Monday, February 28, 2011

Jamasan Ritual from Magelang,Central Java,Indonesia

Before the Jamasan ritual begins, residents do Candirejo first procession procession. By bringing dozens of their harvest, residents walked to the spring or Bendo, a distance of 1 kilometer from the village. Arriving at the Spring Bendo, one of the village elders recited prayers. After that, jamasan or ritual of washsing the drum kuwu began.
Jamasan uses water from springs Spring Bendo. After finishing this ritual, resident  brought back dozens of harvest to be brought to one of  a village elders' home. Here will be held jointly salvation.
Jamasan ritual drum kuwu held to require safety and kept away from various disasters. Residents also asked for given the tranquility and harmony of life. This tradition is held once a year and have been held since their ancestors.

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