Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leduk Magetan Tradition from Java,Indonesia

By the coming month of Suro, a unique tradition of citizen held Magetan, East Java. His name was race music "ledhug". "Ledhug" itself stands for "mortar" and "bedhug", which is a combination of Javanese culture and Islam. Here the participants to collaborate both pitted his skill in musical instrument before, so that the melodious rhythm that are nice to be enjoyed.
Race music "ledhug" held at the Square Magetan, East Java, on Monday afternoon. Dozens of participants took part in this event,
The uniqueness of the race is only held once a year in each of these before the coming month of Suro. Then, musical instruments were used, only the mortar and bedhug. Both these musical instruments, is a symbol of two different cultures. Namely Javanese culture and Islam.
In one participant, the number of players can reach dozens of people. consists of men and women. They are divided into various tasks, ranging vocals, drummer mortar, bedhug drummers, backing vocals and dancers.
As the development of the era and the creativity of the participants, the race typically Magetan ledhug music continues to change. As pointed out by one member from the Western district. Although the instrument is required in this race and bedhug mortar, but the band from the Western District is adding to the musical instruments tambourines and drums.
Even his appearance is also equipped with a dance Ganongan, played by children. And the creativity that is, participants from the Western district is already two-time champion.
While the assessment criteria in this race, is a collaboration in playing musical instruments as well as mortar and bedhug.
According to the story, the music contest "ledhug" typical Magetan has existed since hundreds of years ago. But no one knows who the leader or the person who first initiated this contest.

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