Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bumi Ayu Temple,South Sumatera,Indonesia

Bumi Ayu Temple is the only complex of enshrinement in South Sumatra. Presently there are 9 pieces of the temple have been discovered and 4 of them have been restored, the Temple 1, Temple 2, Temple 3 and Temple 8. Temple preservation effort began in 1990 with support from state budget funds. To support the preservation of the Government of Muara Enim regency doing road construction, land acquisition, and development of building the museum field.
Bumiayu temple complex occupies an area of 75.56 hectares, with the outer limit of 7 (seven) pieces river trenches partly already experiencing silting. Temple Bumi Ayu at the moment still in the process of assessment and restoration, so not much information that can be known. Written information from the temple is still studied by the Assessment Team of Archaeological Heritage in South Sumatra Province. Bumi Ayu Temple area known as the site of Hindu heritage temples of Shiva flow. From the results of excavations the archaeologists, Bumi Ayu temple complex is the largest Hindu temples outside of Java, and the findings can be concluded that these temples is the Prambanan temple replica in Central Java.
Tourism Objects Bumi Ayu Temple is located in Bumiayu Village, Tanah Abang District, Muara Enim regency. Distance from Muara Enim to this temple is about 85 km, and can be reached by land vehicles is about 1.5 hours.

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