Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kepala Siring Waterfall, Bengkulu,Indonesia

In the area of North Bengkulu district, there is one of the resorts are truly breathtaking waterfalls yourself. Where around tourist sites, you will feel comfortable,and freshness as the original location and still relatively unexploited, there are trees, hills and waterfalls are truly exotic.
The name of the waterfall is the Kepala Siring Waterfall, located in North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Right in the mountainous areas or in seaweed, Arga Makmur, North Bengkulu. To reach the location, can be started from the Arga prosperous cuman with travel time is approximately 15 minutes.
The main views that there is a waterfall location and irrigation Dutch heritage and landscape conservation forest as a place to grow plants Rafflesia.So what you waitin for...just visit this place....

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