Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cubadak Island,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Paradiso beauty that may not have known so many Indonesian people in general is one alternative for fans of the island tour is already saturated with treats islands that already exist because it was very crowded, noisy and busy.

Carocok Beach Pier, KecamatanTarusan, South Coastal District, West Sumatra. Cubadak Island did have close links with the people of State Spaghetti. Because the island is already since 12 years ago. Managed to conjure Cubadak - which means Jack - into an island life, without having to displace ecosystems and habitats that exist there. Chirping of the birds in the forest which contradict the sound of water pounding onto the sand beach is a natural orchestra that can be enjoyed every moment here. Italian tourists attracted heavy with island which was three miles offshore Carocok or 24 miles off the coast of Padang.
Sea in front of the wooden villas with a basic aqueous calm sea is rich in coral reefs as if mengelililingi island. The water was crystal clear when it seemed increasingly clear Cubadak sweep of white sand beach. The view under the sea here is so spectacular, the water is too calm for swimming.Sport under water such as diving is excellent for the visitors of the island. For those who are very interested but do not have the experience, Paradiso dive instructor who was certified ready to train international guests. For those who want to windsurf, sail, snorkel, water ski, or canoe, opportunity and similar facilities are also available.

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Putri Erdisa said...

I also love Cubadak Island! It's totally a sweet escape for holiday with its peacefulness and all. There are some other great places in Indonesia, not just Bali. You can know more about Indonesia through especially about great destinations for holiday! :)
I hope it could be useful for you.

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