Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pusong Sangkalan Beach,Sumatera,Indonesia

Three kilometers from the city Blangpidie capital city of Southwest Aceh Regency, there is a very beautiful beaches that adorn the lip of land on the western tip of Sumatra island. Its name is Beach Pusong Sangkalan, Pusong name used because of the Indian Ocean with a distance of 1 km from the shoreline there was Pusong Coral Island
Disclaimer is the name of the residential areas where the beach is located. Besides the name, this beach also known as Bali Beach. Bali beach name is not actually an official name, "According to many local residents say because it does not defeat the beautiful beach with beautiful beach in Bali.
There is also the opinion said, because when the first was opened as a tourist area, many foreign tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of the coast with top-notch surfing and sunbathing bikini using a deemed taboo by the local community, they do not want to Beach Pusong Sangkalan serve as tourist areas such as in Bali very free and destructive to the local culture.
Pusong Sangkalan beach facing the Indian Ocean is still very fresh and clean, the sand is clean and somewhat rough. The waves are big challenge to play surfing sanga. The blue sea water is very beautiful and makes the eyes stand for long view of the endless ocean that. Greatness of God the more powerful when we are in the evening enjoy a beautiful sunset, our eyes will not be made out staring at the sun into the water inch by inch.
If you visit the beach this morning at 6:00 until 10:00 pm, you will have the opportunity to see traditional fishermen who are Tarek Pukat (netted by trawlers that fish pulled from the sea to the land). An interesting spectacle to see two groups of fishermen who pull each end of the trawl to the mainland. Fishermen groups numbering 10 to 15 people this trawl attract pulling small voices shouting and chanting hymns are very beautiful.
Pusong Sangkalan Island is a small island area of 1 KM2 who used only small, barren land and surrounded by beautiful coral hamaparan. Stretch of reef two times larger than the land and low tide when we could walk over them with knee-deep water.
That glimpse of the Coast Pusong Sangkalan Aceh Barat Daya. Unfortunately a very beautiful tourist attraction is still yet to receive attention both from employers and the Local Pemerinatah. It could even be said not at all the management and publication of the Local Government Abdya. While this tourist attraction will attract the attention of local and even foreign tourists who certainly could be a regional income and also can improve the economy of local communities.

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