Sunday, October 24, 2010

Benteng Van der Wijck,Kebumen,Java,Indonesia

One of the ancient buildings that still maintained its existence is the Fortress Van Der Wicjk. Dutch era war bunker is located in the subdistrict of Gombong, Kebumen (Central Java). Now the building has become a tourist attraction in Kebumen mainstay.
The fort was built in 1818 is located in an area of 3306 square meters and 9.67 meters high. Around the fort there are the barracks for housing troops. In the days of Japanese occupation, is used to train Army Defenders of the Homeland (PETA).
Along with the times, the castle which has a unique architecture is converted into a historical tourist attraction that is very interesting to visit. Fort with the octagonal shape and has two floors to the custody of a third party.
Building the castle which was originally shabby and unkempt, is converted into a very attractive building. The main castle room section polished and used as a place documentation collection about Citadel Van Der Wijck. While the roof that serves as a spotter equipped train overpass.
While originally the barracks for the army be boarding hotel. Neither the detainee also room converted into a hotel room. 
To add the comfort of hotel guests in the Castle Var Der Wijck also features children's playground, water boom, and the train of President Suharto's legacy for the area around the castle. Another facility provided is a conference hall, seminar and training activities.

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