Monday, February 28, 2011

Grebeg Sudiro Tradition,Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Thousands of residents are spilled in front of the market Gede Solo, to witness the ritual grebek Sudiro welcome the Lunar New Year. The ritual began with the parading thousands of baskets from the village cake Sudiro Prajan, up to the pagoda Pasar Gede.
This Kirap palace accompanied by soldiers, the lion dance, traditional snacks and batik carnival.
From the pagoda, procession then headed Gede market. Some arts groups such as the lion dance and reog do attractions.
Thousands of people were crowded around Gede market, thus causing traffic jams total.
Top of the ritual is marked by conquest cake basket. Thousands of citizens ranging from children, parents until the person dwewasa pushed to the mountains contain thousands of cake basket.
Grebek Sudiro is the culmination of a series tradition of welcoming the end of the Lunar New Year in Solo. Previously, residents Solo held lanterns procession as a symbol for a new year bringing to light or new hope

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