Monday, February 28, 2011

Sap Sap Chiken Contest,Situbondo,East Java,Indonesia

Sap sap Chicken is a traditional race held coastal communities in Situbondo, East Java. Unlike the race that involves a lot of chicken found in various places in Indonesia, Sap sap chicken is unique. That is asking the chickens to fly as far as possible from the boat on the sea coast, heading inland. Even this in accordance with the meaning of chicken sap-sap, drawn from the language of Madura, which means flying chicken.
Sap sap Chicken Contest is quite unique shape. Participants chickens brought by the jockey to sea by boat committee. On the sea beach is 200 meters from the mainland, has been waiting for the traditional boat provided by the committee to be used as a starting point of the race. From this traditional boat collided off five chickens quickly fly to the mainland.
Chickens that are contested and the hen must be 1 year old with a physical condition is not too big. Feathers should be a tight, smooth and clean. Chicken wings dangle length. Plus a long tail. When you've found the chicken that is comfortable, need to be trained to fly.

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