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Larung Sembonyo Tradition from trenggalek,Java,Indonesia

Myth Prigi bay communities about making Prigi bay area is the origin of the ceremony sembonyo float. 
Prigi society is almost entirely Muslim, but they feel less peaceful life when you're leaving Sembonyo traditions and ceremonies that are believed to maintain a balance with the surrounding nature and the universe. The ceremony is conducted every month Sembonyo Selo, Monday Kliwon every year. 
Implementation was carried out by people associated with the fishermen and farmers livelihood as fishermen, farmers and is a means of honoring ancestors unutuk who contributed to the open bay areas Prigi. They do not want to forget Judo Negoro Tumenggung services as well as a founding hero of the village of Tawang, Tasikmadu. If they neglect fear no interference, it is difficult in penanngkapan fish, agricultural crops fail, resulting outbreaks, natural disasters and so forth. 
Sembionyo float ceremony in 1985 conducted a large scale after previously halted because of the political situation. Warning that time assisted the local government district. Psychology in the framework of the campaign carried wisata.Upacara Sembonyo full terms conditions, and a wide range restrictions. It affects the community character Prigi, especially fishermen community which requires perseverance, fortitude and courage to challenge death, lurking at any time. 
Sembonyo float carried out in the Gulf Prigi, Desa Tasik honey or Karanggongso Kec. Watulimo. Ceremonial or other traditional ceremonies where it took place in Tasik Madu Villalage, Prigi, Margomulyo, Karanggandu, and Karanggongsoitu called by various terms: sea alms; float sembonyo; ceremonial sembonyo; mbucal sembonyo; clean sea. 
Sembonyo actually a little doll bride artificial form of glutinous rice flour, shaped like a pair of bride who was biting. Sitting on the boat, complete with equipment satang, which is a tool to run and steer the boat. Depictions of brides artificial biting on this boat is also equipped with a pair of bride mock arrest or galih made from banana trunks, was given kenangadan jasmine flower decorations, lecari. Because sembonyo describe bride, the customary ceremony sembonyo equipment is also equipped with shavings or offerings as well as other equipment such as a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. 
Artificial bride called Sembonyo was associated with a local myth about the traditions sembonyo float. This tradition stems from an incident that is considered never happen, that intermarriage Nganten Figure Raden Inten, with Raden Tumenggung Blue Duchy of Andong. Figure Nganten Raden Inten also known by the name of the Middle Nganten raden. 
The marriage was conducted as a condition Andong success Tumenggung Raden Raden Tumenggung Or Blue Judo Negoro Prigi open forest and the surrounding Gulf region to be rural areas, previously known as a very haunted forest and can not be inhabited by humans. 
Implementation ceremonial float sembonyo describe families who have urination busy mating, and a party to enliven the marriage. 
Pelarungan sembonyo and shavings and a variety of offerings is driven by faith, hope and a petition to get the safety and get results from the abundant sea and land. 
Marriage was held on Monday  cello months, lively arts with  Tayub during the 40 days and 40 nights. Departing from the fairy tales that float Sembonyo ceremonies held from year to year by the community Prigi bay until now. 
Broadly speaking stage float Sembonyo ceremonial stage into two stages of preparation which includes: nights Widodaren make sembonyo, Mayang twins, prepare encek / jaranan arts offerings and preparing for implementation stages. 
While the implementation stage float sembonyo ceremony: the procession departed from the district office watulimo to where the fish auction that has been decorated like a wedding. 
After doing suguh, then placed above sembonyo gethek then put off shore.

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