Sunday, June 26, 2011

Museum Pusaka,TMII,Jakarta,Indonesia

Heritage Museum located in the south path between the Indonesian military museum and the Museum of Insects, a typical building on the roof because there is the looming shape of the keris. This museum aims to preserve, maintain, collect, and inform the cultural objects of traditional weapons to future generations to feel proud of their nation and can be utilized for those who want to study and research on the weapon. At first museum was a collection, then granted by Sri Lestari Agung Mas Ibu Tien Soeharto, the chairman of Yayasan Harapan Kita. Once coupled with the purchase, Heritage Museum has the most complete collection of traditional weapons, representing 26 provinces in Indonesia. Museum''with two floors covering an area of ​​1535 m² on 3800 m² of land has some space as a means and support, which is exhibition space, information space, space management, workshop space, library space, space conservation and preservation, stock room, and space souvenirs In addition to modeling the objects collection of weapons throughout the country, the exhibition space also informed various things about the inheritance, for example details of the inheritance, various forms of inheritance, epoch-making heritage, decorative heirloom blades, a variety of typical regional heritage, heritage from age to age, and relics of the results findings. The types of wood to create a heirloom and besalen space (the workplace master keris maker) and utensils complement the exhibition. In Keris Nagasasra Sabuk Inten era, Kujang era Pajajaran, keris  Singa Barong tinata mas, karih of Sumatra, belati from Mataram kingdom era, Kudi of Tuban empire era, the sword from Hamengku Bowono IX era, and keris Naga Tapa of Yogyakarta on display as heirlooms seeded because of the rare and legendary. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also conducts periodic exhibitions both at home and cooperation with outside parties. Other activities offered to the public is penjamasan heritage, heritage consulting, and exchanges for those interested in collecting heirloom heirlooms

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