Sunday, October 24, 2010

Batu Putu Waterfalls,Sumatera,Indonesia

This waterfall is located in the District of North Bay Village Stone Betung Putu, with an area of 313 ha has a function as Protection or Conservation Forest Zone. Putu Stone Village has the highest population density among the 5 (five), another village which is 50 hectares thus the soul of this region is vulnerable to shifting patterns of land use from conservation land to residential and agricultural land.
At this time Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu has 20 hectares of land ready for development. In addition to the potential of natural panoramic background of a beautiful waterfall. Tourism Development on Stone Waterfall Putu this new stage of physical development, namely in the form of additional tourism facilities and infrastructure and have not touched the diversity of tourism development and exploration aspects of culture (Culture) local. Physical development which has been manifested among others by the prayer room facilities, canteen, Rest Areas, Parking Area, a small room (WC), and footpaths leading to the location of the waterfall. In the area of Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu has planned to establish a Multipurpose Building devoted to the visits of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition). Building construction is based on short-term market potential of the most realistic is the businessmen at home and abroad with the visits for the MICE destination.
Tourists are willing to become participants and / or regular visitors each year just to participate in the annual Festival. Not only that, the existence of the annual event may be stretching the economic life of local communities, and pull factors of investment climate of hospitality, restaurant, or the efforts of other goods and services. For the time being, nonbeing versatile building make the Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu only a panoramic tour, is expected in the presence of this building can provide more benefits that support the progress of the Stone Waterfall Tourism Putu fore.

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