Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ngalaksa,Traditional Ceremony from west Java,Indonesia

Each harvest season we can see the dance Rengkong Ngalaksa on ceremonial events are accompanied by traditional dances Ngalaksa held every June. Ngalaksa is a kind of ceremonial ritual to bring rice to the granary, rengkong is an axle hole for carrying rice. In the dance rengkong axle carried by people walking to dance to the granary.
When people walk into the granary, there are holes in the axle produces the sound of music that has the same rhythm with the people who walk following the ceremony. Rancakalong community held a ceremony during the first week of this Ngalaksa nonstop tarawangsa, accompanied by the traditional arts.
Generally, traditional ceremonies ngalaksa have designs as expressions of gratitude to the Almighty for the success and the success of the harvest obtained in the Village Rancakalong community.

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