Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bayang Sani Waterfalls,West Sumatera,Indonesia

In the Dutch colonial era, Bayang Sani waterfall knew as the place for shower for Dutch Royal family. Waterfall with a height of almost 80 hundred meters is already very well known.Bayang Sani beautiful waterfalls located in the village of Koto Baru district Bayang.
Object tourism  is 60 km from the city of Padang and 20 km from the city with a long journey Painan ± 1.5 hours and can be reached by vehicle two and four, and veryeasy to reach because it is only 500 m from the roadside. Bayang Sani Waterfall consists of three tiers of waterfalls from Batang shadow Sani, who came from farupstream on the hill.
Former waterfall that is similar to a ponytail is always referred to by the community with a new name come well in the decade of the 80s come well name it is replaced by the name of Bayang Sani. Bayang Sani waterfall consists of several levels, according to locals there are around five waterfalls. But who can be reached only up to thesecond level waterfall. Can say this Sani waterfall shadow of the largest waterfalls inthe South Coast district. Bayang Sani waterfall is a waterfall tourist icon in the South Coast district.

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