Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goa Balla Lampoa Museum,Gowa,South Sulawesi,Indonesia

The building stands firmly among the roar of the city Sungguminasa, Gowa-district neighbors in the south of Makassar. Seventy years is not a short time to all the history he had witnessed. Balla 'Lompoa (big house), a stage-house that became the royal palace of Gowa built in 1936 during the reign of King of Gowa to-31, I-Mangngi Mangngi Daeng Matutu.
The majority of buildings are made of ironwood is now a museum that houses a collection of objects Kingdom of Gowa. While visiting this museum some time ago, I saw things traditional and ancient manuscripts displayed in glass boxes.
Looks red ornaments of beads hang on the wall of the upper house. Hiasaan similar-hiasaan this was only found when the wedding took place indigenous Bugis-Makassar. On the front (main hall building), an Indonesian map displayed on the right side wall. Looks a thread stretched across the islands of Sulawesi, the Philippines, to Australia. Yarn that is what shows the power of Gowa in the past.
There are three principles which become the handle of the Bugis Makassar in perantauannya. First, CAPPA 'lilac (tip of the tongue). They are in communication with local residents. Secondly, CAPPA 'kawali (end badik), when they feel threatened then tip badik who will speak. Third, CAPPA 'Lase' (tip of male genitalia). They married with the natives, "explained A. Kumala Ijo, the last son of Sultan Moch. Aididdin A. Abdulkadir Idjo Karaeng Lalongang, King of Gowa to 32 which is also the king of the most recent.

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