Saturday, March 26, 2011

Omed Omedan Tradition,Bali,Indonesia

Before starting this unique tradition named omed omed participants who are all young men and women do the praying and the prayer at Banjar temple led by local stakeholders. After the prayer, then the participants mingle to the center of arena and witnessed thousands of residents who attend this once a year tradition. Before starting, participants were divided into two groups according to sex and opposite positions.
Furthermore, one of two groups of young men and women then paraded take turns hugging and kissing each other. In this tradition the two participants who paraded this should not choose a partner who kissed. Action hugs and kisses will be separated after the participants get a splash of water from the committee.
For the participants, even those who admitted kissing uncomfortable because the place crowded, but this is done because it is one of the ancestral traditions, as well as entertainment after conducting meditation penyepian.
As for his own village elders in addition to some one of respect for ancestors, tradition-omedan omed also as a venue for fostering relationships among fellow citizens of the Banjar.
History omed - omedan itself originated from a story about a king's illness oka Sesetan temple in ancient times, which supposedly does not go away despite treatment. But strangely without treatment, the king was cured after watching the residents do omed-omedan. Since then the tradition is carried out and continue to be preserved as an effort to honor their ancestors as well as for comfort residents after implementation of Nyepi.

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