Monday, February 28, 2011

Chewing Betel Tradition,Solo,Central Java,Indonesia

Art chewing betel or nginang, is identical to the culture Javanese society, the antiquity.
However, as the development era, this nginang traditions are disappearing, starting our rarely found.
As an institution of cultural conservationists, Keraton Surakarta Kasunanan nginang held this tradition, for gangsa sekaten welcome, or welcome the coming of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Dozens of youths in Solo, follows this tradition of chewing betel.
With a flowing accompaniment Java gising slowly and quietly, dozens of young men who joined the Youth Heritage, began to chew betel. Some of them, got trouble because its their first time to do it.
They claim to follow this tradition because in addition to welcoming gangsa sekaten, also want to feel the welcoming atmosphere directly Prophet, the antiquity.
In Javanese culture, traditions nginang has a philosophical meaning, enang'e or a witness. In ancient times, people listen to the teachings of Islam, chewing betel nut, to be more able to concentrate. In addition, nginang also makes the body healthy and long life.

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