Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kandil Kemilau Emas Museum,Riau,Indonesia

Located on the Island Star Fruit Bangkinang District, Kampar District. The museum is the new official on May 22, 1988 in the island Carambola Bangkinang Kuok. This museum is a house-shaped house of Five Traditional Koto Kampar which was built around 1900 by the late Haji Hamid.
Now the museum is stored various collection of antiques which have historical value, such as pottery items, Carpentry Tools, Equipment Agriculture, fishing tools, art tools, altar tools, trade tools, equipment and other party .
In addition to these tools are stored also paddle boats made of wood trade is very strong from the 18th century, as well as a compass made of bamboo made by the Chinese because of the numbers written on the compass is written in Chinese characters.
There are two hundred fifty (250) kinds of museum collections antique candlestick Gold Sheen all of which are collections that have been inherited from generation to generation as a heritage item.
Tomb of Sheikh Burhanuddin
Located in the Kampar Kiri Sub District, Kampar District. The late Sheikh Abdullah was one of the spreaders of Islam, his tomb is located in Kampar regency Kuntu Fold fabrics. This place is a lot of traffic especially on the big day before the month of Ramadan and Islam arrives

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