Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kayangan Island,Sulawesi,Indonesia

Kayangan Island located near to the city of Makassar. This beach has white sand, unpopulated, and has an area of ​​approximately 2 ha, and included in the Village area of ​​Ujung Pandang Bulo Ivory District.
This beach is 800 meters from the Port of Soekarno Hatta, and travel time approximately 15 minutes from the dock rating. In heaven pier is equipped with a special ferry ports intended for tourists who will vacation on the island, with transportation costs  20 ribu rupiah per person.
The island was formerly named Kaya Marrouw or Meraux, and developed as a marine tourist favorite since 1964. This island has a 24-hour security system, supported by fresh water facilities specially imported from Makassar City and the island has a number of additional facilities to meet international standards. Kaya Island has become a part of community life Makassar. The available range of facilities on the island, is the inn, lodging, entertainment, restaurants, multi-purpose building, meeting room, a playground for children, sport facilities, and bridge fishing and swimming pool.

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