Thursday, March 31, 2011

Puncak Pato,West Sumatera,Indonesia

Puncak Pato, West Sumatra is known with a history of "Oath Bukik Marapalam Satie. "The location is very nice top be your holiday destination, where the landscape looksvery exotic. Natural air is inhaled and original, cool and fresh.
Pato is a bulwark Puncak Padri war. Puncak Pato Located in Nagari Batu subdistrict Bulek Lintau North Buo Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra, or about 17 km from Batusangkar City.
At the peak there Pato roofed building that symbolizes stacks of three leaders of the community meeting place when about to give birth of life. And around the building there are large trees, where the leaves still look green, so the air is still beautiful and original.

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