Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bajra Sandhi Monument,Bali,Indonesia

Bajra Sandhi Monument tourist attraction, located in the area of Renon, Denpasar. This monument was built in 1987, depicts the life of the Balinese people since prehistoric times until the time of maintaining independence in 1950-1975.
Being in the location of the monument, you'll see thirty-three dioramas that have been prepared following the contours of the room. in each section contains sculptures dioramas complete with its natural environment setting. This diorama, initially displaying at the time of early human hunting and gathering. But then, describes the development of the Balinese people from the kingdom, the colonial period, the physical revolution, until the post-independence period.
In addition to the picture, you will see the construction of Udayana University. Climb the stairs, you can reach the top of the bell-shaped monument. From the top of the tower, then saw the beauty of the city of Denpasar from a height of about 45 meters. To go Bajra Sandhi monument, you can use a private vehicle or public transportation is majoring in Sanur bemo-Teuku Umar. Entering Bajra Sandhi monument, you will be charged three thousand dollars for adults and two thousand five hundred dollars for the children.

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