Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puputan Badung Monument,Bali,Indonesia

Puputan comes from the word''puput''which means complete or all-out. The word is taken from the battle against the Dutch in 1946, when the thousands of troops wore marks Bali greatness and armed only with spears and keris. They against Dutch Troops by throwing spear into the enemy.
After many people serious injuries and the woman also suffered injuries and one died from all-out war, then eventually stopped the resistance. So the war was known as the Puputan War.
Today, the location of the war was built a Puputan Badung monument. This is built by Puputan Badung kingdom, which in that place there is a monument depicting the war Surapati Puputan located in the street, Denpasar. This monument consists of father, mother and two of two small children, carrying a dagger and bamboo to prepare to fight, protect and fight to the death. This park, now a place of recreation for local residents with family and always crowded on holidays

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history from indonesia
bali is one place where is unique selling point for indonesia

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