Monday, February 28, 2011

Ritual Pensucian Pura,Lumajang,East Java,Indonesia

For Hindus, Mandara Giri Semeru Agung temple in the village of Senduro Lumajang include the oldest sanctuary and outside the island of Bali. Not surprisingly, thousands of Hindus from various cities, such as Bali, Surabaya, Malang and Jakarta come to the temple, to commemorate the birthday of the temple.
They held a prayer and purify themselves with a series of rituals such as mapepada wewalungan rituals or rites read macapat to purify the temple offerings. Other rituals was hated, in the form of offerings in the temple, to the creator in the natural world. Aimed at reviving the hated ritual animal sacrifice to the world, or Pasopati.
Piodalan celebration at the temple is conducted once every year, since the temple was completed in 1992. Piodalan sasih implemented based on the Hindu calendar.
Piodalan also marred the celebration of traditional arts mat diverse mix of Java to Bali, from dance godril Lumajang Balinese Kecak dance to Balinese gamelan music.
With the celebration piodalan at Mandara Giri Semeru Agung temple, Hindus hope to get blessings and hope to the Creator, to give love and protection to his people.

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