Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Balangan beach,Bali,Indonesia

Balangan Beach or known as Balangan Beach, located in Bukit Ungasan, Jimbaran Pecatu, District of South Kuta, about Dreamland Beach on the north side. Here you will feel the scenery, clean white sand along the beach. Plus a row of coconut trees are arranged neatly, which provides a different atmosphere than other beaches.
Moreover Balangan Beach is flanked by two large rocks of high cliffs in the west and its Eastern so that shows something different from what we see. To reach the mouth of the beach, then you must down the stairs while enjoying the coastal scenery starts to look and sound of the waves roar that appeals to us to come closer. The more we approached, the more it seemed this was the origin of Balangan Beach. As you go down to the shore, you should use a slipper or footwear to avoid stepping on sharp coral. This place is perfect for you to miss the tour in Balangan Beach with family.

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