the starry jasmine around this resort.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puputan Badung Monument,Bali,Indonesia

Puputan comes from the word''puput''which means complete or all-out. The word is taken from the battle against the Dutch in 1946, when the thousands of troops wore marks Bali greatness and armed only with spears and keris. They against Dutch Troops by throwing spear into the enemy.
After many people serious injuries and the woman also suffered injuries and one died from all-out war, then eventually stopped the resistance. So the war was known as the Puputan War.
Today, the location of the war was built a Puputan Badung monument. This is built by Puputan Badung kingdom, which in that place there is a monument depicting the war Surapati Puputan located in the street, Denpasar. This monument consists of father, mother and two of two small children, carrying a dagger and bamboo to prepare to fight, protect and fight to the death. This park, now a place of recreation for local residents with family and always crowded on holidays

fatmawati's Residence,Bengkulu,Indonesia

Fatmawati"s Residence was located in Bengkulu. Fatmawati was a wife of first President and also the Mother of Megawati Sukarno Putri, and she also sew and prepare Sang Saka Merah Putih which always flying on the day of the Proclamation of 17 August.

Fatmawati's Residence located in the city of Bengkulu, it is only about 600 yards from the house when Sukarno was exiled to Bengkulu in 1938.

Currently, the house will serve as historical tourist attractions with a wide collection of photos Fatmawati, clothing, furniture and so on that have special memories.

Kuala Geulumpang Beach,Sumatera,Indonesia

Located in District Julok which is 5 km from the Capital District of the City of Langsa is 80 km. This beach is a beach that is currently rumored tour visited local and foreign tourists to simply relieve fatigue and problems.
If you want to travel to locations using four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. The beach is ideal for weekend excursions and holidays with family.
The beach is blue it will make you calm and gentle wind that will make you refreshed. Around the coast there is a very beautiful panorama of captivating beaches with clean white sand that stretches along the coast.

Kepala Siring Waterfall, Bengkulu,Indonesia

In the area of North Bengkulu district, there is one of the resorts are truly breathtaking waterfalls yourself. Where around tourist sites, you will feel comfortable,and freshness as the original location and still relatively unexploited, there are trees, hills and waterfalls are truly exotic.
The name of the waterfall is the Kepala Siring Waterfall, located in North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Right in the mountainous areas or in seaweed, Arga Makmur, North Bengkulu. To reach the location, can be started from the Arga prosperous cuman with travel time is approximately 15 minutes.
The main views that there is a waterfall location and irrigation Dutch heritage and landscape conservation forest as a place to grow plants Rafflesia.So what you waitin for...just visit this place....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bajra Sandhi Monument,Bali,Indonesia

Bajra Sandhi Monument tourist attraction, located in the area of Renon, Denpasar. This monument was built in 1987, depicts the life of the Balinese people since prehistoric times until the time of maintaining independence in 1950-1975.
Being in the location of the monument, you'll see thirty-three dioramas that have been prepared following the contours of the room. in each section contains sculptures dioramas complete with its natural environment setting. This diorama, initially displaying at the time of early human hunting and gathering. But then, describes the development of the Balinese people from the kingdom, the colonial period, the physical revolution, until the post-independence period.
In addition to the picture, you will see the construction of Udayana University. Climb the stairs, you can reach the top of the bell-shaped monument. From the top of the tower, then saw the beauty of the city of Denpasar from a height of about 45 meters. To go Bajra Sandhi monument, you can use a private vehicle or public transportation is majoring in Sanur bemo-Teuku Umar. Entering Bajra Sandhi monument, you will be charged three thousand dollars for adults and two thousand five hundred dollars for the children.

Balangan beach,Bali,Indonesia

Balangan Beach or known as Balangan Beach, located in Bukit Ungasan, Jimbaran Pecatu, District of South Kuta, about Dreamland Beach on the north side. Here you will feel the scenery, clean white sand along the beach. Plus a row of coconut trees are arranged neatly, which provides a different atmosphere than other beaches.
Moreover Balangan Beach is flanked by two large rocks of high cliffs in the west and its Eastern so that shows something different from what we see. To reach the mouth of the beach, then you must down the stairs while enjoying the coastal scenery starts to look and sound of the waves roar that appeals to us to come closer. The more we approached, the more it seemed this was the origin of Balangan Beach. As you go down to the shore, you should use a slipper or footwear to avoid stepping on sharp coral. This place is perfect for you to miss the tour in Balangan Beach with family.

Wisata Pemandian Sumber Udel,Blitar,East Java,Indonesia

Wisata pemandian Sumber Udel is an alternative tourist destination because it is often visited by local and foreign tourists. This resort is situated on the outskirts of the town of Blitar, East Java.
Location, the tourists are pampered with a range of facilities including: swimming pool, children's toys, the stage is delighted with the appearance of a typical art Blitar every month, a representative parking, and rental and storage pool devices. There are two types of swimming pool location, the swimming pool for children and swimming pools for adults

Madiun Kresek Monument,East Java,Indonesia

Madiun Kresek Monument was built in the middle of two hectares of teak forest trip, which is located about 8 km from the city of Madiun to the east side, right in the village of crackle, Wungu district.
Monument Pole is the pole for the Indonesian people, especially Madiun against malignancy PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) in 1948.
The location of this monument is often used as the visitors into an alternative tourist attractions, such as Boy Scouts or Camp Public Camp. In the vicinity of this monument there is a view of lush trees and colorful flowers. This Place this can be reached  using private vehicles and public transport

Damar Kecil Island,Cilincing,Jakarta,Indonesia

Damar Kecil Island or known as Monkey Island is a favorite place for fishing. For the hobby of fishing can come to the place is, here besides the fishing, also has a beautiful natural scenery on the island of Damar. Empty or uninhabited island is part of the Thousand Islands for side by side with the island of Damar Besar.
Activities that can be done on the island, fishing, camping, and eliminate all the problems we face with the stunning nature and away from the crowds. Damar Kecil Island is a favorite fishing spots for anglers in the area around Cape Priuk and Cilincing. Usually fish are fish that got baronang, pompano, yellow tail fish, and grouper

Rafting In Kromong River,East Java,Indonesia

OBECH River Wilderness Experience operating in air-basecamp Kromong and natural attractions in the area swing Pacet, Mojokerto, OBECH Wilderness Experience comes to the people who wanted to rafting fun without having to travel far from home just to feel the rafting tour.
By standing at the base camp area of 2 hectares, OBECH Wilderness Experience has also been equipped camping ground complete with tent area, dressing room / bathroom was representative, the pavilion, as well as outbound area of outbound vehicle equipped with facilities for adults and children alike. In addition, some program activities is on offer largely based on the wild, therefore OBECH Wilderness Experience meets these demands are very suitable for who want to gain experience in the wild around Pacet, Mojokerto

Luwing Hills,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Luwing Hill is a hilly area located in the southern town of Sambas, West Kalimantan. Luwing hill looks very beautiful so that it can be used as an object photography. Luwing Hill around Lake Sebedang Sambas this is an interesting object, giving the impression of a rock solid and provide a visible color contrast with blue sky that stretched gracefully.
The scenery around these hills covered with green trees so that mengabadikannya in your camera lens. The structure of solid rock, surrounded by leafy green trees that provide beautiful scenery in the eye. If you want to find objects of artistic photography and captivating, Luwing Hill can be a good reference for you.

Kaget Island,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Kaget Island located close to the mouth of the Barito river, or included in the administrative region Tabunganen District, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. The island has an area of 85 ha has been designated as a nature reserve based on the Decree. Minister of Agriculture. 788/Kptsum11/1976.
Formerly, the location is still full of green trees are lush and unspoiled, so the air was fresh and natural, but now the island is seen critical by the trees caused by felling of trees, especially trees rambai rice which is a source of food for bekantan (Nasalis Larvatus .)
With the former, the island is filled with many trees make this island is an island of habitat for the long nose monkey (bekantan) and several species of birds and even now the beast is still there around the island. Proboscis Monkey in the island fauna is the mascot of South Kalimantan province

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soeman HS Library,Riau,Indonesia

Visiting the local library (Perpusda) in Pekanbaru, Riau. When set foot in Perpusda, this place feels spacious and the building welcomes you with comfort. And the place was cold.
Riau provincial library building is named Library Soeman Hs, which was taken from the name of one writer from Riau. This building was officially used since 2008, and the building was air-conditioned and the room floors are basically divided into five sections. On this floor there is a special section to read a newspaper, and in this section is laid out like a living room in a house with a sofa that circles the room.
If you entered the children's library, you must remove footwear. With the floor barefoot feels durable net so do not hesitate if you want to sit relaxed on the floor. This place makes many feel at home in this kind Perpusda.
Perpusda shelves containing story books, books of knowledge and books of non-formal educative. The room is filled with tables and chairs make the room feel spacious short, so that the child-free child shall play and run around on condition must not be noisy.
On the second floor to the fourth floor of the building is available Perpusda textbooks for elementary to high school and books supporting lecture materials, books, theses and even literature. Riau Perpusda Building located at jln Sudirman, one of the main road adjacent to the city of Pekanbaru and Riau governor's office.

La Galigo Museum,Sulawesi,Indonesia

La Galigo museum, located in the castle Ujung Pandang. The museum holds a variety of historical objects, manuscripts, sculpture, ceramics, traditional clothes and various bangasa tribes in South Sulawesi. La Galigo is the name of a scholar, thinker of his time.
La Galigo was King Luwu IV. And well-known among the people of South Sulawesi as a respected figure. He is We Cudai Daeng Risompa of Chinese Kingdom-Wajo

Agro Wisata Temanjang Blora,Java,Indonesia

Located in the middle of the Village Temanjang teak forests, located about 16 kmsouth Blora City. Location of agro-tourism has a very beautiful natural scenery and still have an air of pristine and beautiful.
Here it is suitable be used as a tourist destination eliminate fatigue because it has aview of the all green so as to restore freshness to us both on sight that used to besomewhat opaque to be very bright and fresh or body who returned safe and sound.
This area is also known as Agro DUNGMANDUR, because there is an inexhaustiblepool of water. Every Friday night, this place is often used for spiritual activity that has a specific purpose.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bakoro Beach,Papua,Indonesia

Bakaro beach is a beach very crowded in the visit by foreign visitors because it looks very exotic island with a landscape.
The beach is located 3 miles towards Bakaro rimur white sand beach. Both beaches are separated by Pasirido Village, where most people live Biak Numfor.
To reach to this beach, visitors can use four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles. On this beach, we can do activities such as memanjing, swim and enjoy the beautiful natural beach.
On this beach we can enjoy the attraction of fish from the sea calls to the waters off shore using sumpritan to then be fed into a tourist attraction that has its own uniqueness.

Kaki Seribu Traditional House,Papua,Indonesia

Community Arfak in Manokwari district, mostly silent in the middle of the bird's head island papua. Great Interest Arfak consists of several sub tribes namely, Suogb, Hatam and Meyah. From some of these tribes have the same customs and culture but different languages. Although different languages, different ethnic sub-communities can understand each other and communicate directly.

Arfak those villages situated around the area Arfak Mountains Nature Reserve, which is estimated to reach 68,325 ha area. In this area you can find 333 types of birds, 4 species of which are endemic Arfak Mountains, 110 species of mammals and also a center of diversity of butterfly wings Ornithopera Sp.

Closed house which only has two doors, front and rear with no windows occupied by residents Arfak has a unique shape that is constructed like a stage-house construction made entirely of wood and grass thatch as a roof. However, the original name of the traditional home of the tribe that is Mod Aki Arfak Aksa or Igkojei. But ordinary people call it the Thousand Foot Home. Currently the population is less and less and can only be found in villages, rural outskirts of the district in the central part Arfak Mountains.

Seven Wells Beach,Bangka,Sumatera,Indonesia

Seven Wells Beach is located in Central Bangka Regency, to be precise about 5 km from Koba which became the capital district. Central Bangka. The beach has become one of the favorite beach recreational purposes locals Koba and some other regions, because it was not far from the settlement. Most people, especially young people who visit these tourist sites.

In addition to beautiful scenery with white sand, this beach there are also around seven wells and objects of historic relic of Japan. That said, the well was used as a place to accommodate the sea water through a hole in it that leads to the sea and used also as a place to manufacture salt.

The process of making salt is carried out by sea water flowing into seven wells when high tides. And while the sea water receded and the weather is hot enough it will create salt crystals. The crystals were then taken and used as a source of iodine for cooking spice

Wapauwe Mosque,Maluku,Indonesia

Wapauwe Mosque was founded in 1414 AD by Imam Rijali, Kitetu located in the village, district of Central Maluku district Leihitu. The mosque is still visible and intact original located at the mountain foot Wawane and was first built with thatched roofed or gemutu, walls made of wood frame and midrib rumbiah, and do not use a nail buffer and at each end of the roof there is a rectangular-sized carvings of Allah SWT and Muhammad SAW.

In this mosque there is stored the script and the Eid Khutbah oldest Koran written by Nur Light on in 1590 AD (a disciple of Imam Rijali) and a promise that tell the history book of the Prophet Muhammad. But in 1464 AD, this mosque has been improved by Imam Is (an Islamic cleric who developed syiar in Wawane). And in 1700 AD, pole mounted on the dome-shaped wooden Kanjoli alif. In addition, in this mosque there is also a stone and wood scales to determine the Zakat Al-Fitr which is used during the original population.

Biawak Island,West Java,Indonesia

Biawak Island is a tourist destination which until now was proud of the tourists because besides having a natural panorama of exotic beaches, but also memilliki coral reefs that are still virgins. This beach is located in Indramayu district, West Java Province.
Sort of island lizards, it is said, because the herd is inhabited ancient lizard still many uncovered so far its presence on the island. The tourists who visit the island of Komodo, everything is forbidden destroy or take something that is deemed damaging the beauty of Komodo Island. To prevent things that are not desirable, tourists will be led by officers who had been prepared by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District

Sadap Waterfall,Sumatera,Indonesia

Sadap Waterfall. Natural atmosphere very suitable for natural alternative tourist destination, where you'll see the beautifull scenery. Before you reach the waterfall location, your journey has also been felt the cool air and our eyes will be spoiled with stunning shades of green and attractive.
The road to a remote location, requiring travel time of approximately 30 to 40 minutes from the Village to the foot of the hill Pading Perlang. The location of this waterfall, located in the village Perlang, District Koba, Bangka Regency Center, Bangka Belitung Island and located about approximately 7 km from the city of Koba.
The purpose of this tour crowded with visitors, especially the young couple on the island of Bangka. They come to the site to generate interest waterfall shower and to relax while enjoying the natural scenery and waterfalls around.

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