Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sisapa Unong Waterfalls,Sumatera,Indonesia

Sisapa Unong Waterfall is a tourist destination that is exotic deburannya. Where as the water falls from a height of approximately 30 m, making you comfortable and quiet, so comfortable to linger at the site.
Clear water attract you to be enjoyed by bathing / swimming, the water was really cold and fresh. Besides enjoying the crystal clear water, you are also treated to a location with views of hills and trees that are still lush green branches and listen to songs from the songs of birds that exist around the site.
Sisapa Unong Waterfalls located in the hills of Hamlet Aek Silabat, Bandar Pasir District Mandoge approximately 60 km to the Southwest City Range Asahan district. The location may be more or less 2 hours by private vehicle or public vehicle, to the Hamlet Aek Silabat.

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